Life In SoPo

SoPo = South of Power, Manhattan’s newest, hottest area of town (created due to ConEd power plant explosion on 14th Street).

Actually, maybe coldest, given the lack of heat.

Anyways, I am writing to you from the comfort of a friend’s apartment with power (although no heat – hello extreme layering!], as my building remains one of the latest holdouts of SoPo in Manhattan.

I’ve been couch surfing for a week now, but I’m luckier than most. My apartment is just fine and nothing was damaged. I’ve lost nothing other than power/hot water/heat. [But, I do hope I have power, hot water, and heat back soon!]

As you know, the NYC marathon was supposed to be held today. To be quite honest, I thought they should have cancelled it on Tuesday – the devastation was too great and the timing too soon. I felt odd going out to Staten Island when those there had lost so much. I didn’t want to run through the streets attracting attention when others actually needed attention.

However, since I do live here, if they were going to run it, I was going to run it as my personal boycott of the race would not have changed anything.

I was relieved when they cancelled the race, but somewhat disappointed and saddened in how things had played out over the days leading up to the cancellation. The animosity towards runners was a palpable was the heartbeat of this busy city. Further, I felt bad for two groups of runners: 1) those who had travelled very far to get here and 2) the professional runners whose livelihoods depend on racing (check out Molly Huddle’s blog on it on flotrack).

But, there has been much talk, blog posts, news articles, etc on the matter so I won’t continue to rehash any of it here.

Lucky for me, I get to run my marathon in a little less than a week! I’ll be running the Richmond marathon on Saturday and couldn’t be more excited. Having NYC taken away did make me realize how badly I did want to run a marathon since I was trained and ready for it (and who am I? what happened to my #5krevolution self?)

The nomad life has left me very tired (no idea why, its not like I’m doing anything strenuous). Maybe just the mental and emotional turmoil of the week has taken its toll on me. I went on a long run yesterday (about 11 miles) and felt completely spent.

But, in the end, I’m very lucky. I’m fine. I get to run my marathon. Again, life is treating me well.

The generosity and willingness to help of runners both NYC-based and from afar has been inspiring. Some cool things I’ve seen:

Erica Sara Designs donating a portion of all holiday orders to the relief fund.

– The run around Staten Island this morning to deliver food and goods to people in need (organized by Jordan Metzl).

– The fund created for a runner-blogger (Moms Gotta Run) who lost everything in the storm.

– The race to recover page that allowed would be marathoners to donate hotel rooms to victims.

Very cool.


Until next time…


12 thoughts on “Life In SoPo

  1. What the heck? You still don’t have power???? You poor thing!!! I am glad that other than having no electricity your apartment is okay.

    I also think that the race should have been cancelled by Tuesday. I had a friend who flew over on Friday and as soon as he got to the expo he was told that the race had been cancelled. Kind of a long way to fly to not be able to run. I think that he did some volunteer stuff today which is a nice gesture. Runners are cool people. πŸ™‚

    Good luck in Richmond, so glad that you have another race. Woohoo!!!!

  2. I was in SoPo on Monday night when the power went out – I can’t believe you’re still without it!!! My office was also without power all week so my hurrication is at an end and I’m back to work tomorrow (without heat.) Otherwise, I was unscathed and very lucky.
    That’s great that you signed up for another marathon! I was registered to volunteer as an Italian interpreter at the finish line, so I wasn’t going to run, but shared your feelings of disappointment and relief when it was canceled. Have an awesome race next weekend!

  3. I agree that canceling it early would have been best. My training buddy who was scheduled to go kept debating on going because they had until Saturday to cancel, and I honestly thought there was no way they would cancel it at the last minute. Richmond is so gorgeous and a great option. I hope things continue to look up for SoPo.

  4. What an awful situation all around. My heart breaks for everyone who is affected by Sandy. Thanks for the links on how to help.
    Praying that you get power back soon my friend.
    And Richmond?! Awesome! I will be cheering you on!

  5. I hope you’re back in your apartment by now! I saw some activity outside your building on the way home from the hospital yesterday πŸ™‚ Let me know if you need anything though! I’m excited for your race this weekend!

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