Fabulous Flats

My search for the perfect, all purpose, walking friendly flats (ie can take at least 2 miles of NYC walking without discomfort) has proved elusive (other than Toms). I’ve ended up doctoring up more pairs of shoes than I can count. Such a high price we women pay for beauty [and thank God for moleskin]!

I’ve found two pairs of flats at opposite ends of the price and fashion spectrum that I’m in love with. I even biked around Long Island yesterday in a pair with no problems.


NEW BALANCE WELL2GO 115 – $54.99:

That’s right. New Balance makes flats. Its like walking around in your running shoes all day. I’ve actually gotten tons of compliments on my “cute flats.” You can hardly tell their made by a running shoe company.

Well2Go by New Balance

Well2Go by New Balance

I took a bike tour in these bad boys around vineyards in Long Island with no problems (about 13 miles or so).

I like them so much I might get another pair as I think they will be great for the hospital and running errands around NYC.

Reasonable price point. Comfortable, stylish shoes. I’d run to grab some if I were you.


So, these beauties are expensive. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit on the internet how much I paid for these shoes.

AGL Toe Cap Ballet Flats

AGL Toe Cap Ballet Flats

HOWEVER, I absolutely think that these shoes are worth the money if you work in a professional setting and are in the market for nice shoes. They are comfortable and durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of NYC walking (or whatever city you live in), but boast a clean, polished, and professional finish.

For those of you who can wear heels every day, I commend you. For you fellow flat wearers, check out these if you need some new shoes.


Until next time…

20 thoughts on “Fabulous Flats

  1. Ever since I had PF a few years ago, my podiatrist basically told me all of my shoes needed arch support. Living in Florida, means flip flops year ’round. Try finding flip flops that fit that criteria! I came across Dr. Weil’s shoes. They don’t look like you have to be 60 or older to wear them and no velcro, so that’s a bonus. They are pricey, but I snagged my first pair on sale for $30, regular price $90! Dr Scholls also has some cute flats at DSW that are on my list to get next.

  2. Have you tried the brand Me Too? I generally have good luck with them and they make some cute flats and sandals. Thanks for the tip about the NB flats. Always in the market for cute and comfortable shoes. It’s seriously one of the hardest parts of being a girl! Well, that and hair… šŸ˜‰

  3. I swear by my Jimmy Choo black patent flats with gold buckle detail! Stylish and adorable but also airport worthy should you ever have to evacuate the terminal in an emergency.

  4. I always find those flats with the elastic (so that they scrunch up into a U shape) really comfortable. I have a Sam Edelman pair ($$) and a pair from gap ($), and I’ve walked for hours in each with no feet problems!

  5. I always find flats from GAP to be wonderful, however I am not sure they offer much in the way of support.

    I totally hear you on spending money on good shoes. If you wear them enough it’s worth it. I remind myself of this sort of thing every time I go jean shopping. I wear jeans a LOT. It’s okay to spend money on them. That dress I’ll wear maybe twice? Not as much.

  6. Hi Meggie! I, too, am always looking for nice, comfortable, and fashionable flats. I usually stay away from the ones that curl up because I’m afraid they won’t be comfortable or sturdy enough, but the first shoes you show look lovely and very comfortable too. The second pair is gorgeous, obviously. And you certainly deserve both pairs!! Hope you’re having a great summer so far (even tho it’s not summer yet), and remember, you always have a room here in Northport šŸ™‚

  7. My poor feet definitely cannot take heels anymore. Toms don’t bother me and I have a very similar pair of black puma flats that resemble the New Balance shoes. I wore Toms during our whole San Francisco vacation where we walked 6-8 miles everyday. They didn’t bother me once.

  8. Privos (by Clarks) are sooo cozy and have little nubbins on the footbed that feel massage like – they’re a bit on the sporty side, I first thought your pic of the NB flats were Privos šŸ™‚

  9. I manage a clinical lab, so I have no choice but to wear shoes that cover my feet. I like the Sperry Topsiders to wear with Khakis and such, and also like Clarks. Merrells are getting better (less hippy old lady, more hipster, ha!). The problem with the ballet flats is that they provide little/no support for being on your feet for a gazillion hours. The only thing I hate (and I think you’ll find) is that wearing flats in summer leads to sweating and quicker degradation of the shoe. I feel like every summer I spend a small fortune on shoes because they start to stink!

  10. Those New Balance flats are crazy cute and would be great walk-to-work flats! I wear heels in the office, but kick them off under the desk. Since I’m walking on carpet and wear Cole Haan Air shoes, I find that the short amount of walking in heels I do is ok, but I simply cannot walk to and from work in heels.

  11. Thanks! I needed a review like this. I’m starting my residency too and am looking for a good pair of flats I don’t mind standing in all day.

  12. I can’t stand wearing heels and live in flats and sandals for work and flip flops on the weekends. I usually manage to find comfortable pairs of flats and sandals at Target. Those New Balance ones are cute, though! Wish they had my size online…

  13. I have a few suggestions — I used to work retail and waitressing shifts back to back when I first moved here, and almost landed myself in a podiatrist’s office with how beat-up my feet were getting:

    -I also recommend Sam Edelman’s as a few people have suggested here
    -Cole Haan flats are made with Nike Air technology, they’re super cute, and MAGNIFICENT. I’ve had my pair for two years and they’re still going strong with only a bit of wear and tear on them. They are expensive though, but to me worth every penny.
    -While the standard design for Crocs are hideous, they make much prettier pairs now that have the comfort of Crocs hidden in a pretty ballet flat. These were my go-tos for long shifts on my feet. They’re also pretty affordable!

  14. I suck at wearing heels (years of ankle sprains playing basketball) so I’m always looking for suggestions of new shoes that I can walk in without killing my feet. Thanks for this post and the suggestions in the comments!

  15. I LOVE LOVE my AGL flats. I am with you — uber expensive but worth every single penny. I would walk 13 miles in these shoes and not worry about blisters. Every patient I have who recognizes them always says, “Aren’t those the most comfortable shoes, EVER?!” I wanted to get married in a pair but they didn’t have any good colors still available.

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