This Is A Test

Yeah, like those annoying tests that used to always happen on TV that had the loud alarm or whatever or the fire drills you had in school — this is just a test.

Of who can see this and who can’t.

Does anyone have me in their google reader and, if so, can you see it?

If you have this emailed to you, can you see it without having to put your email or name in or something first?

Or just tell me what you had to do to see it (put in email? sign up for wordpress?). If it makes you give blood, then I’ll un-privatize it.

Just curious.

And, for those of you who wanted access, this is my way to get you to get it without having to type all of your emails in (I’m lazy).

I have super residency app paranoia now so I have decided to make this blog private for the time being. I may change my mind. We’ll see. I will probably make it public again next week after I decide this is silly because I let anyone who asks have access anyway. I don’t really have any screening protocol.

The posts will remain the same though – mostly running, not very much about school/residency apps. I don’t want to bore you all more than I already do.

Alright, time to go decided if I want dark chocolate or milk chocolate. It is a tough life I lead sometimes.

Thanks for the feedback.

Until next time…


***Addendum: I ended up going un-private now because, well, it got too labor intensive for something like a blog. So, you can now see this blog in all of its glory without having to jump through hoops and I hope no one had to donate blood. I’ll explain my freak-out and reasoning later, if you care to know.

In the mean time, you can tell me the following: what qualities do you like in a doctor? would you like a doctor who runs?

And, go!

22 thoughts on “This Is A Test

  1. I can see Russia from my house …. And I can see your post in my e-mail without having to type in my name or e-mail or secret password.

  2. I had to sign into WordPress. But maybe that’s just because once upon a time I had a blog of my own, and the WordPress ghosts are trying to make me feel guilty for not writing anything in it…

  3. I check your blog every few days through my blog tab in my browser (not a reader) and yesterday it prompted me to request access via my wordpress (used to have a blog). Today I was still logged in and was able to read this post.

  4. I was going to say I got the invite but didn’t have to do anything to see it but then I saw you made it unprivate. My primary care doctor runs ๐Ÿ™‚ If I had an injury I think runners are more sympathetic or at least those who deal with runners frequently…

  5. My OBGYN doc doesn’t run but she was super-enthusiastic about it when I saw her last week. She even cheered on her husband at NYCM a few years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ A doc doesn’t necessarily have to be a runner, but if they are not supportive, that’s a dealbreaker to me. I have a friend from the old job who is training for her first marathon and she told me last night that my old boss (a very renowned doc!) has been making comments about how marathons are bad for the body, “please drop out if you feel tired,” etc. That would have driven me crazy if she had been that way with me. (With me, she just acted indifferent for some reason.) Argh!

  6. None of my doctors have ever been runners (at least that I’m aware of). But they’ve all been supportive of my running. If I had an experience with a doc who wasn’t supportive I would definitely switch.

  7. I wouldn’t say a doc being a runner is a necessity, but it sure is a HUGE bonus! I want a doc who understands that running isn’t the reason for my infertility (hello, elites have babies!!) and that every ache and pain doesn’t mean I should stop running forever. I also want a doc who listens and considers all the treatment options- I want to avoid meds if possible and would love to know about natural options (again, where reasonable). Good luck in the app process! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. I logged into my wordpress yesterday and was able to see your post and today it showed up in my google reader. Looks like it’s working to me!

  9. haha, I was going to say I could see it in my reader! Qualities I like in a doctor: personable, treats me like a person, not a chart, takes their time, empathetic, shows concern for my health/future. Love doctors that run, of course! They “get it.”

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