Santa’s Gonna Need A Big Sleigh

Shopping season is upon us. I’ve compiled a list of things that I think are pretty awesome this season, which may not mean you think they are awesome, but maybe you do. I am definitely asking Santa for several things on this list.

I do not have the energy to put pictures after putting all the links. Sorry. But, the links are there!

For the Runner/Athlete/Exercise Addict In Your Life:

1. Picky Bars : My favorite energy bar made by super cool professional athletes. If a newbie, start with the 4-pack. If already a Picky Eater, then maybe bump it up to a 10-pack.

2. Oiselle Rundies : Clever and very comfortable

3. Believe I Am Ninja Stars Shirt : I want to be a #ninjastart shining star this winter so 11 more people need to get in on this deal. I want to wear this as I beat everyone to the Neiman Marcus for Target collection – ninja shopping warrior!

4. Erica Sara Say It Do It Bracelet : Personalizable bracelet at a low price point – perfect! I loved having one on throughout my fall training and racing.

5. SoulCycle Classes OR FITiST Gift Certificate : SoulCycle is my favorite NYC spin class while FITist network includes the best fitness studios in the city (Barry’s Bootcamp, SLT, etc).

6. Believe I Am Training Journal : This has helped me stay on track with my training the past year and a half. I don’t think I would’ve PR’ed in the marathon this year without it.

7. Elliptigo : If you have a large budget or have a severely depressed injured runner-friend (and still a large budget)

8. Drop Dead Healthy by AJ Jacobs : Hysterical and I think any fitness enthusiast would enjoy reading it

9. Oiselle Mesh tank : I like to wear this in spin – it keeps me cool and I’m wearing something different from all the other lulu-clad women.

10. Nuun 4-Pack and Nuun All-Day 4 Pack : Nothing says love like preventing hyponatremia and vitamin deficiency – my favorite flavors are Strawberry Lemonade and Tangerine Lime All-Day.

For the Fashionista:

1. Runfinity Scarf : Clever with the start + finish on the interior + super cute

2. Zoe Karssen Crema de la Creme Sweatshirt : If you can find it…I’ve been pining for the sweatshirt forever.

3. Chan Luu Bracelet or Similar (many on Etsy) : All the rage…

4. Alice and Olivia for Target Luggage : Travel in style…

5. Goyard Bag With Initials : If you have money to burn…like a lot of money to burn…

6. Madewell Archive Boots : I’ve worn a pair for the past 3 years. I need to get them reheeled. I wear them everywhere. Pricy, but worth it.

7. Lipstick Queen in Medieval, Buttefly Ball, or Jean Queen : My fave lipstick as some of these shades can be fairly subtle, yet add more color than a gloss.

8. Monogram Necklace (like Max and Chloe’s) : Because I just love monograms…

9. Madewell Bluestone Statement Necklace : I just like it…

10. Madewell Bracelets – Stretchy Rhinestone, Studded Friendship, Gemweave Friendship : Because the more bracelets you wear, the cooler you look.

For Lazy Days and Weekends:

1. Wicked Good Clogs from LL Bean : Not fashionable at all, but you won’t care once you put them on…

2. Oiselle Trials Hoodie: All the rage in Eugene this summer and nothing says comfort like French Fleece…

3. Oiselle Stripey Shirt: I think this shirt could be the key to a happy marriage.

4. Mani/Pedi Gift Certificate: Who doesn’t want a mani/pedi?

5. Shabby Chic For Target Blanket: Super soft and I want one (and I want to monogram it).

6. Oiselle Happy Hoodie: I’m mostly obsessed with this because of the pockets with zippers – you’ll never lose anything.

7. Madewell Neon Snowflake Sweater: I just like it.

For the Bookworm/Academic/Nerd In Your Life:

1. Journal: J Un Jour du Reve Planner: Because Koreans not only make great pop songs, but also great planners.

2. Bic 4 Color Pen in Blue/Pink/Green/Purple: Brings some pizazz to studying…

3. A Starbucks Card + Mint Gum: Because what student doesn’t need coffee and gum…

4. One or more of the following books: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn; Killing Lincoln and/or Killing Kennedy by Bill O’Reilly  and Martin Dugard; The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

5. Smooth Caffeinator Picky Bars: To fuel the ol’ brain cells…

Charitable Causes:

1. Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Cookie Gift Boxes: My favorite charity and who doesn’t want cookies?

2. Angel Tree : My family does this every year in our town. I’m not sure if this is a national charity, but I bet your hometown has something similar. The requests are so sweet (pajamas, a warm coat, etc) and typically make us all cry.

3. Cookies For Kids’ Cancer Best Bake Sale Cook Book: My favorite charity, again…

4. BIC Bands: I like that they donate to a different charity each month.

5. Every Mother Counts: Donate directly or buy the Oiselle EMC duds, pregnancy and childbirth should be safe for all!


Somehow I’ve convinced my whole family to Turkey Trot or walk tomorrow. Well, then again, let’s see how many of them actually wake up in the morning.

I’m probably going to brave Target on Black Friday. Because I love Target that much.

Happy Thanksgiving!



24 thoughts on “Santa’s Gonna Need A Big Sleigh

  1. I’m obsessed with Chan Luu wrap bracelets! Thankfully the knockoffs on etsy are much cheaper, though still beautiul; otherwise I’d be totally broke.

  2. I love this list! My favorite is probably Starbucks card & mint gum because it was an unexpected item but totally true. I’d like to add that it would be good for every adult-not just students. Coffee and mint gum are my 2 favorite things and oddly enough, the only 2 things I couldn’t stand while pregnant with Currie!

  3. this is an excellent list! I really want some rundies, one of Erica’s bracelets and still a Believe I am Journal. And a lot of other things on this list. I may forward it to certain people, actually… hope you had a great Thanksgiving Meggie!

  4. Great list – I love that Oiselle stripey shirt. I ran a 5k turkey trot race, and it definitely sparked a 5k revolution for me! I somehow PRed on minimal running the past month, and I loved running fast and finishing out of breath. I’m asking Santa for this Oiselle shirt and another PR.

  5. The planner is gorgeous!!!! You didn’t put on your favorite run or compression socks. In my mind, a stocking isn’t a stocking unless there are some socks in there. And chocolate coins.

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