Sisters In Sport: Check In Numero Dos and Revised Goals

So, I guess you guys sort of get the deal with the Sisters in Sport posts. I make goals. I tell you how I’m doing. I think the point was to make one set of goals for a few months and follow through on them through the New Year, but Meggie World changes pretty frequently these days, so my goals are often in flux.

Have you used the hashtag #sistersinsport ?

Have you used the hashtag #sistersinsport ?

Anyways, below are the goals I set last time for my “after the marathon” period (ATM period, for short) and how I’m doing. Here goes:

1. Go back to SoulCycle, maybe give yoga at shot again, or try one of those billions of strength training classes here in NYC. HALF CHECK. SoulCycle x 1 and some gym time/Nike Training Club, etc. I have not tried yoga, Barry’s Bootcamp, Figure 4, etc…yet.

See? Soulcycle. I don't lie.

See? Soulcycle. I don’t lie.

2. Run a Turkey trot, Jingle Jog, New Year’s Day Race. CHECK. Turkey trot done. Jingle Jog this week.

3. Operate under the freedom runners social running schedule until I want to train for something again. CHECK. I’ve been basically doing what I want when I want to do it. I haven’t run over 5 miles since the marathon because even 5 miles has me pretty tired (don’t worry, I’ve worried that there is something wrong with me — everything from asthma to cancer). I ran 13 miles total last week. I take walk breaks if I want to. I left my Garmin in NYC. Freedom social runners, unite!

4. Keep an open mind regarding residency interview rejections and acceptances. I am doing much better here and am very excited about some of my residency prospects. Of course, this is Meggie World classified info not to be shared on internet until March 15, 2013 so you’ll have to bring me candy should you want to know what’s going on here. Sugar is how you get access to my classified files.

No more of this...

No more of this…

***Actually, I’d love to blog about the residency application and interview process – what has surprised me, what the process is like, what I’m looking for in a residency…maybe when it is all said and done as I do currently have a notebook full of notes seeing as I can’t talk to everyone about my actual feelings re: residency. Then again, residency interviewing might bore you all terribly.***

5. Continue foam rolling, PT/core, and preventative treatment up just as I have training for this marathon. CHECK. Foam rolling like a boss. Because I am so paranoid.

Rocktape? I got that. Foam Roller? I got that.

Rocktape? I got that. Foam Roller? I got that.

So, seeing as most of the goals pertained to ATM immediate aftermath AND a new year is upon us soon, I’ve sort of being thinking about what I want to accomplish in running in a broader sense before I start residency.

Residency doesn’t mean I won’t be running anymore. But, I think it is unrealistic to expect that the pie chart of the different aspects of my life isn’t going to change significantly this summer. Working 60-80 hours per week is most likely going to preclude training as I have been in the past few years. I’ll keep running and racing, I just suspect running will take on a mostly therapeutic role in the next few years.

I hope so...

I hope so…

But, who knows, I could be surprised. I never would have expected I would have run 4 marathons in medical school…

In thinking about what I wanted to accomplish this winter/spring, here is the approach I took, which is, in part, inspired by something a residency program I interviewed at did. One of the program directors had each intern class write their “mission statement” to set the tone for their training. And, that gave me the idea to come up with this:

Of course it is color coded. What self-respecting type A doesn't color code?

Of course it is color coded. What self-respecting type A doesn’t color code?

[I know, this is crazy…I’ve really outdone myself here with the fluffy, sports-psych stuff.]

I tried to come up with a different term for “mission statement” because it’s not like I’m curing cancer or solving the Middle East peace crisis with my running. But, for lack of a better word, it stuck.

And, if you notice, with the pyramid, time goals are included, but aren’t the whole story. Achievement of time goals relies upon non-time goals and the “mission statement,” which, I like to think, take into account your happiness, where you are in your life, etc. I like to think it helps for what I call “optimism tempered by realism.” Optimistically, you set high time goals to motivate yourself, but with “tempered realism” in your non-time goals, you can adjust based on what other things are going on in your life.

Basically, a bunch of semantics. Just look at the color coded pyramid.

I like this because, for me, times don’t tell the whole story. There are races, but there is also a lot of running in between that.

Oh yeah. Next level color coding.

Oh yeah. Next level color coding. [PS – sub-I is my medicine subinternship or “acting internship” ie “play doctor”]

So, I went to the ol’ Believe I Am journal [where all the good stuff goes] and wrote the following as my mission statement:

And to eat ice cream...

And to eat ice cream…

I then came up with the following non-time goals for now…I’m sure some things will be added and subtracted from this as the year goes on.

1. Pace a friend to a goal

2. Run in a non-road race: trail, track, cross-country.

3. Run a long tempo without stopping (ie like 10 miles at MP or something)

4. Make as many runs as possible social runs. 

5. Continue to do strength stuff 2x/week.

And, finally, ye olde time goals, just for good measure.

1. 5K: <21 min (a real reach here, probably won’t happen before med school graduation – but I can try!)

2. 10K: TBD, no 10Ks on the schedule yet, suggestions welcome

3. Half Marathon: <1:45…maybe in Miami with some of my running besties if my legs get on board asap…

4. Marathon: <3:35 as the reach goal; <3:40 would be just fine, too

So, that’s the deal for the whole kit and caboodle, for half of 2013.

To make things a bit more focused for the next check-in, here are my goals for December.

1. To build mileage at the rate my body allows. There is no magic number.

2. To continue to do strength stuff twice a week.

3. To be more adaptable with rest [ie not freak out by extra days off per week, meaning more than 2, during interview season and my medicine sub-internship]

Did you stick through this whole novel? I hope so.


Until next time…


36 thoughts on “Sisters In Sport: Check In Numero Dos and Revised Goals

  1. Goal #1 is to be able to run, period, in 2013. If that happens, then I’d like to run a <24:00 5K and <50:00 10k, and, eventually, <1:45 half and <3:50 marathon. During my first injury I did corework religiously since I was doing nothing else and got a little bit of ab definition back. Hoping to be just as diligent with strength training this time around, since I do have some 5 lb dumbbells that have collected major dust at my apartment…

    • I’m confident you’ll be able to run in 2013! The most frustrating thing for me with my injury was giving myself an arbitrary timeline. It induced so much stress. Ditch timelines, focus on getting better, and your stress will drop and happiness follows. Good luck! I think you have those time goals in you no sweat.

  2. I really enjoyed this post! For some reason or another, this one stuck out to me and it will hopefully help me run a successful marathon on Saturday. My 2013 goals? To keep my running motivation up so I can successfully train for 2 more marathons. Also, strength training couldn’t hurt 😉

  3. A) Re: Your pyramid, I like that the main goal encompasses the other smaller areas of the pyramid, the true sign of a well thought out goal and plan!

    B) I am always up for trying new classes in NYC so if you want a buddy or need a push etc let me know! I’d rather go to a fitness class then a bar most nights (crazy party of 1)

    C) Main goals are to continue to get faster mostly by adding track workouts and continuing to run with faster runners. I’d also like to be less hard on myself. I do not have to be super women.

    Great thoughtful post as usual MBS.

    • Your bulleted comment speaks to me in so many ways.

      A) Thank you!

      B) Done. Start with Flywheel/Flybarre? I also want to try Barry’s Boot Camp. Sounds like my ideal night – workout, dinner, bed by 10 pm. Crazy party of 1 here as well.

      C) Track workouts of “Team Flying V” start in Jan or Feb and FOR SURE we will be out there weekly in March. Bring your best Mighty Ducks gear.

  4. Goal #1 is to run a sub-2 hour half marathon. I ran my first (and only) half in September in 2:08, so sub-2 is ambitious but not impossible. (I hope!) I also want to get the Believe I Am training journal and use that consistently in 2013. December goal is to run 50 miles for the month.
    If you’re looking for someone to pace to a goal and don’t have any candidates, I’d love a pacer for a half marathon and I train in Central Park! 😉

    • I think sub-2 is a great goal considering your first half was 2:08. I remember my first half I was very cautious just because I wanted to make sure I made it through the distance. What half?!? In NYC?

      Definitely get the Believe I Am journal…it has helped me in so many ways, almost too extensive to enumerate. But, basically, I would never have come up with this post without BIA.

      Good luck with running and training!

      • I was definitely cautious up until the last 5K of the half marathon because I was so worried I would burn out! So I think if I train right I can break 2 hours in the spring. I entered the lottery for the NYC Half but even if I get in it might be too soon to train for sub-2, so I’ve got my sights set on the Brooklyn Half for that! Let me know if you’re still looking for someone to pace in the spring, I’m game. 🙂

  5. Love this post Meggie! I like the combo of time goals w/ tempered realism. Fantastic mentality for the busy and ambitious with a hope to stay sane!

    Now, for an important question – not that I was overly scrutinizing your calendar (LIES, I was, I love the visualization!) but do I spy a 26.2 in late April? Are you contemplating heading home (well, sort of) to Tennessee for the awesomeness of the country music marathon??

    • Thank you — yes, staying sane is really the key to all of this!

      Anyways, its not CMM – sorry! Its actually Eugene. Dang, I should’ve thought of CMM!!! Maybe another year. I’ve heard great things about it, especially the half which a lot of my friends have done!

  6. just wanted to say, i’ve been reading for a bit because a) i like to run and b) i also am in med school. it’s always reassuring to see another med student having a life! and since you’re ahead of me in the scheme of things (running and school -wise) i can learn. but the point of this comment – i would love to hear your reflections on the residency application process! i bet you have some insightful things to say!

    • yes, it is possible to have a life in med school! i was fortunate enough to live right across the street from my school/hospital so a commute didnt eat up time during my day. good luck to you in school! and, i will try to post something about residency at some point. probably when the whole thing is said and done so ill even know how it turned out!

  7. I love your mission statement and your goals. You have a lot of the same goals as me! I especially want to keep up my cross training at Farmgirlfit, but go 3 times a week. I also want to get the courage to officially sign up for a spring marathon. I honestly think that this could be my last marathon (besides running Boston again). I want to commit, but I am hesitant because I don’t want to jinx myself. I know that realistically I need to sign up in January or early February. After all I do have a training plan for it. My biggest goal is to just stay healthy and continue to focus on the positive everyday. Also need to increase my mileage a bit. Sill not running more than 20 miles in a week. 🙂

    • i know all about jinxing oneself! if it is not a marathon that closes out super early, id say wait! commit to the training, but without having that financial commitment, you can put your health first without that clouding your judgement. good luck!

  8. I LOVE that you use colors in your journal!
    and it’s awesome that you journal a lot!
    I cannot wait to take part in the fun Holiday Jingle Jog coming up…even the name excites me!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  9. wow, I haven’t really outlined any goals thus far but I like all of yours! How very organized. I’d love to hear more about the residency stuff (and where you’re interviewing!!!!). Perhaps that means a meetup sometime soon!

  10. Your goals reminded me that I can’t be too upset w/ not pr-ing at my races. And I too want to do a fun run. I’m just looking for a good one to run and awesome people to run w/ ;-). Good luck w/ residency interviews. Your personality will blow them away so no worries!

  11. Great goals! I really like the “pace a friend to a goal” and the “social runs”. I recommend a trail race as your “not road race” race. No real reason, just because I love running trails. 🙂

  12. December goal is done and accomplished – woot! I love your non-time goals section, really good way to think about things. I agree with Jen on non road race as trail race too, I love trails. I signed up for a trail ‘race’ just for fun in January. Hopefully residency won’t be too stressful for you.

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