22:22, Palindromic Time

I’m ecstatic I ran 22:22 for a 5K because its a palindrome. Like the name Anna. Or the sequences in DNA that are cut by restriction enzymes.

Let’s give it up for the palindromic sequence!

The first mile I ran in 7:13. After that, I forgot to split my watch, although I’m fairly certain my 2nd mile was my slowest.

The 2nd mile of a 5K is hard for me. I tend to let down, somewhat like letting down in the 2nd set of a tennis match after winning the first and before you know it, you’re down 3-0 and in a hole. I tend to feel like quitting in this mile and sorry, Lauren, but thinking of a lion unfortunately made me think of a big lion sleeping peacefully on a rock in the sun at the zoo.

Ahh, this is the life!

So, it appears I have something to work on. 2nd mile. Visual cue. Something to keep me focused.

I went to Philz Coffee and Arizmendi Bakery after the race, two places I highly recommend you go if in San Francisco. Because PR really means “pastry run,” right?

Flat Stanley also ran the 5K and says he, too, is joining the #5krevolution.

On that note, here are some of my favorites from my time in the Bay Area.

Coffee: Philz Coffee, Jacob’s Wonderbar Blend, to be specific, I bought a lb to bring home with me, now I just need to buy a coffee maker…and a cup to put the coffee in

Restaurant(s): Sprout and Lyfe Kitchen, both in Palo Alto

Ice Cream: Bi-Rite Creamery, SF

Cake: The Prolific Oven, get the chocolate on chocolate cake

Run: Skyline Trail, off King’s Mountain Road, Woodside + Lake Lag at Stanford (which is a lake that has no water in it)

Bakery: Arizmendi Bakery, SF, get the Wolverine Roll and/or fresh fruit scone

I’m very sad to leave Palo Alto. I miss it already. And, I’m only at the airport.


Until next time…






10 thoughts on “22:22, Palindromic Time

  1. I’m a HUGE fan of Philz, we have one near my place in San Jose. I haven’t had that blend yet so I’ll get it next time. Great job on the 5K today, safe travels back. Oh, and I love that you mentioned Restriction Enzymes, that cracks me up (and brings back many memories of the lab too.)

  2. Congrats on the PR! Love the time!

    My second mile used to always be my slowest as well, now I run “fairly even” splits. In fact, when I ran my PR 5k last year, I ran the second mile the fastest by approximately 15 seconds! One thing I try to do is pretend I’m starting the race all over again after I hit the mile mark. So I pick it up, you know, do a surge, just like I would at the start of a race. It not only gives me confidence but gets me back in a quick rhythm and automatically shaves a few seconds off. I don’t change anything about my first mile though and I don’t think about picking it up until I hit the mile mark. Yes, this might seem like it takes a lot of thinking but it actually involves clearing the mind and NOT thinking until I hit the 1-mile mark (at least for me!)

  3. Yay Phillz! Glad you found your way there. And I really miss Prolific Oven cake, which we had for every single coworker’s birthday (or any other excuse we could think of) back when I worked in Palo Alto. I approve of your Bay Area dining choices!

  4. Nice race!! Thanks for the recommendations – my husband and I plan to visit the bay area sometime this year – will have to keep it in mind.
    Also love the PickyBar wristband!!
    I’m a Philly girl – so my fave coffee is Wawa 🙂

  5. hooray, congrats, Meggie!! And yay for 2’s! That’s my favorite number and I always think lots of 2’s are good luck. Hmmm favorite coffee….fairway blend? that’s kind of lame… I like Peet’s too!

  6. Congrats on the PR!

    Favorite coffee…right now I’m partial to Starbucks Blonde Roast and I love that the ground coffee is actually pretty cheap at my local supermarket. My college campus used to have some great coffee shops, too…God, I miss grabbing a large southern pecan coffee before class at Kobricks cafe!

  7. yay for PR’s!!! awesome job!! 🙂 and i think that 2 was lucky for the day…hehe. but yea, the middle of a race is always the hardest part…the excitement of the first mile has worn off and u’re not close enough to ‘taste’ the finish yet. 😛

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