Tackling a marathon and being an OB/GYN intern might not have been one of my smartest ideas, but the marathon is now 2 weeks away and I’m still trucking along with my “training.”

I certainly don’t run as much as I used to and actual “training” like I did for Eugene or Richmond or any other marathon I’ve run is a distant memory. In fact, anything that resembles a watch is also a distant memory so all of my training thus far has been “approximate.” And, I don’t particularly miss either of those things (workouts, watches) as just running at all these days is tiring enough on top of my work schedule!

So, in summary, I’m not injured and I’m excited to get this show on the road. And, my “training?” It is what it is…and hopefully enough!

In a fantastic little type A exercise, I have  made an Excel spreadsheet with my mileage and hours worked (I have to log hours for residency anyways so I have those handy).

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.40.57 PM

Might need to get out your glasses to read that one…

[And, no wonder I got sick running 41 miles during a apprx 70 hour work week and including a night shift!]

I forgot to log pints of ice cream, number of Picky Bars, and bottles of green juice during the past few weeks, but suffice it to say those combined are probably higher than both my mileage and hours worked.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has donated to my campaign for Every Mother Counts thus far. I am beyond appreciative and touched. A thank you note will be coming your way at some point!

Finally, what’s more exciting than spreadsheets and thank yous? New Every Mother Counts gear from Oiselle!

Here are some of my favorites:

Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.51.12 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.51.37 PMScreen Shot 2013-10-19 at 9.52.04 PM

So, happy shopping!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on ““Training”

  1. I’m way beyond impressed with how much you’re running in residency! I work maybe half the hours and find it hard to run that much! And running before (I think you run before, not after) work with those long hours…so impressive. Hooray for NYC!

  2. I’m SOOOOOO impressed at your ability to train while in your intern year. My fiance is also in his intern year and I don’t think he’s gone for a run or worked out once yet! (Though he may take offense to that statement ;)) Great job!! I’m sure it’s helping to keep you sane too. Enjoy the final stretch of training!

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