Ponchos: Fashion Statement 2012

A lot of you are running the NYC Marathons and, according to my twitter feed, they aren’t offering baggage check this year, but, rather, will be giving out fleece lined ponchos at the end.

A lot of you are upset about it, which is understandable. But…

Think of what a fashion statement you can make after running 26 miles! You’ll be wearing the most coveted poncho of November 2012 in one the fashion capitals of the world.

You, too, can look like you just walked off the runway.

To make it your own, you could even add a belt of something for when you meet your friends and family. You know, jazz it up a bit. Some inspiration, here (fast forward to 1:40):

Now, in all honesty, I do have the solution for all of your no-baggage-check woes.



I wore these shorts during the marathon last year and can tell you they have received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval…or, at least, the Meggie Seal of Approval.

Yours truly sporting the distance shorts around mile 18 of last year’s marathon (photo credit: Ali).

Another race, same shorts….this time with Jocelyn.

You can fit more in each pocket than I have depicted here (I have), but to give you an idea..

Two gels and some cards in front pocket…

Two gels in the interior pocket…

Keys in the back (this is also where I usually put my cell phone if I take it on a run…)..

Last year I even ran the whole thing with a Picky Bar in that back pocket (unknowingly, actually)…cross the finish line…realized it was there…BOOM! Snack time. I had my iPod in the front pocket last year (I don’t race with it, but wanted it in the corrals and after).

See, no need to worry. You got your race shorts and post-race fashion statement covered.

I’ll see you in Central Park. I’ll be taking cheer requests.


I take 4-5 gels, one every 5 miles…

Until next time…


12 thoughts on “Ponchos: Fashion Statement 2012

  1. Can the picky bar pocket fit an iPhone? Also, I decided I really don’t like gels. They are slightly better cold, so I tried freezing two Power Gels last night and it didn’t work! Explain this , scientist/Dr. Meggie!

    • Yes! My phone (droid lucid) is apprx same size as iPhone and it fits (snug but fits!).

      I have frozen gels before and they have worked – what didn’t work about them? Well, I didn’t freeze them, per se, but they froze in the 20 degree temps — they were like the consistency of a gummy bear or similar. I say put them in the refrigerator rather than freeze them and see what happens. Make sure you are taking them with water, too, even if cold — that is what makes people sick often (sugar with no fluid). If the gels don’t work, try shot bloks or chews…those might be the consistency you are looking for!

      • The Power Gels were just as runny 8 hours later. I have fridged Gus before and they worked, but was looking for something different. I think chews taste better but gels are easier to store. But maybe this will be fixed if I get the shorts!

  2. Oh, ponchos. I’m dying to see how exactly they “fleece line” this thing.

    I sometimes completely forget to fuel during races. I drink water/Gatorade every few stations as necessary (3-6 miles at a time) but almost never fuel. Last week’s long run (15 mi) and today’s long run (another 15) were completed without fuel. I’m worried because I know I really need to get used to fueling because there’s no way I can finish 26 miles without fuel … but I hate Gu. Recommendations?

  3. I usually eat a bagel and coffee before I head out to Staten Island. Then I’ll have a bagel, donut, or Power Bar Gel Blasts while I’m hanging out in the staging area. Once I’m in the corral, I’ll suck down one GU. (I stick to Tri Berry flavor.) I don’t use any special shorts when I run. I just make sure they have a back pocket. I’ll put 2 GUs in that pocket, and I’ll carry one in my hand. I wish the Power Bar Gel Blasts came in smaller packaging. I prefer those over gels.

    This year, I will probably use one of those runner pouches that attach to the waistband of your shorts to carry cash, credit card, metro card, and keys since there will be no bag check.

  4. LOVE, LOVE Oiselle distance shorts – i have a black and purple pair – and i have you to thank for introducing me to them!!!

    i heard NYCM was giving a blanket of some sort post-race but i didn’t know it was a fleece-lined poncho?!?! wow.

    i like my shot bloks. 3 bloks every 4 miles…always!

  5. hahaha I wonder if team Zoe is designing these stylist NYCM ponchos…

    I usually wear spandexy shorts for long runs/races and they have one pocket in the back. I am very intrigued by these multiple pockets. How do these shorts do for long runs/marathon? Mostly in terms of riding up and chafing? I like nike tempo shorts, but for long runs they are terrible and make me feel like I’m wearing a soggy wet diaper..

  6. I didn’t realize that you would get a fleece lined poncho after you finished. Kind of odd, but funny at the same time. I am going to get the Oiselle shorts for my next 1/2 or full marathon whenever that time comes. I didn’t realize how many pockets they had and how much stuff you could fit in them. Thanks for your demo! For a 1/2 I usually carry 1 gel, for a full I usually carry 3-4 gels.

  7. I wore the distance shorts in my marathon, and they were awesome! The pockets fit all the gels I wanted to carry AND they were comfortable for over 4 hours of hot hot weather.

  8. You have me SOLD on these shorts! I have been eyeing them for a hot minute, but now I am ready to take the plunge. For my one and only marathon I wore Lululemon Turbo Run shorts. Very comfy and a running staple in my book.

  9. I haven’t gotten the pleasure of racing in Oiselle yet. I was living under a rock and just discovered the awesomeness this year! My current favs are rogas because it’s atrociously hot here in H-town and they stand up to the heat/humidity without chaffing me. For fuel, I typically use a combination of Clif Shots and Blocs – i like the all natural ingredients and they seem to agree best with my stomach.

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