5Ks Are Like Candy: Can’t Get Enough

5Ks are like candy to me. I can never get enough.

I ran another 5K yesterday. Coogan’s. Up in hilly Washington Heights. I ran it in 22:44. I forgot to start my watch…typical. So, I don’t have any splits or nitty gritty details like that for you. Sorry, buds.

The race felt fairly controlled for me. Its a hilly course and, as I came to quickly be reminded, very crowded (which made for passing people the whole time, a rather good feeling). It felt nice to feel fast (relative, people), yet in control. Each hill wasn’t “omg where is the top…someone throw me a hiking stick or an ice pick,” but, rather, “that’s all you got? what’s next?” I felt really strong and relaxed, even if maybe my time isn’t super remarkable.

I’m fairly sure “controlled” and “relaxed” isn’t how you’re supposed to race a 5K, so maybe I should’ve gone a little harder. Lessoned learned for next time.

The race is also really fun – there are lots of bands out and tons of Washington Height-ers cheering people on. Its a nice change from the usual Central Park routine. My personal favorite part of the course is when you come around the loop in Fort Tryon Park and see the river and our close neighbor, New Jersey.

Seeing NJ across the Hudson always reminds me of this scene from "You've Got Mail."

Seeing NJ across the Hudson always reminds me of this scene from “You’ve Got Mail.”

So a little (well, not really with 5, 825 people) 5K with a lot of spirit – that’s Coogan’s. Run it next year if in NYC! Right, Lora?

Now, because I like to read blogs that tell me about new and/or interesting things to check out, here are some fun finds I’ve been digging lately.

1. The documentary “First Position” about aspiring professional ballet dancers was phenomenal. I rented it on iTunes.

2. I could not put “Gone Girl” by Gillian Flynn down…so much so that I was reading it on the kindle app of my phone while walking around NYC. Pick it up!

3. The blogs/sites Elements of Style, FITiST40/20 Vision, and Smart Pretty Awkward. Those last two given to me by Jocelyn so give her the credit.

3b. Highly recommend FITiST to get a few bucks off boutique fitness classes and for easy booking of said classes.


Until next time…

27 thoughts on “5Ks Are Like Candy: Can’t Get Enough

  1. i second the first position documentary recommendation! it’s also on netflix fo’ free (if you use your parents’ netflix account…). gotta love it.

  2. Love that you loved Gone Girl – so many people hated it, but I think for the wrong reasons. If a book makes you turn the pages that fast and elicits such a strong emotional response (even if it’s an unpleasant one) it’s a GOOD book!

  3. I have totally read books on my phone while walking around. And also on the actual kindle if I’m that into the book. I like to pretend I’m Belle from Beauty and the Beast, not a freak who reads books on NYC sidewalks.

  4. EVERY time I run on the West Side in Riverside Park I have to say hello to New Jersey. It is a non-negotiable. hahaha. Nice 5K-ing! I’ve always wanted to do Coogan’s but it never works for my schedule. Am itching to do another 5K!

    I have not seen a new movie in forever, but I did watch You’ve Got Mail the other day 🙂

  5. That was my first time running Coogan’s and I loved it! I PR’d by almost a minute and a half (since my previous PR was from 2011) and now I’m itching to find a flat 5K course to see if I can PR again. The breakfast afterwards at Coogan’s was also amazing – totally worth dealing with the crowds!

  6. Gone girl was great! You would probably like Sharp Objects and Dark places. They are eerily good! I don’t always love her endings but the whole story keeps me reading because I want to know what happens next

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