Sisters in Sport: The Younger Set

I’ve known CGT for, well, her whole life. My sister has been more of her primary babysitter since I went off to college right after her 2nd birthday (oh gosh, I feel old). But, I’ve filled in babysitting gaps here and there and always go to see CGT and her brother, Clip, when I’m home.

When CGT cried because her parents were leaving to go to dinner, I’d give her two “sassy cookies” that would be “our little secret.” [Sassy is what she calls her grandmother who makes the cookies…hence, “sassy cookies.”] I’ve played barbies, I’ve bargained at bedtime (“please stay here with me until I fall asleep, Meggie”), I’ve even brushed my teeth with one of her numerous tooth brushes to get her to brush her teeth before bed (My sister was also there for that and we both lived although we were completely disgusted).

CGT and I; Halloween 2011

CGT and I; Halloween 2011

CGT started running as part of her karate class — she got her black belt at 8 (her free form she made up was to a FloRida song, it was hysterical). When I’ve been home, I’ve run a few times with CGT, including once when someone thought she was my daughter (do I look old enough to have a 10 year old?!).

CGT so graciously ran the Jingle Bell Jog 5K with me today. She was very nervous and I was so nervous I would let her down with my running buddy duties!

Before the race...

Before the race…

We took the first mile out a tad too hard in about 7:20. Hey, she was setting the pace, not me! I was just along for the ride.

I forgot to check my watch for mile 2, but CGT was rolling along.

Mile 3 is where we hit a few rough spots. Callie told me she was “THISCLOSE” to walking so I made her repeat positive affirmations out loud. She will probably be asking her mom for a new babysitter soon since I made her do this.

There may have been a few tears during mile 3 (and I felt a bit like a child abuser…I told her we could slow down…she didn’t).

However, I’m fairly certain CGT was playing me as when we turned the corner to the finish, the child took off in a sprint leaving me in the dust.

We ended up finishing in 25:20ish, which was a PR for CGT! She was so excited she asked me how fast she’d have to get to run a 5K in the Olympics 🙂

A few minutes after we finished, she confided to me, “I think I tasted throw up in my mouth at the end.” Ah, such a proud babysitter.

Clip played cheerleader.

Clip played cheerleader.

Unfortunately, I won my age group (huh?), but CGT didn’t! I felt so bad for her — she is 10 years old and her age group went up to 14 year olds so I told her she was at a fairly large disadvantage. I tried to give her my medal, but she said she couldn’t as she “is not 25-29 years old!”

Just take the medal, kid!

Just take the medal, kid!

CGT is very much a rule follower.

One of the things I like most about running and sports in general is that many of the feelings are universal. Whether you’re 10 or 26 years old, you can both feel the same “I’m not going to make it to the finish line without throwing up!” feeling and revel in that shared experience. There is something special about having sisters in sport.


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16 thoughts on “Sisters in Sport: The Younger Set

  1. “I think I tasted throw up in my mouth at the end…” Ah the sign of a good race… She’s faster than I was at ten years old. I doubt I ever ran more than a mile when I was that little. Good for her!

  2. Wow, CGT is super speedy! How fun to have a little running buddy. I jingle-bell-jogged in Prospect Park today, and PR’d (by only 5 seconds, but better than nothing). The hot chocolate at the finish line was the best part!

  3. How fun! I wish I had a little niece or nephew to run with! Which considering I’m the oldest and still only mid twenties, means I’ll probably be running with my own kids someday… pretty sure my younger brother wont beat me to the punch on that one 🙂

  4. What a fun, sweet read! Loved this:-)
    My niece is 11 and has really fallen in love with running these past few years. Every time I run with her, I reconnect with the JOY and LOVE that I have for it.

  5. this post is great, especially the last paragraph! seems like cgt has quite the enjoyable running hobby ahead of her! i like the pink 993s, they are my lazy sunday (or lazy anyday) shoes.

  6. I can’t believe that CGT didn’t win her AG! She is a speedy little thing.
    I ran the Jingle Bell run in Spokane last weekend. It was a lot of fun, but a little crowded for the trail we were running on. At least there was no snow this year for the race.

  7. awww, she is too cute, Meggie! It’s so great that you are running with her and love any way to get kids involved in something as great as running. Hilarious that she wouldn’t take your medal And congrats on your win, hehe. Come back soon!

  8. Awwww, I so love this story! CGT prob will go to the Olympics! And while she’s being interviewed after her medal sweep, she’ll mention that she owes it all to you! 🙂

  9. She’s so speedy!!! And congratulations to you for your AG win 🙂

    Hot chocolate 5k this weekend – any run that rewards you with toasty warm goodness at the end is a win for me!

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