Sisters in Sport: Check-In #1

***Note: This post will not broach the subject of the hurricane or should the marathon be held or not. Much of this was written pre-hurricane. I’m not sure how I feel running through the streets of NYC when others have lost so much and when many of my friends have been working long hours to evacuate both NYU Langone and Bellevue Hospitals. There has been much debate regarding the marathon and I’m a little too tired to give my opinion on it at the moment. I guess, as they say on Broadway, the show must go on.

This post probably seems a bit ego-centric with respect to the marathon. I’m sorry for that as this timing does not seem appropriate to be putting any attention on my running this marathon. This post is part of the Sisters in Sport series I am a part of and deals with my experience training for this marathon, using my Believe I Am journal throughout, and my plans post-marathon. 

Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me. I did lose power, but, according to ConEd, I should have power by Saturday 11 pm – just in time so I have somewhere to shower post-marathon! Thank you to everyone who has offered a place to stay, shower, charge my phone, rest, etc. And, a big thanks to Kim from nuun hydration for letting myself and Jocelyn crash with her for a few nights. Finally, thanks to my #sisterinsport/life Jocelyn for braving the storm with me – we’ve managed to be powerless nomads together 24/7 since Sunday night and have yet to try to kill one another…that’s true friendship, people!

We got Book of Mormon cancellation tickets – SCORE!!!

So, it’s been about one month since my initial #sistersinsport blog post, which outlined my goals for the next 3 months and how I use my Believe I Am training journal [year 2 on one of these bad boys].

To jog your memory, here were said goals I set forth a little over a month ago:

1. To not be concerned with all of the concerns I should have [re: NYC marathon] <– I did not anticipate a hurricane becoming a concern!

2. To enjoy the challenge [of training for NYC marathon in a shorter time than usual]

3. To be healthy at both the start and finish lines [of the NYC marathon] and to be able to Jingle Jog in December. 

How am I doing?

I’d say fairly good. I have sort of forgotten I signed up for this 7 weeks ago and that I should have been maybe set smaller goals due to a short build up. Most of my concerns have stemmed from PTSD (not real PTSD, people – sort of joking here) from my pre-NYC marathon IT band blowup of 2011 and from being powerless from the hurricane.

I haven’t really had “a” marathon pace or time goal that has occupied all of my thoughts. In turn, I’ve really enjoyed training for the marathon this time around. It has been fairly low stress and #gowiththeflow, as evidenced by my compliance with Gia’s secret long run plans (my unknowing compliance, that is!). Further, my brain has been pretty muddled this week with all that has gone on. I sort of think I need a really long run soon to clear my head.

I wrote outside the lines! I’m such a rebel!

And, knock on wood, I’m healthy as of now! I’ve kept a page in the free writing space of the Believe I Am training journal to mark down all of the PT/core/etc exercises I did and what treatments I’ve gotten (including daily or twice daily foam rolling).

All of the “extras”

To keep the marathon from entirely clouding my running brain and to prevent post-marathon induced depression, here are some new goals I’m setting.

1. Go back to SoulCycle, make give yoga at shot again, or try one of those billions of strength training classes here in NYC. I plan on taking two weeks off after the NYC marathon. While I won’t be as active as usual for those two weeks, I’m sure I’ll get antsy and want to do something. So, SoulCycle Danny…I’ll see you on the bike!

2. Run a Turkey trot, Jingle Jog, New Year’s Day Race. Just for fun. I mean, why not?

3. Operate under the freedom runners social running schedule until I want to train for something again. I’m not necessarily burned out at the moment, but I think a good healthy dose of non-Garmin-or-watch social running only for a bit will keep running fresh. I do think I hear the #5K revolution calling, but maybe I’ll wait until late December or January for that.

4. Keep an open mind regarding residency interview rejections and acceptances. Although this goal is not related at all to running, I think I need to use many of the same techniques I use to create a positive running mindset to the residency interview season.

5. Continue foam rolling, PT/core, and preventative treatment up just as I have training for this marathon. Injuries aren’t fun, yo.

Has my Believe I Am training journal impacted my training? I think so.

I do record my training every night and it is quite nice to see the aggregation of training I have done. Whenever I think I don’t work hard enough or am not dedicated enough, I look back through the journal and realize I’m doing something active most every day – that’s “good enough” right there.

I’d say about once a week I have a workout or long run that changes how I am looking at my running and training. At those points, it is so helpful to have a space to write down what I’m thinking. It helps to refocus myself when I’m upset, super motivated, unsure, or just want to give myself a pat on the back. In turn, seeing what I’ve written regarding my running reaffirms often reaffirms my dedication to my training and my confidence in myself, even if it has been an off day.

You can see all of my deepest darkest thoughts.

For example, last week I ran 10 miles at MP and it felt hard. Instead of being very upset and frustrated, I thought, “well, I just didn’t feel well today, look at all of the other good training I’ve done, I’m not going to put to much focus on how this run went.”

And, I don’t think I’d be at a place to blow off a run so close to a race like that without Believe I Am and the techniques for a positive mindset Lo and Ro encourage you to use.

And, finally, being without power and playing nomad has definitely interrupted the rhythm of my week and not quite how I envisioned prepping for a marathon. Since my work is at Bellevue Hospital (and that was evacuated), I’ve luckily been able to roll with the punches and be ok with uncertainty.

Now, my journal grounds me – it reminds me of the mindset I had pre-hurricane helter skelter. Looking at all I’ve done and written reminds me that I do have roots I’ve established while training and I should stand tall on Sunday…like that tree that spells “present, here and now.” And, on Sunday, that’s going to be my visual cue.

Present, Here and Now = Me on Sunday

And, regardless, I’m getting a poncho and power – BOOYAH!


Until next time…






10 thoughts on “Sisters in Sport: Check-In #1

  1. I love your social running goal. I’ve been training hard lately but I’ve been doing as much of it as I can with friends and that has definitely made it more fun. I love how running can be such a great social thing. ❤

  2. Whatever you finally decide with the marathon, is up to you, but if you do go, good luck 🙂 I do understand injury frustration, dealing with back to back injuries, no running for 4 months and counting…hopefully this time next year, I will be in your place right now, preparing for a race and having a regular training schedule again 🙂 Yay #sistersinsport! 🙂

  3. Great post! I track my workouts on a printed icalendar – not nearly as exciting or motivating as the BIA journal! In other news… did you decide on a nail polish color for sunday yet!?

  4. I am glad that you are okay. We had some friends in the Rockaway area that didn’t get so lucky. :/

    Good luck on Sunday. I think that you will exceed your expectations. Have fun and know that I am going to be tracking you like crazy. In spirit I will be “running” with you!

    I love you have some post marathon goals. They will give you something to look forward too.

    Now go get a shower, get some rest, and carb up! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you get electricity sooner than anticipated.

  5. I think the NYC marathon is going to be a cathartic experience for everyone involved, running or spectating. I think it will give people who have a lot of stuff to worry about a break from worrying about all that stuff and let them cheer on some awesome people who have trained real hard for this. I know how important the marathon was for those in NYC after 9/11 (my aunt being one of them) and I think it will be equally important this year. Even better that NYRR is doing the right thing and giving back. Don’t let Sandy make you feel guilty for wanting to have (and having) a kick ass marathon 🙂

  6. Hey Meggie. Ugh, I am sick over all the marathon stuff, but I — like you– don’t want to get into it here. So I’m just going to say good luck! 🙂 And if you ever decide to give Flywheel a try, just to mix it up, let me know! Regardless, we should go for a run some time!

  7. I like your goals and love chatting with you about them! My journal has really helped me focus on my goals, stay accountable, and realize what I really want! October was spot on with goal setting and accomplishing and I think November will be great too!

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