Running With the Big Dogs

I ran with New Balance Silicon Valley tonight. Unfortunately for my reputation, I have no shame and don’t mind running with people much better than me. Okay, running with is somewhat of a strong term; to be more accurate, I was running behind yet simultaneously with NBSV.

Apparently, hippos can chase people. That’s frightening.

I actually enjoy trying to keep up with the big dogs and thoroughly enjoy the added benefit of getting faster. I think a mixed group benefits the weakest person the most and I am happy to step in and play the role of slowest person in the group. I do it quite well.

We did 10 x 2 min on (5Kish pace), 90 sec off and I knew I was in trouble when the girls I was running simultaneously, yet behind with starting speaking about 400 min times in seconds, rather than minutes like I do.

Despite my lack of speed, the girls were a kind and welcoming group and always circled back around to jog with me on recoveries. Super nice. Super cool. If this weren’t my last week at Stanford, I would definitely be back! I’m sad I didn’t find out about this group earlier.

One thing I forgot to mention in my short stories…I ate dinner at Google!

Google bikes!

Paulette and I had a Oiselle meet-up, tweet-up, IRL encounter….whatever the cool kids are calling it these days. She works at Google and so kindly offered to let me dine with the Google-sters.

We also unknowingly wore the same outfit – Oiselle Simplicity tank and Roga shorts – the running outfit of champions!

The food at Google is fantastic. AND, they have a bus system that takes people to and from different part of the Bay Area so you don’t have to drive! And, they have a gym! And on of those infinity treadmill pool thingies! And Google bikes! And office near a park! And they find Harry Potter amusing!

This is in the Google gym aka GFit.

Here are things I need Larry and Sergey to do: 1) design an electronic medical record that is as awesome as GMail; 2) build a Google Hospital that has same amenities as Google; 3) hire me to work at said hospital.

FYI L-train and Sergie, I saw an empty lot next to the GooglePlex – perfect for a hospital. Make it happen.


Until next time…



10 thoughts on “Running With the Big Dogs

  1. iPhone for me. Never had an Android. I enjoy running with people who are faster than me too. The biggest improvement in running I’ve ever had was when I spent an entire summer in high school bringing up the rear in a group of college runners. My goal each day was to stay with them long enough not to get lost on the route for the day.

  2. I ate lunch at the NYC office, and could not believe the many differnet food stations they had in their “cafeteria” Burrito bar, vegetarion, vegan, homestyle, sandwiches, regular salad bar, dessert bar etc etc… I did not see any alcohol, but there was a sign on the exit door reminding to not take your alcoholic beverages out of the cafe. There weren’t any bikes there, but a lots of razor scooters. Nap rooms… the list of fun is nearly endless.

    That is why I use Android and always will.

    And you only improve if you get pushed by someone better than you

  3. Haha, I TOTALLY was brining up the back of the pack with the Oiselle group run last week and identify with this 🙂 I have an android and LOVE it. Had it for over a year and NO issues, seems I can’t say the same for friends with iphones. BTW, there’s a Google campus here in the Seattle ‘burbs. Just sayin’…

  4. good for you running with those guys!! I would have wimped out and admired them from afar. Google sounds amazing. I’ve been reading about the sports dietitians at the US Olympic Training Center…. THAT sounds like my dream job, for sure.

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