Pigs Flew. Money Grew on Trees.

If you’ve ever run with me, you’ll know I am the queen of the easy run. I may not be a very talented runner, but God has gifted me the following two running talents: 1) the ability to take Gu/gels easy (I took 5 during the Richmond marathon, mostly to break things up) and 2) the ability to run my easy runs easy. I hear people have problems running their easy runs easy. Come find me. I’ll teach you. Step 1: It is all about embracing the shuffle.

Exhibit A: Shuffle. Notice the stride that is shorter than a toddlers.

Exhibit A: Shuffle. Notice the stride that is shorter than a toddlers.

Because I am so awesome at the shuffle jog, I often have a hard time motivating myself for “those regular runs.” Those runs that aren’t easy/recovery runs and not workouts, but ones where you feel like you should sort of maintain some sort of respectable (for you) pace rather than, you know, rock your jog.

Yesterday, a funny thing happened. I set out for a 60 min run with the last 10 min at marathon pace (about 8:10 or so). I wore my Garmin so I’d have it for those last 10 minutes. Since I was wearing the ol’ Garmin, I told myself I’d like to be in the 8:45-9 min per mile range for the first 50 min, but thought I’d probably be in the 9-9:30 min per mile range because that’s usually how I roll.

One of my goals for February was to work on focusing while I’m running. In the Miami half, my brain was all over the place – from staring at cruise ships to mentally online shopping to telling myself it was ok not to push myself to trying to convince myself to run a little faster to wondering what I was going to have for lunch.

At this point it is appropriate to think about what's for lunch, but probably not at mile 8.

At this point, it is appropriate to think about what’s for lunch, but probably not at mile 8.

So, I made my goal for the run to actually think about what I was doing – to focus on running and not what was going to happen on the next episode of Dance Moms. From the outset of the run, I felt really good. I felt like running a little faster than comfortable (but, let’s get real, not too uncomfortable). It was weird. I rarely have this feeling.

I checked the Garmin when I got home. And was pleasantly surprised.

And it was enjoyable.

And it was enjoyable.

I guess focusing on what you’re doing can make a big difference. And, running to the beat of the song, too, a la SoulCycle. Of course, it always comes back to SouCycle.

I also sort of felt like I wanted to prove to myself that I could run faster than I usually do if I wanted to. I don’t know why, but maybe just to show myself that I’m a little better than I think sometimes. It also felt nice to run a little faster, but that’s probably also because it was cold and windy.

Since these kinds of runs happen rarely for me, I thought I’d record it on the interwebz.

Last summer I had a hard time putting together a tempo of 3-4 miles at 8:10 pace. Now, I did it voluntarily? And I just made overnight oats in jar? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

To come back down to Planet Meggie, I’m gonna go rock a 40 min recovery jog – 10 min per mile! Let’s do this.


Until next time…

10 thoughts on “Pigs Flew. Money Grew on Trees.

  1. I don’t get people who insist on racing every workout. That is essentially what they are doing when they never run easy. To each their own. Nice job on the run. Being “into the run helps.” Lately I have been pretty averse to pain…and cautious. Nothing that stellar to report. Just going through the motions…

  2. My mind is like that on runs too. EVERYWHERE. Then again it’s like that at home too, I surprise my husband with the random things I will spout off sometimes. I think I have the exact opposite problem, and am allergic to going fast or even “running.” I’d like to think that if I could maybe increase the DISTANCE, my say nine minute miles would look good during a half or something 😉

  3. “I”m really good at running slow” is what you told me when I was doing the injury thing…SO TRUE. Check out those paces, nice work! I will admit that I like getting lost in my thoughts and NOT thinking about running when I’m running, but when trying to run fast, it definitely helps to concentrate.

    Also wait…you made overnight oats….in a jar? Don’t sell out on us!

  4. The last couple of weeks have been pretty rough running wise for me. I felt like I was losing my mojo and waaaaay too soon in my marathon training plan. That all changed last night when I nailed my 5×1 mile repeats. It was the best feeling ever. I should have bought a lottery ticket!

  5. I am SO bad at running easy runs easy. I really do try and slow down, but end up with a faster-than-wanted pace. Teach me your shuffle ways. Hmmm, best run recently? This past weekend’s long run wasn’t too shabby…

  6. nice job, lady! I love when stuff like that just comes to you during the run. Something about the no pressure going in helps. I’ve liked most of my runs lately but none of them have been groundbreakingly awesome. Hopefully my workouts will start getting better soon!

  7. I, too, am the master of the 10-minute mile. This is why I need my Garmin– if I don’t know how fast I’m going, everything feels like 10 minute miles and is often actually slower than that.

    Best run I’ve had lately is the 5K I ran two weeks ago. I hadn’t even seen 8s on my Garmin in weeks on regular non-race runs and I ran the 5K at 7:50 pace. Hoping for the same outcome at one of the two 10Ks I’m doing in the next 3 weeks so I can hopefully finally break 50:00!

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