Next Level

We got like maybe an inch of snow here, if that. But, still, the light dusting made for some nice scenery without too much snow-slush gunk this afternoon.

Snow Art courtesy of Gia

Snow Art courtesy of Gia

Anyways, I probably shouldn’t be admitting this on the internet, but, today I took the pre-workout crazy to the next level.

For some reason, I woke up nervous for my workout (6 x 1 mile @ HMP with 1 min rest)…

So, I burned a grapefruit candle because that smells like SoulCycle. Why? Well, I always 1) enjoy SoulCycle and 2) enjoy pushing myself there, mostly because I’m paying a lot of money to be on that bike.

Gah, why do you smell so good, Soulcycle?!?

Gah, why do you smell so good, Soulcycle?!?

I then had to wear the “Fleshman Flyer” shirt Oiselle gave out at the Trials as if that was going to give me some sort of good speed  juju.

Mac modeling the Fleshman Flyer trials shirt.

Mac modeling the Fleshman Flyer trials shirt.

I know, this is really taking any pre-workout or pre-race habits to the next level.  Soon, I’ll be needing to wear grapefruit perfume to races or something.

Anyways, the grapefruit candle + flyer shirt must have worked, because Gia and I had a nice little workout this morning. Each repeat was faster than half marathon pace (last I checked 7:30 was not my half marathon pace nor will it be for quite some time), which means I didn’t exactly follow directions, but that’s just details, right? [Sorry, RC.]

So thankful for my #sisterinsport Gia - friends make a workout fly by!

So thankful for my #sisterinsport Gia – friends make a workout fly by! PS – how much do you love Gia’s legwarmers?!

Done and all smiles!

Done and all smiles!

It actually felt more painful to slow down a tiny bit than it did to keep at the pace we were at, which was somewhat painful as it was.

So, it looks like I’m going to have to stock up on grapefruit candles. Not the exact SoulCycle one though, as they are out of my price range.

Speaking of SoulCycle, I cheated on them and went to a spin class at Revolve on Saturday with Gia and Jocelyn. The class was taught by Kira Stokes and her twitter handle, @kirastokesfit, is actually a very apt description of her.

I'm assuming her diet consists of kale and egg whites.

I’m assuming her diet consists of kale and egg whites.

Her class was very challenging and more technical than a SoulCycle class. She very much emphasizes form and technique, which I appreciated. Her “RIP” ride (resistance, interval, perfomance; a 1 hr ride) consists of two weight sections in the middle of all that spinning.

I also liked that Kira rides most, if not all, of the class. I often try to match the cadence of my legs to the instructors. At one point she said, “This stuff works, which is why I’m riding…I didn’t get this way by just walking around the room talking to you all.” So, at least I know one of the secrets to her abs…

I’d say if you want a bike dance party therapy session/exorcism, go to SoulCycle. If you want a more “athletes-only” type workout focusing on technique, check out Revolve. Both will give you a great workout.


Also, if any of you has any grapefruit candles out there that you don’t want, send them my way.

Until next time…

PS – Kay and GMRuns won the 2 Picky Bars + Believe I am 4 Card Pack!

9 thoughts on “Next Level

  1. Those are some insane abs. Holy moly! I want my abs to look like that. Dang!

    I love the smell of grapefruit. Now I want a grapefruit candle too. Maybe it would cheer me up out of my mini winter depression. This weather is getting to me!

    No crazy pre run or pre race ritual for me. I am pretty plain jane.

  2. Craziest pre-workout routine – a (one-sided) conversation with my dog, Lucy. She helps me get fired up and ready to go. Really, all she does is look at me, but she’s so freakin’ cute that it’s enough.

  3. Amazing workout! I knew you could do it! Love the pre-workout candle burning. Whatever gets your legs moving 🙂 Pre-workout, I have a conversation with my dog. I ask her if she thinks I can get it done! LOL!

    We need to take a class at Revolve together (and run together obviously)!

  4. I am one of those who wears the same pair of underwear to every race. Like I wore these in high school to track meets, through college, and now road races underwear. I also always have pasta the night before a race back to XC spaghetti nights.

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