PSAs of the Day

My first PSA for today:


Clever cue

I found the above to be a good reminder for myself, so I thought I’d share with you. I’m guilty of thinking about next week, next month, next year, in 10 years. Life is so much easier when you focus on one day at a time, don’t you agree?

My second PSA of the day:


Another friendly reminder…

Yesterday, I went and did a workout with some “big dogs.” Again, I was running simultaneously, yet behind and not as much “running with,” but working out with others pushes me to do more than I think I’m capable of. So, I run behind masters runners, spritely senior citizens, and the like.

The workout was as follows: 1 mile @ 5 mile pace; 400 rec; 4 x 400 @3K pace with 200 rec; 400 rec; 1 mile @5K pace.

I knew my first mile should be around 7:45 +/- a few seconds, but let myself get pulled along by the spritely masters runners to a 7:20. Of course, while I’m pleased with that, there is no way I could run 5 miles at that pace at my current level. And, my ending mile was also 7:20, and though I’m no running guru, I’m pretty sure the point was for the ending mile to be faster than the beginning one.

The middle 400s were between 1:40 – 1:45 if you were curious.

So, I’d give myself a B+/A- — a solid workout for me despite not being able to follow directions. Next time, I need to make a conscious effort not to be pulled along to a faster first mile, but, rather, hold back and make sure there is a larger differential between the first and last mile.

Or, at least, I think that was the point of the workout.

Regardless, running fast in workouts helps you run faster in races (at least I think that’s how it works), so hopefully this will help me.

This story also serves as a reminder to not be afraid to be the worst or slowest one in the group and to get beat by old masters runners in split sports. You gotta start somewhere. One day, I will beat one of those masters runners in split shorts…

A nemesis! One day I will catch up to you! Photo Credit: Split Shorts Running Report

I guess have no shame and no pride as I’m ok with being last (most of the time). However, I like to think of it like this – if I were to play one of these people in tennis, I’d win easily. Why? I have a 12 year and ~1000 match leg up on them, similar to how many runners have more years and miles than I do.

And, remember, if you’re the worst one in the group, the largest improvement benefits go to you.

Or at least this is what I tell myself.

Third PSA of the day:


In a matter of two days, Jordyn Wieber (Olympic gymnast-now-champion, Reigning World All-Around Champion) went from this:

Narrowly missing all-around finals, a competition she could win, despite placing 4th overall in qualifying due to the 2 per country rule.

to this:

Team USA – Olympic Champions!

For those not in the know, Jordyn was the reigning world all-around champion and a favorite to win the Olympic all-around competition. She has been the “it” girl of this quadrennium, the phenom hyped to win it all. Unfortunately, the depth of the US team and a few minor mistakes (missed connections, balance checks) kept Jordyn from qualifying due to the two per country rule.

I’m not sure many would have blamed Jordyn had she had another off day on Tuesday after Sunday’s shocker. However, she came out and performed even better than the preliminary round, sticking her vault and nailing her floor routine.

Bouncing back and rising to the occasion in spite of one of your longtime dreams being shattered a few days prior? That’s a champion. Though she won’t get to compete in the all-around competition, Jordyn is a world-class all around gymnast in physical abilities and attitude.

At least in my book.

[and fyi – she’s giving Aly Raisman, one of the girls who “beat” her,  a big hug in the above picture]

Final PSA of the day:



Aly Raisman upon realizing she made the all around finals.

Most of the media coverage surrounding women’s Olympic gymnastics focused on the dichotomy and supposed rivalry between Jordyn [Wieber] and Gabby Douglas. The comparison reminded many of the 2008 Shawn vs Nastia “rivalry,” and there was even a today show piece on how the all around competition would feature a show down between Jordyn and Gabby.

But, I guess no one told Aly Raisman that.

Aly has been a relatively strong all-arounder this quadrennium, but always a bit weak on bars. In fact, I think Marta Karolyi even told Aly to quit training bars, but Aly persisted that she wanted to be an all-arounder.

Her hard work paid off and she is one of the most consistent gymnasts on Team USA.  And while her feet may be flexed sometimes, I admire her perseverance, hard work, and ability to “tune everyone out,” as they say.

Now, while this post may seem like I have things figured out, I don’t. These PSAs are also PSAs to me. We can all use reminders can’t we?


Mine is McKayla Maroney – I like her spunk. And, man, can she vault!

Ok, fine, last PSA – choose your words wisely and remember people may listen to you more than you think (this constantly surprises me). You never know how someone can interpret what you say or write.

Until next time…

6 thoughts on “PSAs of the Day

  1. My favorite gymnast is Gabby Douglas, I love her smile and positive energy.

    My PSA would be “It’s supposed to be hard.” I sometimes forget that when I’m out doing a temp run, or a new long distance. If it were easy, everyone would do it.

  2. +100 to Jordyn coming back and rocking it during team finals – it says so much about her. Love it. And I love that Aly has persisted so much on bars even though it’s obviously not her strength. She’s great. I have to say McKayla seems pretty spunky, and I love how excited she was after her vault at the team finals.

    Hmm, a PSA. Let’s think – treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

  3. loving those psa’s…and i think i need to reread the follow instructions or maybe even make it “how to actually listen to people when they talk” sometimes i just tune out. 😛 WAY to go for jumping into the big dogs workout and busting it out on the track. hey, pacing is a really hard thing to learn and something we all continually work on….great workout and keep on practicing that patience early on. 🙂

  4. Being in the present moment really helped me in my last marathon! In the expo I went to this cool talk about running with the mind of meditation. The person has a book too which I intend on checking out. Which fast group are you doing speed with??

    My favorite gymnast is either McKayla or Gabby. They both are so happy and bubbly. And obviously great gymnasts…

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