Pretty Sure It’s Karma

For the past week or week and a half, I’ve noticed this weird “clicking behind the medial right knee.” If you were not aware, “behind-the-medial-right-knee” is definitely a medical term. It wasn’t painful so I didn’t worry.

On Sunday, I ran 15 miles. There are no pats on the back deserved here because if there is a way to run 15 miles and not try at all, I have achieved it. I call it “lazy-motivated” – a truly lazy person wouldn’t run 15 miles, but a motivated person wouldn’t run roughly 1:30 per mile slower than she did for 14 miles the week prior (ie 9:09 average over 14 miles last weekend, with 3 fast miles around 8 min/mile thrown in there compared to 10:30 pace for all 15 miles this weekend). I blame years of tennis warm-ups for allowing me to perfect the lazy jog (“jog two laps around all five courts.”). For those of you who struggle with the “I can’t run slow or easy,” I am happy to demonstrate. I have it down pat.

I spent roughly two hours and forty minutes (time I spent running in total) lamenting the fact that I couldn’t get Dance Moms on my iPod. My right IT band, hip, and medial-behind-the-knee hurt, particularly towards the end, but I figured it was probably slightly psychosomatic (“this hurts, great! stop running!”) or too serious — it wasn’t the knife in the knee pain like I had last fall with my left IT band.

I foam rolled. I watched Dance Moms for real. Googled if maybe my “behind the knee” was my popliteus muscle. Didn’t think too much of it, but did schedule an appointment with NYRR massage therapist to the stars Tuesday night (thank God, I did) and asked Dr. Lesko if I should be concerned (PS Lesko – I want your abs! And I didn’t have 3 kids. Oh yeah, arms too!).

Must ask her all of the secrets…

I did a workout on Tuesday – 4 x 1000 w/ 2 min rest + 4 x 200 w/30 sec rest, which was probably one of my better workouts — definitely the best I’ve ever done 1k repeats (4:43, 4:32, 4:28,4:25 for any of you numbers people, 44-48 for the 200s). Then, on the cool down – BAM! Shooting pain from the SI joint down the right IT band (which makes no sense to me — if stemming from back, shouldn’t it be sciatic pain ie down the back of the leg?!), behind-the-knee medially pain, and slight twinge in the right hip….all somewhat similar to what happened on my left side last fall and winter besides the behind-the-knee thing.

I walked most of the cool down home, became besties with my foam roller, and thanked the running Gods that I had booked the appt with NYRR massage therapist to the running stars.

Today, my right IT band, lateral quad, and glute are really sore and tight. The behind the knee thing seems ok at this point. The most tender part is the right lateral quad, where I imagine the IT band and quad abut each other.

So, I took my little roller stick to it like a mad person and repeated “this will work, this will work, this will work” at the same time for extra therapeutic effect.

I actually think it will turn out fine (or maybe this is denial). I went to SoulCycle today, but didn’t turn up resistance too much. In hindsight, probably should have stayed away since that motion can aggravate an IT band (although it was fine of previous IT band which is why I thought it might be ok). Think I will take tomorrow off, but might test it out. I am also going to acupuncture tomorrow. Maybe short run Friday then the #5krevolution continues on Saturday.

Flat finds his soul…

So, in sum, some things we can learn?

1) Don’t do cool-downs. That’s when bad things happen. [hahaha…jk…sort of]

2) Don’t be lazy or lazy-motivated. Being on my feet a really long time Sunday probably didn’t help whatever pathology was brewing up in ye ol’ right leg. Or maybe this is all karma from essentially not trying throughout all 15 miles.

And now my right foot is numb, presumably from the ice, although that is on my IT band…hmm…

Anyways, think this is a false alarm, like a Braxton-Hicks contraction…or so I’ve convinced myself. I’ll foam roll, get scared for a few days, and then it will all go away.


I want the “pen-joy” pen, although I am very particular about pens – fine tip only.

Until next time…


15 thoughts on “Pretty Sure It’s Karma

  1. I only used those fat PhD pen all through high school and college. Too bad I never actually applied to get a PhD. Actually not really…it was a good decision. I do miss back to school shopping though!

    Hopefully you are being paranoid. Numb generally isn’t very good.

  2. I hope it was a false alarm (and am thinking it was because you #5krevolutioned it today)! I get stuff like that all the time and never fail to freak out. I think that’s part of our MO as runners. Sad I missed you this morning!! I ❤ 5Ks

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