Marathon Makes Me Mad

The title of this post was going to be “Marathon Makes Me Crazy,” but I just couldn’t give up the alliteration.

I try to keep it real on this blog and in real life (I will pretty much tell you my life story and feelings if you ask “so how. are you doing?”) and it has become readily apparent over the last 2 weeks since taking the 26.2/$256 plunge that the thought of running a marathon turns me into a crazy person. Like Rachel Zoe before the Oscars crazy…


“Rodger, I’m coming undone! Where is the dress from Cameron?! Gwenyth?! Call Armani!”

Every niggle is the precipice of injury disaster. Conversely, every nailed workout makes you feel like a super-human set to marathon PR star. In the two weeks since I’ve started “express marathon training,” as I shall dub it, I have felt like all of the following: broken (physically, not mentally); super-human; smarter than the rest of the world who takes 18 weeks to train for a marathon; stupid for thinking I could train for a marathon in 7 weeks; convinced I will PR; convinced I will have to drop out at mile 8; sad that I will have to drop out because I really want that poncho; and hungry.


Marathon makes me edgy (get it?)…

Now, the more negative feelings are exactly what I did not want to happen with any marathon I chose to run after NYC last year.

And, this is what this blog is good for: self-reflection and planning change.

My goal for October is to remain balanced, physically to prevent injury and mentally to keep this whole marathon venture fun.

And, wouldn’t you know it, the handy-dandy Believe I Am trainingΒ  journal has a space for a goal each month.

I just need to take a step back, realize a day off never killed anyone, and that not every “pain” is “takes you out for 3 months injury,” as long as I stay on top of it (and thank you, Dr. Lesko for treating me in Seattle!).

I will not let a marathon turn me in a crazy person. I will not let a marathon turn me in a crazy person. I will not let a marathon turn me in a crazy person. I will not let a marathon turn me in a crazy person. I will not let a marathon turn me in a crazy person.


Until next time…


15 thoughts on “Marathon Makes Me Mad

  1. I was just thinking the past couple days that 18 weeks is way too long for me. And they are liars anyway bc you have to start the “18 week plan” already somewhat fit and ready to knock out 40 miles or more. soooo… it’s more like a 24 week plan actually. I’m jealous of your 7 weeks at the moment. Are we there yet?

    • I’ve felt that way in past marathons where I’ve trained 16 weeks and what not — always thinking “can we run this thing already?!?” At this point, I would like a few more weeks for me! πŸ™‚

  2. Marathons make me absolutely crazy. Especially during the last couple weeks of training. Right up until the race starts I feel like a crazy person and then once I hit the first mile I start to feel normal again. I think what you are feeling right now is pretty typical. Hang in there and keep thinking about the sweet poncho you will soon have.

  3. I feel you, man. I can’t believe it’s October already and I go back and forth to being like “noooo wait I’m not ready” to “yesssss I can’t wait.” I think it’s normal to be crazy. But look at your goals for the month and the race – they shouldn’t be making you crazy, you know? You will run the race and you’ll enjoy it πŸ™‚

    Sidenote: I really want a Believe I Am journal and think I will buy one. πŸ™‚

  4. I have the opposite problem. I tend to ignore niggles and injuries until they become un-ignorable…i.e. last year training for Cleveland Marathon – I wrote off my foot hurting as an “old gymnastics injury” until it became a stress fracture, when in reality if I’d cooled it a little with the mileage I probably could have salvaged a couple months. So maybe that’s “crazy” in itself? I’m really excited for you and jealous of you to be running the NYC, so ENJOY IT!!! (also I can’t believe it’s almost $300. that is insane.)

  5. i’m normally an obsessive person to begin with and marathons make me psycho. loving life one minute and convinced i can barely run a 10 min/mile the next. if you weren’t having these thoughts i would be surprised (and jealous and wondering what your secret is!!).

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