Match Madness

The Match.”

Interviews are done (woohoo!) and all that is left is to rank and, well, find out where I match.

I saw all my friends go through it last year. And “the match” worked out just fine for most everyone.

There are moments in many days where I just get overwhelmed. I have plenty of time for the next two weeks to mull over programs, think about what I want out of a residency, and plot how I will make my rank list.

And, sometimes, that gets sort of stressful. I’m not sure why I let it frazzle me sometimes, but mostly think it is because I cannot manage my expectations, yet, for what is to come post-graduation (but, don’t get me wrong, more than ready to graduate!).

Then, today, the “match” madness + IT band pain (the right side this year) + 10 miles seeming really far (and, I’m signed up for a marathon in April) culminated in a mini-meltdown this afternoon. You know, the kind where you not sure which way is up or down anymore and you send out a tweet along the lines of “my life is so hard, woe is me” that you will most likely regret later.

And, as it can often happen when you are left to your own thoughts, you assume the worst: my right IT band is definitely going to betray me…I won’t be able to run…I will go crazy between now and match day if I can’t run…should I put “X” as #3 or #4 on the list?…I will need to take out a loan for SoulCycle so I don’t go nuts if I can’t run (kidding, sort of)…I should drop to the half instead of doing a full…is foam rolling even helping?!…

Thankfully, I have nice friends that can talk me down from the ledge. πŸ™‚

Running is very therapeutic to me right now. Technically, I’m “training,” but I like to think that I’m really training more for my sanity than any race. I need a schedule. Something reliable. I need a box to check every day. I have an emotional connection to my running right now in the sense that I need it as constant in my life. But, in terms of being emotionally invested in race results…not so much.

So, if you see me on the street panhandling for money for SoulCycle, you’ll know all of my catastrophic visions today came true.

However, I’m hoping that foam rolling, go to the chiropractor, getting acupuncture, and trying a new nail polish color (a lesser known pain control modality) will keep the IT band at bay. I’ll get to keep running. I’ll gradually become more invested in race results. And, maybe, the match madness will stop plaguing me.

Has this post made any sense? I’m not so sure. Regardless, here are some pictures from today’s run/race, in which I got to run with the birthday girl, Stephanie! [All photos taken by the lovely Erica Sara, who is better Brightroom could ever be!)

Waving to my adoring public? Waving like Miss America?

Waving to my adoring public? Waving like Miss America?

Steph and I with our new 17-year old friend who is looking to break 2 hrs in the half at Disney World in February (you can find out a lot about people on a run).

Steph and I with our new 17-year old friend who is looking to break 2 hrs in the half at Disney World in February (you can find out a lot about people on a run).

Happiness is...

Happiness is…


Until next time…


15 thoughts on “Match Madness

  1. Meggie, those photos make the race seem like it’s the happiest race in the world. Miss you and don’t worry about the match. Everything will work out for you πŸ˜‰

  2. Is this presentation I’m creating going to go over well? Should I do another review of the data? Why can’t I motivate to review the data again? If I cared more about this job would I go over it again? Is trying to get a startup off the ground even worth it? Do my dogs hate me because I haven’t taken them on a walk all weekend?

    I think I need to go out for a run even though it’s dark and raining …. (or go hit a tennis ball. hard. none of this ladies league lobbing doubles crud.) Sorry, you asked! And caught me in a moment! Here’s to (over) thinkers πŸ™‚

  3. You look fantastic in that floating running photo, miss america!

    I say that you’re allowed to feel a little ‘ack’ about all this stuff. Match day seems like the culmination of all these years of preparation, interviewing, and mind consuming thoughts, I can’t imagine anything more exciting and stressful at the same time. But it will all be worth it all the stress when it’s all said and done.

    IT band again?! On the right this time?! I just don’t know what to say about that one…..I hope it feels better asap. I don’t have any experience with the IT band, so I don’t have any useful advice, I will just keep it in my thoughts πŸ™‚

  4. I am glad that your interviews are finally over. I can’t wait to see where you will be going for you residency. I am so excited for you!!!!!

    Loved your race pictures too. Running should be happy and you looked fabulous!

    I don’t have a lot of current stressors right now, but I do think that running helps me let go and unwind more. Especially recently because I have been super busy at work and feel overwhelmed most nights when I get home. :/

  5. I thought we weren’t talking a bout the match…

    But seriously, I think you should pick a place based on whether or not people will come visit. That being said, I moved to NYC and very few people have come to visit…what’s wrong with them??

    My biggest stressors right now are: omg night shift, I’m going to be on it FOREVER. And what am I going to do with my life? Anesthesia? FNP? NYC housewife?

  6. Lol next thing you know your running partner’s whole life story… But you two look like a race ad πŸ™‚

    Awww well the good news is the hard part is over with the match. It’s all left to fate, but I know you will do PHENOMENAL. Thankfully lately I’m too blessed to be stressed. There’s the wait to see if hubby got in to John Jay and when he will get called to go in to NYPD (we’re buckling down for a long wait), but the Lord will provide. And finding a ped for Anne. We just got our new insurance, and she’s over due for a well baby visit. There was a month we were without insurance, so a lot of fingers crossed no one would get sick.

  7. Biggest stressor? What I am going to do with my life. More of a long term stressor than an immediate one seeing as I have been floating along ignoring it sine I moved to NYC. Hope your IT feels better and I am sure match will work out! I am sure you are only looking into cool places anyways. Good luck!

  8. You look so happy in those photos! I really hope your IT isn’t as bad as you worry it will be and also that your match will work out perfectly!

    My biggest stress right now isn’t even my own, it belongs to the Hubs who is starting his masers program. Can we afford it is the biggest question. But self centered wife that I am, one of my biggest fears is that I won’t have time to run because who will stay home with the kiddos? Gah! It really sounds worse when I type it out.

  9. Deep breath Lady! Embrace this chapter in life…the nerves, the excitement, the unkown, and the known. Enjoy the ride!
    And seriously, can you BE ANY CUTER in these race pics?! I think not!

  10. love the pics, Meggie! You don’t look stressed πŸ™‚ But I hear you man. Try to hang in there and occupy your mind with other stuff (yeah, easier said than done…). Take care of that IT band!

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