Airplane Epiphanies: There Is No Timeline

I really hope you are never the person who has to sit next to me on a plane. I am a nervous wreck.

I often make lengthy lists in my planner or, for the past year and a half, doodle/write/log in my Believe I Am journal. On a flight last week, I made this little compilation of what I wrote about on my 2nd sisters in sport update:

I live for a good list.

I live for a good list.

When I was making my time goals, I was started to limit myself in certain places thinking “well, I probably won’t acheive that before graduation so maybe just make the goal easier…”

But, who said there had to be a timeline? Why before graduation?

I do know my life will be a bit different, but, hey, maybe I’ll get really fast in residency because I have less time to run so I’ll have to run much more quickly to cover more miles. Maybe they’ll call me the Shefontaine of the residency program. Ok, extremely unlikely, but, hey, its about how you look at the time your given, not at the time you are not given, right?

"Paging Dr. Shefontaine!" [Comes running in her high performance Danskos and ever so wicking scrubs...]

“Paging Dr. Shefontaine!”
[Comes running in her high performance Danskos and ever so wicking scrubs…]

So, I put down some goals that may not be achieved for a long time, but, as I wrote, there is no timeline.

I was reminded of this on Sunday. I ran a 5K with a bunch of Oiselle birds – Fast Amanda 1, Fast Amanda 2, Jocelyn, and Abby. From the tram ride over to Roosevelt Island to the start line, I went from 10K “just runner” to 5K “just runner” to 5K “racer.” I do not know how this happened, but I’m chalking it up to peer pressure, impending rain, and wanting to get back to my mom and sister sooner (both in town for a long weekend).

Ally is better at facials than I am...

Ally is better at facials than I am…

For the record, Amandas 1 and 2 placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, and Jocelyn score yet another pretty sweet PR (I chased her the whole time from like 45 seconds behind).

The Amandas are unknowlingly going to become my new tempo buddies...

The Amandas are unknowlingly going to become my new tempo buddies…

Hey there, your outfit looks vaguely familiar...

Hey there, your outfit looks vaguely familiar…

Lovely running into Miss Erica Sara (maker of the finest runner jewelry), Lora, and Sam

Lovely running into Miss Erica Sara (maker of the finest running jewelry), Lora, and Samantha

I ran about 23:38 according to the ol’ trusty Timex.

Because I can be competitive and irrational, I, of course, had my momentary “I am so bad, why are you so slow, what are you doing, stop running slowly all the time” rant in my head.

Thankfully, Jocelyn could remind me of “the grand plan” in that I basically have been taking my sweet time getting back into running since the Richmond Marathon (and deservedly so, I think) and I need my body (and mind) to make it all the way until the end of April without breaking or burning out.

Plus, I decided about 2 minutes before the start that I was going to try rather than “just run.” For a first harder effort back since my marathon, not too shabby. Not closer to 21 minutes, but, hey, there is no timeline for that goal! As long as the world is not ending tomorrow, I have some time to work on that one.

I hope this is true...

I hope this is true…

When I started having the “you are terrible at running” rants in my head, I have to admit I did look back at that “mission statement” for running that I wrote. Did I jump into that 5K enthusiastically to see what I could do? Yes. Did I have fun? Yes (well, you know, mostly besides the being out of breath thing, which is some sort of perverse joy). Mission accomplished. That little statement is proving pretty useful.

Also, in the end – does this really matter? I got to come home and see all of my family members today. May 2013 be filled with less violence.


I think my favorite Christmas song is “Away in a Manger,” completely for sentimental reasons as I sung it my first grade Christmas pageant.


8 thoughts on “Airplane Epiphanies: There Is No Timeline

  1. Wow I will have to get back to you on a mission statement, but that is something that will be brainstormed in the BIA journal for sure. Favorite Christmas Song For Sure: Oh Come All Ye Faithful followed closely by O Holy Night.

  2. I don’t mind short flights, but long ones make me nervous. Glad that you made it home safely.

    I like your idea of a running mission statement. I don’t have one, but I think this might be necessary for revamping myself for 2103. This next year will hopefully be everything that I wanted 2012 to be and more.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!!!

  3. My favorite Christmas song is Carol of the Bells. Alternatively Jingle Bell rock because it makes me think of middle school chorus… and that scene from Home Alone when Kevin tried to trick the robbers into thinking that he’s throwing a party. Looks like y’all had fun at Oiselle,meet up (and lookin’ good too), way to represent!

  4. I am also still in school (grad school for MS) and feel a pressure to complete goals on a timeline, but I like your insight that I dont NEED a timeline for things 🙂 Favorite holiday song: Glee’s Extraordinary Merry Christmas song!

  5. I think how nothing was mentioned about how these are probably the most stress couple of months of your life?!?! NBD. MD CARD!!! I will set up your weekly sports psych appointments starting in Jan.

  6. that’s a good question, and I have no idea what the answer is yet! But I do know my favorite Christmas song is “all I want for Christmas is you” sung by Mariah Carey or Joanna from Love Actually.

    If we were to ever fly together, it would be a disaster. Happy holidays, Meggie!

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