Apartment Makeover

A huge thanks to my mom and sister for spending the past month scouring Target, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods for everything in this apartment!

This rug that my parents used in a prior house served as the inspiration:

I sadly didn't keep this backpack.

Sadly didn’t keep this backpack.

Here are the before pictures.





Here are the after pictures:




One trick I learned from my mom – the more furniture you put in a small space, the bigger it will look (to a point).

After 9 years in dorms, I’m more than elated to live in an adult space! [And, I did end up painting the walls myself!]


Thanks, again, Mom and Allison!

The decorating team...

The decorating team…

And, thanks to my entire family for supporting me through med school!

I love you, Mom and Dad!

I love you, Mom and Dad!


Until next time…

16 thoughts on “Apartment Makeover

  1. Congrats on the graduation and everything else you’ve accomplished in the recent months!!
    Now, just how much does your decorating team charge for such a makeover?? That is incredible!! Unfortunately, I really liked the hardwood floor, but I guess the rug is pretty nice, too. πŸ˜‰

  2. When is your family coming to decorate my new home? Oh wait… I have to find a new home first! Your place looks great, your running has been magical, you are a doctor, things are so wonderful! Congrats on everything!

  3. Love it, especially the kitchen decor! How nice of your mom and sister to do the decorating for you. My first post-grad apartment was in Astoria, Queens, with two other girls. My room was tiny and I eventually moved into a new nicer place with a friend in the same neighborhood. Now I live alone here in Houston and love it! I can take over the living room to do yoga and eat cereal for dinner with no one to judge, haha. My apartment is also is a block from the park and half a mile from the Rice U. running trail and also walking distance to the train, which I take to work most days, but also just 10 minutes from the office if I need to drive.

  4. Love love love your apartment! It looks SO good! We are currently in the throws of picking out stuff for our place and that will probably continue as we move in in exactly a week! Are your mom and sister available for a consult??? πŸ™‚ also your new blog layout is great!

  5. Wow, your place is way more put together than any of my NYC apartments ever were! It takes some serious decorating chops to make a teeny New York apartment look that put together and inviting. Looks gorgeous, and like you’re all settled and ready to enter your next adventure.

  6. please send them to atlanta!! amazing! my condo is my first “ownership” and i’m finally taking steps to really love it. big girl home purchase deserves big girl plantation shutters.

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