Gear Love

It’s been a while since I mentioned any new “finds” or “obsessions.” I tend to find new products and become enamored with them and then buy one in every color.

Here are some running treasures I’ve been loving lately.


I’m a big squinter, but, for some reason, it never occurred to me that I could wear sunglasses while running. I guess I thought they’d slip off, fog up, or just be annoying.

Gia always sports this cute little pair and, lo and behold, they’re by Oakley, made for “activity,” and don’t slip, fog up, or become generally annoying.

Jump for my love!

Jump for my love!

And, did you know how much facial muscle energy it takes to squint?! Yeah, you’ll notice once you stop…


I’ve always been a running skirt skeptic. I guess its because I got enough time in skirts with both being a cheerleader and playing tennis.

Modeled by the lovely Sarah OUAL. Sorry for stealing this pic from you, OUAL. Don't hate me?

Modeled by the lovely Sarah OUAL. Sorry for taking this pic from your blog, OUAL. Don’t hate me? It just shows the bum wrap so well.

The Oiselle bum wrap always looks cute on others, so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’m pleased.

No riding up, cute, comfortable, wicking, new 2013 version has a zipper pocket. Sold! Like so sold, I bought another one.


I’ve run in Nike Lunarglides since the dawn of time (ok, fine, since I started running) and wanted to mix it up. The NB 890s are “less shoe” than the Lunarglides, but not “minimalist,” to use proper running shoe geek lingo (I think). My calves were a bit more sore than usual after my first few runs in them, but I think they’ve adjusted. Although I have yet to run anything over 6 miles in them….so stay tuned…

Unrelated "being a model is so tough, esp when you didn't shower after running 20 miles" photo

Unrelated “being a model is so tough, esp when you didn’t shower after running 20 miles” photo. That hair matting is really something. 


For those not in the know (and, if not, get with it), Alysia is a pretty fast runner: multiple US 800m titles, 2012 Olympian, 4th in the world outdoors in 2011, 3rd in world indoors in 2010, and she casually set an American record in the 600 m indoors in early 2013.

It’s pretty easy to spot her on the track because not only in she running in front (winning!), but she also always wears a flower.

Exhibit A: Winning + Flower

Exhibit A: Winning + Flower

Now, you can wear a flower, too!

Really jazzes up the outfit, don't you think?

Really jazzes up the outfit, don’t you think?

Trying to be artsy...

Trying to be artsy…

Really jazzes up the outfit, don’t you think?

Support Alysia AND look cute. Win-win. Sold!

[PS: Alysia also included a nice hand written note and packages the flower in a nice little box. Personal touches really do help. +5 brownie points!]


I’m fairly picky on sports bras. I like compression. Hence, I’ve been wearing the Nike Pro Compression sports bras since they practically started making them.

I was somewhat reticent to try the new Oiselle sports bras as they looked like they were designed for the smaller side. Not going to lie, I was actually really skeptical. Sure, they looked cute, but would they hold up and support those of us who are, hmm, a bit more well endowed?

Lesko bra

Lesko bra

I’m happy to report that both the Lesko and Strappy bras passed every test with flying colors!

Strappy bra

Strappy bra

No chafing, no rubbing, and the right amount of compression and support, but it doesn’t make me feel constricted.

So, even if you’re a bit of a bigger chested girl, such as myself, try out both the Lesko and the Strappy. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed!


Until next time…

9 thoughts on “Gear Love

  1. Meg. I am so happy that you love your power flower!!! I seriously might need you to model when I upgrade my site, it looks so good on you!! Thanks for your love and support, I feel honored to have made your blog!

  2. I want ALL of this. But have been especially obsessing over the Oakleys for some time. I need a new pair of sunglasses for this Summer, and I love how they can go from the track to the street with no issue. Love the extra bang for your buck!

  3. Love the shades and you rock the flower power!
    I am loving a million things right now, but mostly loving my upcoming vacation to San Francisco. Cannot wait to go wine tasting in Napa. There also might be a half marathon in the mix of things.

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