You’re supposed to read the title so it sort of sounds like “so awesome.” However, some of you may be confused thinking that CHO refers to sugars/carbohydrates. In that case, the title make sense, too, because carbs are also awesome. Unless you are diabetic.

Anyways, last night I tagged along with Jocelyn to Chobani Soho (Jocelyn was invited by the Chobani people and I thought I’d play the part of yogurt party crasher. We ran into Susan, too!), which is, simply put, a yogurt bar. Their creations all feature the plain 0% Chobani (my favorite, I’m not much for the flavored stuff) and range from sweet to savory to simple. In addition, the menu rotates to feature fruits that are in season.

Pistachio + Dark Chocolate. All mine. Ok, fine, I shared.

I did my duty and I tried them all for you. There wasn’t one I didn’t like, but I think my favorite was the pistachio + dark chocolate (dark chocolate, turkish pistachios, clover honey, oranges, and mint)….well, the peanut butter and jelly was good, too (creamy peanut butter, concord grape jelly, peanuts, grapes)…and, come to think of it, the cucumber creation (cucumber, sea salt, olive oil, mint + pita chips) sort of tasted like tzatziki sauce.

My personal Flat Stanley liked the Chobani store, too. He really liked meeting Gatsby, too. However, they got into a fight over who is more photogenic.

So, see, you can’t go wrong.

If you’re in Soho (Thompson and Prince are cross streets of store), check it out! On a side note, a dude walked into the store and, although officially closed, the head dude gave him a free yogurt for stopping in anyways. Nice people are cool.


Flat Stanley – did you all do this in school?

My Picky Bars wrist band has become “my own personal Flat Stanley” as he (it is a he, I think) makes a good photo muse.

If you didn’t do Flat Stanley in elementary school, here is the gist. Flat Stanley is this character from a book. In the story, Stanley is flattened by a bulletin board in his sleep. However, a plus to this is that he can be mailed in an envelope. At my school, we made our Stanleys and then sent them to someone who then takes Stanley around wherever they live and takes pictures. You then bring the pictures and such back to class to show where your Stanley went.

Make sense? So, now my Picky Bars wrist band goes many places and shows up on my instagram feed quite frequently.

FlatIRON Stanley

Fred Lebow wonders, “Is it really freaking science, dude?”

Flat S shocks Columbus by telling ol’ C that he is flat AND round.

Flat S plays doctor.


Final thing – I ran a race last weekend. Well, sort of raced. It was 80 degrees and 87% humidity, which I consider to be fairly brutal conditions.

I tried to keep my effort level consistent although I knew I’d be slower than the week before considerably. And, that was fine by me. I didn’t feel the need to completely torture myself, risk feeling lightheaded, etc.

To give you a comparison: 5K 7/29 in 22:22 (7:12 avg per mile) vs 5 miles 8/4 in 42:17 (8:27 avg per mile; splits apprx 8:20, 8:20, 8:30, 8:45, 8:12).

Flat Stanley stayed home for this one. He didn’t want to risk having an unflattering photo taken of him.

See? Flat couldn’t risk this. Stuck like glue…my clothes, that is.

Ok, actual final thing, I’m adopting the US gymnast bun and prepping for Rio 2016.

Marta should be calling me soon.

Poor Jordyn and her stress fracture, by the way…


Until next time…









9 thoughts on “CHO-awesome

  1. High fives for Chobani and Flat Stanley/Gatsby!

    I think Chobani should sponsor the burn unit, a lot of us eat it every day…

  2. I am going to that Chobani thing tonight. Sad I wasn’t invited to the same day all of you were there! I have never done a flat stanley. Thanks for sharing the story because I had no idea what it meant! I could see it being fun though. Maybe the your Flat Stanley and Gatsby need a friend…

  3. dude im so lame, ive never heard of flat stanley before but i like how you be repping the picky bars – best prerace fuel out there.

  4. I am confused about the bun situation of the US team. is it a bun? Messy ponytail? Hmmm. I was invited to the Chobani thing but it was past my really lame bedtime so I didn’t go. sadz. it looks delicious. AND, we did not have flat stanley at my school. I’m not sure if that means I’m old or that my school was just lame. haha. But I love your wristband’s adventures..

  5. Gatsby + your pick bar bracelet = best buddies forever.

    I was thinking about you the other day…I’m applying to grad school (and although it’s not nearly as crazy or competitive as med school), I am trying to become more anonymous so I changed my twitter name.

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