Hodge Podge

While I would love to write a well thought out, coherent post for you, I don’t have the brain power to do so anymore. So, this will be a hodge podge of things I just desperately needed to tell my loyal subjects (what I’m not Kate Middleton?!) before I went to sleep. Things I know that you were dying to know.

First, I would like to report that I have found someone who appreciates monograms as much as I. Evidence?


BAS (initials, duh) was also wearing a signet ring and engraved bracelet today. I now feel a compulsion to go buy some towels and monogram them. Or a blanket. Or a patagonia fleece. Yes, I want to go monogram a patagonia fleece right now. That will be my go-to piece this winter.

Second, I’m newly obsessed with three websites: pinterest (re-discovered), quirky.com (after 7 emails from my mom about it), and atlantic-pacific style blog.

Pinterest allows my attention to wax and wane. It also allows me to find things to decorate the home I do not have, but one day hope to have, but probably will not have anytime soon. I also am recently into pinning pretty places I want to go, yet cannot afford to, but one day hope to be able to see. Basically, pinterest allows me to live a fake life.

I’m convinced all traits are genetic after receiving 6 emails in 1 hour from my mom re: quirky.com. If you know me, you know I send lots of emails, but I feel ok about it now that I am convinced it is genetic (I get at least 10 emails from my mom per day). So, if you get 6 emails from me in one day, it is not my fault.

However, momma does know best because quirky.com speaks to my little type A, organizational heart (we Smiths love organizing and emailing). I want to order all of the gadgets that will help me organize my power cords, recharge my electronics, and make everything look nice and neat. You can also invent stuff and they will make it, which is cool if you are creative. I am really only creative on pinterest and instagram. I haven’t thought of anything to invent, yet.

Atlantic-Pacific blogspot is how I wished I dressed if I did not work in a hospital where I need to wear scrubs. It also provides for great pins for pinterest.

Finally, when you read my last point, you must respond like Phoebe did when Ross told she and Joey that Rachel is pregnant.

Guess what? World breaking news: You should do your long runs with other people.

I know. No one else knew that.

I often do my long runs by myself because I want to sleep in, have to work it in at a time that doesn’t work with other people, so on and so forth. Unfortunately, I am a proud, card-carrying member of #LRhaterzanonymous. I get bored. I need a video iPod so I can watch Dance Moms on my long runs while I run my 10 minute miles and think about how many minutes or miles are left + what I’m going to eat after.

But, sometimes I need to maybe not run 10 minutes per mile and just push myself a little bit more. Why? Because I can. I could run faster than I sometimes let myself on long runs, but sometimes I just don’t. I guess I am super lazy.

Anyways, I ran with Megan x 2 last Saturday for my long run. Both are significantly faster than me, which worked in my favor. The average was 9:09 for a total of 14 miles and we dropped some (well 3) faster miles in there around 8:00-ish pace (+/- a few seconds per mile). When I left Megan x 2? 10:22 for the next mile. #lazymotivated

It was also my longest run since I got injured last October. Crazy, huh?

So, in sum, what you could glean from this post is that I am a lazy, yet motivated person (ie I will run 14 miles but at an all too comfortable pace if left alone) who enjoys monograms, organizing, and pinterest.

I am sure you all were dying to know that.


Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. CCK. I don’t really get pinterest? Maybe because it is blocked at work and I haven’t wanted to take the time outside of work to get into it and it’s super tiny on my phone.

    Running faster means runs are over faster too 🙂 Wouldn’t that be good motivation?

  2. I need to check out this quirky.com website. It sounds like it could be another new obsession to add to my already obsessive list. Pinterest ruins my life at times because I spend so much time on it. Especially now that they released an android app. Yesterday I lost 60 minutes of my life at least.

  3. I read Atlantic-Pacific, too! LOVE IT. My mom is obsessed with Pinterest and has a board set up called “Katie, look at this.”
    Let’s go for a run sometime, and celebrate the fact that we’re both RUNNING!!! 🙂

  4. haha I love that Phoebe quote!! I say it all the time and no one gets it!! I wish I could do any run with someone else these days, but nobody seems to want to get up at 4:30 a.m. with me. boo. My initials are KSH. I am a fan.

  5. I love using my initials (LCT)! My fav monogrammed items right now are my lands end tote bag and pink and white jack rogers sandals. PS thanks for quirky.com, its amazing!

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