As part of Operation “Excitingly Busy,” it was suggested to me to write my life’s memoirs to occupy myself. Because, you know, I’ve done so much. Let me tell you, my 7th birthday party that was a sock hop was awesome.

My mom painstakingly put many sequins on my poodle skirt. One of the many reasons I love her.

My mom painstakingly put many sequins on my poodle skirt. One of the many reasons I love her.

I kid.

But, I’ve designed to spin it into “blog about how you got to this point in medical school.” People outside medicine seem to be intrigued by the whole medical school bit (or maybe they are just playing nice and interested). So, I’ll give you my story on how I got to here — a 4th year medical student.

Before I go on, please note that I realize my story, if you want to call it that, is not unique nor particularly noteworthy. There are thousands of other people out there that have had much more fascinating paths to medicine. Here is the story of an average, WASP-y girl who goes to the big city and somehow ends up an almost doctor (graduation is in May!).

Here goes.

Being a typical oldest child, I’ve been thinking about my “career” since I was probably old enough to know what one was. I guess I grew up in that whole “girl power” era and women having careers in anything they wanted was no big. Strap on those shoulder pads and it was no sweat. Girls could have the corner offices, too.

Pop Star. CEO. Doctor. Lawyer. GIRL POWER.

Pop Star. CEO. Doctor. Lawyer. GIRL POWER.

Anyways, after I moved on from Disney World dancer/Rockette dreams at age 7 and wanting to be Mary Kate and Ashley at 10 (oh wait, didn’t grow out of that until much later), I remember around 12 years old that I distinctly wanted to be a news anchor, like Katie Couric. Girl from Virginia made it big, why couldn’t this girl from Tennessee, too?

How I spent 6th grade...trying to dress like MK and A. I called Gap Kids every day that spring to see when they were getting their first shipment of capris in..

How I spent 6th grade…trying to dress like MK and A. I called Gap Kids every day that spring to see when they were getting their first shipment of capris in..

Around the time of 14 years old, I felt like I should make sure I had my college major and projected life plan mapped out (completely serious, I am an archetypal first born to the nth degree). So, I planned to major in journalism and minor in marketing because, as I then told people, “everyone needs to know how to market something, including themselves.” Not such a bad idea at 14…really should have followed through on those plans.

It was around 16 or 17 years old that I realized that everyone wanted to be Katie Couric. It was also around this time that I started to realize I had a knack for science. I did well in school, but was never touted as “the smartest kid.” I wanted good grades out of a perfectionistic tendency and to please my teachers and parents. I knew I wanted to go to a decent school, but didn’t want to “burn out,” as I said at the time. 😉

How I spent the 10th grade...still trying to dress like Mary Kate and Ashley. I bought a pair of Liz Palacio chandelier earrings that were inspired by ones Ashley wore in this moving. This is all true.

How I spent the 10th grade…still trying to dress like Mary Kate and Ashley. I bought a pair of Liz Palacio chandelier earrings that were inspired by ones Ashley wore in this movie. This is all true.

I did really well in some chemistry courses in the 10th and 11th grades. I remember being really proud that I “beat” (in numerical score on tests) some of the “really smart kids.”

[For the record, my favorite classes in high school were 9th grade English with Mrs. Bailey, 10th grade chemistry with Mrs. Nixon, and 11th grade chemistry with Mrs. Sayers — in case any of them ever read this — I remember trying really hard in their classes because I liked those classes.]

So, I rerouted life plan to medical school, which I thought a practical, sensible choice for someone who liked science and people. I thought medicine sounded like a great career as it was ever changing and would allow me to flex some mental muscle to help a few people here and there if I was lucky.

And that is the end of part 1. I am doing this in parts so I don’t bore people to death, if anyone actually read this.


Until next time…


21 thoughts on “MBS, MD

  1. I considered medical school for a while, then I basically chickened out…so I am jealous of your stick-to-itive-ness. And your 5k PR, but I digress… I loved Genetics in my AP bio class in high school, so that became my college major. I now do clinical DNA testing…way interesting!! Good luck with your match day!!

  2. Fun to read Meggie! Thanks for sharing. I am proud to say that I’ve wanted to teach for as long as I can remember – though originally it was 2nd grade. I’ve since realized that I do better with older kids (I actually blame/hand it to Gretchen in part for moving me to PV from Hillbrook for this). As a senior in high school I was Cadet Teacher of the Year! Though I may be working with high schoolers now, often they seem to be basically the same thing as 2nd graders, just in bigger bodies.

  3. I decided I wanted to work in journalism when I was 14 (specifically magazines). True story: I wrote to Atoosa Rubenstein, the then-editor of CosmoGirl asking for advice on how to make it happen. She suggested going to college in New York so to help me get internship in the field. I ended up doing a handful of internships (including one at CG, which I actually ended up hating), enjoyed most of them but eventually accepted that the industry was only getting worse, not better as far as job prospects went during the recession. Now I’m working at my hometown newspaper, which is actually a much better fit. And bonus: I don’t have “assistant” in my title here, like I probably would have had for ages while in NYC.

  4. Nice post. I’m interested to find out more. I waivered in high school from dietician, to phamacist to finally, nurse. I did become an RN, and worked for several years as that. Now I am interested in becoming a personal trainer, and hopefully using my nursing background to become a “wellness coach” or some kind of trainer who can also help people with medical issues to achieve better health and fitness. We shall see. I think I finally found my true passion.

  5. I am a WAHM for my husband’s business, a realtor, and a model. I never pictured myself trying to work from home while raising kids. I wanted to be an accountant, a teacher, and a computer geek. I think I am dropping the real estate though, because I just don’t have the time! Imagine that!

  6. I changed my mind constantly. Lawyer, doctor, journalist. I went through all the usual suspects. Ended up with lawyer and I’ll be graduating this year from law school to be a corporate lawyer! I think I most just want to *be* a grown up who can handle doing laundry once a week. Why is that so hard?

  7. love this! so excited to hear where you will end up. I legit wanted to be Miss America. And then I grew up and wanted to have my own clothing store. After graduating and realizing how much that would really suck,I got into sales. And got sucked into the game and the $$. 🙂

  8. I wanted to be a plumber and when I got out of the Navy (after sweeking throught high school) did just that, became a plumber (but not right away, I sort of came home and did nothing for 11 months). Being lazy and shiftlish, plumbing was way to hard work. So what to do, go to college and hang out. Yep I did that. Took classes that had predominately girls, majored in party. Was not really planning anything, had no motivation for planning a life’s career beyond what to do on the weekend. One day I met Seymour Hutner, and did that change my life. This story was published several years ago when I received what is called the Hutner Prize for my contributions in 2003, the keynote speech I gave was published, titled ‘Hutners Soup Kitchen’. Unfortunately it was also the year Seymour died, but I think he new, and was there beside me when I received the award. Would not change a thing, I think of the students I have had, and will have, and really enjoy the route my life has taken. It was not planned, it was more an accident.

  9. I want to say that:
    1) I’m super proud of you!!! DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE. “Pull the MD card”
    2) I think I might be equally proud of your extensive knowledge of the Olsens.
    3) Thank you in advance for freezing my eggs in 4 years.
    4) Make sure to wear the mask when the babies are being delivered
    5) If your hospital needs a “hospital clown” can you please put in a good word for me?

  10. I loved part 1 and can’t wait for part 2! Also so excited to hear where you’ll be doing your residency. Any hospital will be lucky to have you!

  11. I applied to colleges as premed. However, since I had AP credits I didn’t need to take any premed science classes until the spring. Needless to say I never took any because other classes caught my interest. I wish I knew what I wanted to be..it would make things so much easier! Congrats on matching!!

  12. I love that the Olsen twins have guided you in your school and career plans so well. If they had a show on now, I’d totally watch it. I actually wanted to go to med school when I was in high school, but for some strange reason changed my mind in college and did journalism. That was dumb, it turns out.

    yayy for matching! So excited for Friday for you!

  13. I wanted to be the countdown person on a shuttle launch for the LONGEST time. (However, now I am not really sure if its a real profession.)

    For awhile I wanted to be a pediatric oncologist (I read one too many Lurlene McDaniels books as a kid), then an actress, then I wanted to do advertising and management for theatres. I ended up working in advertising for awhile and now work in advertising/marketing review consulting. And honestly I couldn’t be happier.

    However, I’ve been told my whole life that I’d make a great high school guidance counselor. Maybe I missed my calling.

  14. Briefly wanted to be first woman president (4th – 6th grade), but realized I loved sports and wanted to become Linda Cohn… I even wrote a paper on becoming a sportscaster in 8th grade. Wrote sports for high school newspaper, got into undergrad j-school early decision, interned in NYC during my senior year, now back working for the web site of that same publication!

    Congratulations on matching! My dad did his residency at GW in D.C., far away from friends/family in Florida… but my parents made some lifelong friends, and I feel cool saying I was born in Washington, D.C.!

  15. In high school I was a yearbook editor and newspaper reporter, so around sophomore year I decided I wanted to go to college on the east coast and major in journalism (sound familiar?). I really had no idea what I wanted to do with the degree, though, and after a semester of reporting for NYU’s daily newspaper and hating it, I dropped the major and went through about a year of undecided “I have no idea WTF I want to do with my life” stress (I wish real-world me could go back in time and tell college me to chill out about that. I had plenty of time to figure it out!). I ended up majoring in Spanish because the journalism program required a double major, so I figured I might as well keep that, run away to, er, I mean, study abroad in Spain, and then figure the life plans out. When I came back to New York I decided to try some publishing internships, and that’s how I ended up being a professional grammar freak for a living. It’s pretty awesome.

  16. I am really excited that you are doing this med school series. I will be attending medical school this coming year and I would love to hear about your experiences.

  17. Autobiography in Olsen Twins movie covers? Pret-ty much the best.

    I’m told I wanted to be either a garbageperson or mailperson when I was a kid. The first job I remember wanting was illustrator (I can’t draw). After that, it was a straight shot to journalism, which I did for five years before grad school. I like what I do now well enough, but I’m still looking for the outlet for all my career passion. When I grow up-up (as in, probably, when I retire), I want to run a bed and breakfast.

  18. I wanted to be a knee surgeon until we disected a cat in high school and I nearly passed out… majored in electrical engineering because I love math but not enough to continue being an electrical engineer, so switched over to biomedical engineering for the PhD. Now working as a post-doc in cancer research, what’s next? A position in industry or government perhaps… and then open an animal sanctuary with all my lucrative earnings 🙂

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  20. meggie this was so fun to read!

    i did a lot of soul-searching as a child too – caught the girl power bug, played the i am woman, i can do anything, hear me roar game, and it all worked out okay, i think!

    doctor, teacher, nurse were all in the repertoire, and then finally badass attorney.

    and here i am, law student extraordinare, who will hopefully continue to pass classes, and the bar, and will eventually become a real live lawyer! yay!!

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