Trained Monkey

Like most type-As, I’m extremely good at following a schedule, training plan, check list, whatever. Give me a regimen or instructions and I will follow it like a trained monkey.

For the first week after Richmond, I did absolutely no running in accordance with my usual two weeks no running post-marathon. I had no desire to run plus an interview to prep for, so it was all cool.

The second week after Richmond, I started to get a bit antsy and wanted to do some form of exercise. I went to SoulCycle (harder than I remembered) and ran a 8k Turkey Trot (a bit ambitious for first run back). I ran for 20 minutes yesterday it felt fine. I ran for 30 minutes today and it felt very labored.

4 year old Turkey Trot champ!

Is this what out of shape is?

I’m not so good at “going by what my body allows.” My type-A side says to try 40 minutes tomorrow (see the pattern – 20, 30, 40). My body says take a break and make my next run Tuesday (in Portland! nature!). My mind tells me that I am lazy.

I’ve got a mind-body-soul discordance over here.

Let’s all play nicely…synchronize yourselves M,B, and S!

One thing I have decided to do which creates a definitive nice little check box is to go to the gym twice a week. Lift weights (little guys). Do core things. Pretend to be strong. Maybe get buff like Lesko and Fleshman. Probably not, but we can try.

I’ve made a goal to go to the gym 2x/week through the end of January and then back off to once a week from February through graduation (5/17/13, but who is counting). A checkbox a day keeps the doctor away, right?

For the record, I went to the gym on Wednesday and Saturday this week. Booyah.

Also, for the public record, I tried Rocktape for the first time. I put it on my calves after the Turkey Trot which had some gnarly hills and made my calves even more sore than they were from marathon/soulcycle/life/etc. It did, indeed, decrease my soreness as promised by its power to pull skin away from underlying tissues to increase bloodflow to the taped area. Pretty cool, huh?

Serena all taped up.

My pink Rocktape. This amount of external rotation of my hip was not easy to achieve.


So, that’s what’s up. My mind wants to run. My body isn’t really on board with the idea. I have to figure out how to deal with that. And, I’m attempting to become more of a gym go-er.


Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Trained Monkey

  1. oh us type A’ers always at war with our minds and feeling like slackers! i joke but at the same time it IS finding a balance between being hard enough on ourselves to stay motivated to put the work in and then not just being too hard…u kno. so i hope u do listen to the good old body and that u’re feeling less sore. i’ve not tried the tape myself but have heard some awesome things from those who have…good luck!

  2. I have never personally used kinesio tape (not specifically rock tape) but I have dabbled in it with some of my athletes (little test monkeys!) and have always had positive results. I’ve even had kids say “you know, I really never thought this would do anything but it actually helped!” Physiology just amazes me.

  3. I LOVE Rocktape…I have some sitting in my lap as I type this (I’m at work prepping to tape up a few shoulder patients)! 🙂
    A 2-week break definitely didn’t kill your fitness. I think your body is probably still healing, but you can run without injury…it’s just tougher for your body than your brain to get through a run right now. which means your head is back in the game!
    I want to venture out to the East coast and try SoulCycle! we have a bunch of “boutique” cycle studios here in San Diego, and I absolutely love them…booty kicking fun!
    I hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. I wouldn’t worry you don’t lose fitness that quickly. I didn’t run for 10 days after Hamilton and if my leg hadn’t still been a disaster still, I would have been fine. I was actually surprised because I thought you lost cardiovascular fitness quicker. Maybe I would have noticed if I had tried to do speedwork or something. I think its better to go into the training cycle feeling good, which is something I have neglected to do so many times.

  5. i ran this morning for the first time after Philly – it felt a little rough but still good to get back out there! That little guy is the cutest thing ever – look at you inspiring the younger generation to run – haha!

    Portland for an interview? If so, good luck!!

  6. I MUST start lifting weights ASAP. I think Tappan and I might go back to this special gym that he used to go to and get personalized training plans set up. Gotta get all buff for my April marathon..and then come up with some sort of streamlined, efficient workout program for when I’m in anesthesia school and no longer have a life.

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