Turns Out, I Do Care

So, you know how I said I “didn’t care about the outcome of my training.”

Turns out, I probably do.

I guess I have a capricious spirit these days.

Hurricane Sandy is still reeking havoc on my medical school. One of our main teaching hospitals remains closed, so the great medical student and resident diaspora continues.

When a potential long commute to another hospital looked possible for me (over an hour each way on top of really long days), I did worry that it would affect the quality of my training…as it most likely would have made “training” fairly difficult.

Writing that makes me seem like a terribly undedicated student. I hope I’m not perceived that way. I like to do a good job while I’m at school/work, but like a little bit of outside life, too, particularly since this will be one of my last times to train seriously for probably another four years (and, I’m totally ok with that – residency is important!).

Probably what I meant to write last time was that I don’t care about the result as long as I can put my best into my training.

If I can’t do that, then I don’t even really want to try for a spring marathon.

It’s like putting your name on a really poorly written paper or assignment – who wants to do that?

[I swear I’m not a “gunner,” as they say.]

So, I guess I do care about being able to put in quality training. That’s the part I care about.

Good news, long commute not happening! Crisis averted. We can go back to freaking out about match day and potential injuries, which I am currently still anxious about.

One more thing for the locals…a friend is opening a new self-serve fro-yo place on 2nd Avenue between 34th and 35th! Better yet, on Thursday, 1/24/13, 100% of proceeds from 4-8 pm will go to Cookies For Kids’ Cancer! How sweet is that?! (pun intended)

No guilt eating that...its for the kids!

No guilt eating that…its for the kids!

You know I’ll be there.


Until next time…



11 thoughts on “Turns Out, I Do Care

  1. I used to have to fly to Boston every week… Recently it’s been maximum 50 minutes getting to Jersey City, and training would happen before or after work, depending on whether I had a Euro-time workshop (hi 6am in the office!) to attend :-/

  2. “Probably what I meant to write last time was that I don’t care about the result as long as I can put my best into my training.

    If I can’t do that, then I don’t even really want to try for a spring marathon.”

    Agree with this so much. In a running club of about 200 people, I’m in the minority in that I like to do one or two marathons a year, max. So many people told me I could do the full Houston Marathon for “fun” if my injury was healed, but if I couldn’t run my best race and hadn’t properly trained in almost three months, no way would I have had fun. A marathon isn’t like a 5K– most people can’t just go out there and run another one the next week if the first one doesn’t go as planned.

    • Oh, and my current commute is only 25 minutes door-to-door since I’m like one person I know of at my company who takes advantage of the light rail. Driving every day would surely take at least 45 minutes with traffic. Longest I did have, though, was when I interned/freelanced at Glamour while I was still in college on Long Island and had to take an 8 am bus to the LIRR station to make it to work at 10 a.m…

      And training before work all the way!

  3. I’ve been lucky in that I’ve always managed to have a short commute. As a student the farthest I lived away from campus was a 20 min walk. Currently it takes me 30-45 minutes (usually the latter) to drive to work. As someone who grew up in LA, where hour plus commutes are the norm, I consider this to be a short commute. I like driving to work because I use it as a time to relax and listen to music and it’s the only time in the day where I don’t feel some sort of small twinge of guilt for not working.

  4. I love fro yo! If it weren’t so cold outside I would tell the husband to take me tonight. However, the 15 degree weather makes Sbux hot chocolate seem a lot more appealing. My longest commute was about 30 minutes each way and it drove me nuts. Now my commute is exactly 8 minutes. Sometimes I can even make it home in 6 minutes. I use a combination of training before or after work. Right now it is mostly after work because I am too lazy to wake up at the crack o’dawn of 4 am.

  5. In my last job, I used to get up at 5:15, leave house at 6:00, drive 45 minutes outside of Atlanta, tack up and ride my horse, untack and turn out my horse in his pasture, shower and change clothes in the clubhouse, drive another 45 plus minutes (depending on traffic situation) back into Atlanta to my office, hustle from the parking lot to my office, sit down at 10:30 and immediately start working full speed until 6:30. Then drive home, generally another 45 minutes since traffic was always terrible. Presently I drive one hour (one way) to ride my horse.

  6. when we were being matched for our internship sites, a hospital in Stamford, CT was one of the options and I stressed and stressed about being placed there and the affect it would have on my training/life! Ain’t no shame! I am glad your crisis was averted too 🙂 You know I’m a morning runner, all the way! And hope to have some sort of working hours soon…

  7. As I write this I’m noticing that I feel INCREDIBLY lucky for not having super long commutes really ever in my life. I did have some unique ones though – 20 minutes to my high school and 30 minutes to my gymnastics gym (in opposite directions). In college I did an internship that involved a 2 mile walk to and from each day because there was no convenient bus/metro/etc (~40 min walk 2x/day). And another internship where I rode my bike (~15 min) to avoid a 45 minute metro ride (you had to switch lines). But currently I work 4 and 2 miles from the places I work, respectively, so I REALLY can’t complain.

  8. I do 3 12 hour shifts per week…and if they are day shifts, I never exercise on the days when I work because I just don’t have time. If it’s a nightshift, I’ll exercise in the morning before taking a pre-work nap and then I like to exercise in the afternoon after I wake up after sleeping post-work.

  9. I had an hour driving commute for a while — and part of the deal with that job was that I was supposed to be able to leave before rush hour, but that hardly ever worked, so it would be more like 75-90 minutes coming home. I literally don’t remember much of that six months of my life outside of work. Now my commute is about 35 minutes and I’m about to start biking at least once a week to “make it work for me,” so to speak.

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