Old School Blogging

Gia tagged me to do this so I followed through….here goes!

A. Attached or Single?


B. Best Friend?

My mom and sister

My sis and I

My sis and I


Pre-race shakeout...

Pre-race shakeout…

C. Cake or Pie?

Cake (actually just the frosting)

D. Day of Choice?

The weekend day that I have off

E. Essential Item?


F. Favorite Color?

Pink, orange, green, dove grey

G. Gummy Bears or Worms?

Bears, from Dylan’s Candy Bar preferably (they have the best gummy bears and good flavors – pineapple, mango, strawberry, etc)

H. Home Town?

Knoxville, TN

I. Favorite Indulgence?

Ice Cream

Ordering on seamless web



The RC (running coach, Steph Rothstein Bruce)

Steph and her groupies

Steph and her groupies

J. January or July?

This is tough because my birthday is in January, but I love July because its light out for so much longer and I feel like I can do so much in one day.

K. Kids?

Nope. But I have names and monograms picked out so I’m prepared.

If its not moving, monogram it.

If its not moving, monogram it.

L. Life Isn’t Complete Without?


M. Marriage Date?

See A.

N. Number of Brothers/Sisters?

Two – one sister and one brother

My entire family

My entire family

O. Oranges or Apples?


P. Phobias?

None that I can think of…I don’t like snakes though so maybe that…

Q. Quotes

“Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.” – Lou Holtz

“The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself, often well beyond any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated. The mind is the athlete, the body is simply the means it uses to run faster or longer, jump higher, shoot straighter, kick better, swim harder, hit further, or box better.”


R. Reasons to Smile?

My family, getting into a great residency, being able to run, watching Bravo and HGTV, happy hour at Juice Press, my babysitting “kids”…there are many reasons to smile I think!

I've babysat these two (now 11 and 5) since...birth...yikes!

I’ve babysat these two (now 11 and 5) since…birth…yikes!

S. Season of Choice?

I like each one as it comes.

T. Tag 5 People:

I’m going to pass here.

U. Unknown Fact About Me?

I’ve lived 4 states.

My two front teeth aren’t real. I knocked them out in a gymnastics accident when I was 11.

The only photo that exists of me with knocked out teeth and busted lip. I must have been too traumatized to brush my hair that day.

The only photo that exists of me with knocked out teeth and busted lip. I must have been too traumatized to brush my hair that day.

I had a permanent retainer in so about half of each tooth got knocked off. The real tooth remnants (found on the mat) were bonded back on to my remaining tooth half until I was about 18 years old (we had to wait for the nerve roots to shrink to do veneers). The bonded tooth half only popped off once, when my little brother (5 years old at the time) accidentally hit me in the chin in the 8th grade (poor thing cried because he thought he broke my tooth!). When I was a senior in high school, I got my long awaited veneers!

V. Vegetable?

Kale or edamame

W. Worst Habit?

Hmm…my friends might say I always “expect the worst, but hope for the best.” I’m very good at coming up with worst possible scenarios. Maybe it helps protect me from disappointment. πŸ™‚

X. Xray or Ultrasound?

Ultrasound! The OB/GYN’s secret weapon (actually not so secret)…

Y. Your favorite food?

That’s tough — right now, it would be a toss up between Runner’s High Picky Bar vs Sushi vs Coconut Sorbet vs Lucky Seven Juice from Juice Press

Z. Zodiac Sign?



Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Old School Blogging

  1. I have also lived in four states – Texas, California, Oregon and New York.

    Kids…reading recent articles about birth horror stories and about how insanely high U.S. childbirth costs are has made me want to lean toward adoption IF/when I have kids. Which I’ve always said I’d do anyway if hypotheticals 1 and 2 were not girls. (Having had no mother figure from age 11-present, I’d want to experience what I never got to have.)

    Also…I STILL haven’t gotten my Runner’s High Picky Bars package! And i have to wait until the end of the week before they attempt to track it down. Sadz.

  2. I have also lived in 4 states- Oregon, Nebraska, California, and Colorado.

    Also, ultrasound over Xray always! It’s not only the first way I saw baby L, but also how my stress fractures have been located.

    I’m tempted to do this on my blog now πŸ™‚

  3. Can we eat cake together? I only like cake part. We’d be the perfect pair! Next time I see you (hopefully sooner than later) this is happening!

    Your tooth knock out freaked me out because Currie was so lucky to keep her teeth after the stroller wreck the other day. Sure they are baby teeth for her but I definitely would have cried longer than her!

  4. U: my retainer got caught in my tonsil when I was at a theme park in 6th grade. This warranted a trip to the ER. Don’t flick your retainer!

  5. I’ve only lived in twp states (And my childhood home is still where my parents live)! My husband has lived in 5 or 6 states tallying 11 or so houses…he’s a military kid. You can only imagine that we have significantly different stress levels when moving πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi, ok – I’ve also lived in four states, but that encompasses many moves within each state: NJ (4), Indiana (college – Notre Dame, so loved the Holtz quote!!!), NY (post-college: 4 apts. in 9 years!), and VT (2).

    Love running blogs! Best wishes with your balance – I think it’s great that you are incorporating running into your busy medical career. My husband is a neurosurgeon who just took up running 3 years ago, but he never has enough time to train. It’s a great source of meditation, always has been for me, so I like him to use it to de-stress πŸ™‚

    Off for my long run (after one more cup of coffee :).

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