Help Me Help Myself: Distraction

Not having a super busy schedule on match week is dangerous for those of us who tend to be catastrophists (a trait inherited from my mom, the world’s best at coming up with worst case scenarios).

On the other hand, I do have a half marathon to race on Sunday (2 days after Match Day), making me want to keep the overall vibe of the week “low.”

Basically, I don’t want to spend too much energy worrying about what I have no control over at this point.

Thus, I am coming up with plans for myself to keep “excitingly busy”…and distracted.

Thus far, the plan includes lots of running, a SoulCycle class, a Figure 4 Class, a few sessions tutoring the future of America, the RC/RCH’s Picky Bars event, nails, seeing Silver Linings Playbook, finishing up a research project/writing abstract/making poster, and finding new TV shows to get addicted to. Shopping will probably get thrown in there, too, for good measure. Culinary adventures…probably not.

So, any suggestions to add to this list, let me know. I don’t watch Parenthood or Nashville or the Mindy Project or Pretty Little Liars or Downton Abbey and hear those shows are all the rage. Might check out one of those.

To all 4th year med students out there, may the odds be ever in your favor!

At least I'm not prepping for a child eat child game...

At least I’m not prepping for a child eat child game…



13 thoughts on “Help Me Help Myself: Distraction

  1. Pretty Little Liars is so good! I don’t watch any of the others but Homeland and House of Cards are pretty good too. Oh and Prison Break. It’s a few years old but you can get it on Netflix and the main character is pretty cute! Good luck!

  2. I don’t watch any of those shows either, I’m more of the NCIS/Bones/Mentalist genre. Though I LOVE modern family, do you watch that? And my current drama fave is Castle. Also if you have Netflix check out Lie to Me, pretty cool show that’s not on any more but I watched at home with the parents… I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you this week!!! So exciting!!!

  3. Meggie, I enjoy reading your blog very much! As a fellow catastrophic thinker, I have empathy for what you’re going through, but I know you will get the residency you’re hoping for 🙂 And if you’re looking for a new TV show, Nashville is one of my favorites, so well done, and Connie Britton is superb. Good luck with everything!!

  4. MUSIC!! Go see music. Go listen to music. Go purchase music. Go dance to music. Check these out: Leagues, Dana Buoy, Dragonette, Alex Clare, Alt-J. Two specific gems: “Let It Go” – Dragonette & “Fire in Your New Shoes” – Kaskade (feat Dragonette). Rock on, girl!!

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