The Better to See You With, My Dear…

…and other Public Service Announcements…

1. Warby Parker

I’m in love with my new frames. For $95 I was able to get new frames with lenses. LensCrafters was going to charge me $330 just for lenses to put in my own frames.


Bonus: For every pair purchased, Warby Parker gives a pair to someone in need.

2.. Raglan Slub Top from Oiselle

This is the perfect basic tee and it is super comfortable. Looks great at the track or on the street (I’ve paired mine with statement necklaces for an added punch).

Screen shot 2013-06-27 at 4.57.51 PM

You get more bang for your buck. Two birds with one stone. Win-win situation.

3. DoDo Cases

Build an awesome bookbound case for your tablet.


Plus, plenty of other cool paper products for any fellow paper princesses (or princes) out there!


Until next time…

13 thoughts on “The Better to See You With, My Dear…

    • I went to the store to try the frames on, but you have to order them online regardless. They got here quickly (for glasses)…about one week!

      They were really great in the store helping me choose between frames (if you’re indecisive or want an opinion)!

  1. thank you for always introducing me to new stuff and helping me spend money!

    what i want to know if how you stay awake for so long…is it true you work for like 2 days straight?! so, besides coffee, how do you do it? and can you train for a marathon while iterning? is it even possible?

  2. great minds think alike. i have those same warby parkers and LOVE LOVE LOVE them.

    also have a dodo case which i love, but which has unfortunately broken on the two of the corners 😦 still holds my ipad nicely, but i’m bummed it broke! maybe i just need to replace it with one of the new sparkley ones??

  3. I never knew about Warby Parker! I have been needing new glasses and haven’t purchased any because I don’t want to spend $300! I am SO buying a pair!

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