I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Team work makes the dream work, people.

Race am started with a rousing pep talk by Jocelyn. The gist of said pre-race talk was as follows:

Rule 1: Don’t look at your watch!

Rule 2: Stay with Laura

This will be painful! Just remember that it is supposed to be painful! It is not childbirth – think about all of your future patients in labor and how painful that is. You should especially be in pain the last 2 miles. You are faster than you think you are. Stay with Laura. Do it for 16 Handles.

Jocelyn laying down the law.

Duly noted, coach.

Proof we aren’t all that serious, in case you were wondering…

I broke rule #1 and looked at my watch. I did not break #2 and stuck with Laura or, rather, she stuck with me. The two combined proved to be a PR producing duo.

Whenever I felt uncomfortable, but not in racing pain, I repeated to myself, “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE PAINFUL,” which sounds completely miserable and uninspiring as I write it. I guess it just reminded me to push a little bit more rather than settle into “uncomfortable.”

Laura was a good little coach on the run, too. She talked to me a good bit and knew the course (it was her hometown, Northport, Cow Harbor 10K <– highly recommend!) so she knew the landmarks better than I. Plus, its nice to have a buddy to run with who also tells you “you’re doing awesome!” It was especially helpful on the ginormous hill that takes up most of mile 2. She also appropriately told me when to try to speed up and “that we must go now if you want a big PR!”

Focused on the finish line. Thanks, @lschwech for the superb on the run coaching abilities!

For you splits monkeys out there, they were as follows: 7:16 (downhill, yes!), 8:08 (uphill, no), 7:33, 7:16, 7:44, 7:11, 1:27 all rolled together for a time of 46:38, a new PR by 1 min.

[Coach Jocelyn also says I need to order a small in shorts, but you be the judge. I do medium everything and get nervous deviating from norm.]

I am lucky enough to have nice friends in my life who are willing to help me run a little faster, push the boundaries, walk the fine line of almost throwing up at the finish, and, most importantly, understand my type-A tendencies (“I need a checklist here, people!”).

[Seriously, big thanks to both Jocelyn and Laura. And, on a side note Jocelyn had a 10K PR even when not racing as she had a 22 mile long run the next day and Laura had a PDR on Sunday also with 22 miles – you go girls!]


Next up – 5th Ave Mile which may be part of a long run (so will have to adjust expectations accordingly). It still should be fun.

Side note: Jocelyn swore she saw the RC on our shakeout run Sat (the RC was running the same race) and she bolted to try to catch up to “her.” I have devised a new racing strategy for Jocelyn – plant celebrity cutouts along the course so she gets excited and sprints to them…

Until next time…


31 thoughts on “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

  1. CONGRATS!!! Moving up in distance from the 5k. I see a marthon in your future 😉 I usually err on the side of the bigger just bc i don’t like things too tight. I guess it’s all abut how you like your shorts to fit 🙂

  2. Congrats! I love the tattoos. I still want to break 50 in the 10K sometime soon…maybe I’ll have to conveniently come do an NYRR one and have you let me chase you…

    I usually get size small shorts. The Oiselle distance shorts are definitely long enough for me to stick with a small. I do kind of wish I’d gone a size up on my borderline indecent Lululemon shorts, though (why the eff is their stuff sized with numbers like real-life clothes?!).

  3. Yay for a PR! You look so speedy in the racing pic!

    You need a small in the distance shorts. For real. You are swimming in those. They will look much better. I hated the distance shorts from day 1 because I got them too big. Finally ordered the correct size and I love them and look so much better!

  4. Wow, that is a huge PR! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

    I am still not sure about the level of hurt involved with real racing. I can’t say it ever really hurts, except when there’s a really big hill…am I doing it wrong?

    Anyway, bask in the glow of your accomplishment with some 16 handles, you deserve it 🙂

  5. Congrats on your awesome PR!! I’m jealous that you have people to race with- it makes it so much better!

    I finally ordered the distance shorts (I had to find out what the hype was all about!)..and I love them. I got a medium as well and they are a bit big, but also super comfortable. I’m considering ordering a small, or maybe branching out to the rogas… decisions decisions!

  6. Congrats on the new PR!! Glad you had such a stellar pacer to push you through those tough miles. And an awesome coach (love that picture of Jocelyn giving you a talk before the race)!

    So does this mean that your 5K revolution expanding to include (slightly) longer races??

    • Oh I had the dream team in terms of coach and pacer. Jocelyn was getting pretty intense there…until we broke into the robot.

      Yes, 5K revolution is expanding to include slightly longer and long distances! Nice to mix it up although I will still spearhead the revolution…you know, for the others…

  7. that’s a pretty awesome PR, Meggie! Congrats! Want to pace me to a 10K PR sometime? I don’t think I’ve ever run a full race with a friend, but it sounds like fun. I definitely think even meeting up beforehand with friends makes racing more fun (like last year’s journey to staten island!). You guys are making me want Oiselle shorts..

  8. Way to go on the new PR! I love your posts and how funny you are, so much fun to read. I haven’t run a race with a friend but I have with my husband (he’s a friend too, right?) The most fun was when we ran our first half marathon together in SF!

  9. Bahahha that is a classic Jocelyn pose. I love it.

    And I saw that comment up there about applying to residency in Denver. THE ANSWER IS NO. Glad I cleared that one up for you.

    So excited to see you tomorrow! I hope those tattoos are still on.

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