More Short Stories

Had my day off plans not been thwarted by what appears to be viral gastroenteritis, I wouldn’t have been able to write this post. However, seeing as I’m holed up in bed forcing some pedialyte down me and deciding whether or not I want to take dramamine (side effect: drowsiness), I have a hot sec to write a little something for my loyal contingent of readers who I am sure were so worried as to why I had not written anything as of late. I know everyone was dying to read some crazy thinks.

Anyways, here goes:


So, the 10K I ran ended up being the Miles for Migraines 8.7K or 8.9K or something like that. The exact distance depended upon whose Garmin you asked – I think it was around 5.5 or 5.7 miles. It didn’t really matter much to me. I more wanted something to motivate me to put in a hard effort. Sometimes after a long day at work, which can be emotionally tiring particularly when you are trying to impress on an away elective, I can’t muster up the energy to put in 100% of what I usually could. While it is my 100% for that day and considering the circumstances, the times are often slower and I lack that ability to get myself to that “omg this is way uncomfortable” state.

Here comes the sun…in my eyes.

It was an interesting race experience in that there were no mile markers (and I wasn’t wearing a Garmin; never do in races) so I had no external feedback on how fast or slow I was going. It was actually kind of a fun game to rely solely on your body’s internal signals; I guess I’d call it a game of “How Well Do You Know Yourself?” or something akin to one of those trust fall exercises. I had to trust that the amount at which I pushed myself was appropriate.

I ended up running something like 5.5 or 5.7 miles in 42:26, which at best would be 7:27  average pace and at worst 7:43 average pace. Sounds good to me. Go, self.

Genes – my grandfather, who ran for Emory Track and Field back in the day — cool pic, huh? This isn’t even instagrammed. #nofilter

One final thing – seeing as this was a small race, I was up in the front group of girls. Turns out, the competitive fire is still there. At one point, I remember seeing some girl not looking so good and thinking “ha! I got her! poker face – don’t let her see you sweat.”

Seriously, self? Stop it.


It would’ve made a “What’s Up Wednesday” if I had time to do that. It’s beating out the Starbuck’s Blonde Roast…

Unrelated instagram photo “50 Shades of Grey” brought to you buy grey work dress from Madewell + chilly evening Palo Alto weather forcing my to put on a sweatshirt and sweatpants…


In concordance with my current nature flow, before graduation (I have the month of April free), I thought it might be fun to explore some places in the US I’ve never been to. This, however, requires means for travel and travel buddies, neither of which I have…yet…

Unrelated instagram photo titled “Seeing the Forest for the Trees” — can you spot my Flat Stanley? (Picky Bars wristband)


I took call on labor and delivery yesterday, which happened to fun despite no deliveries! I actually had a surprising amount of energy after being there for 13 hours – went for a 40 min run after (usually, I’m very tired). I knew I was going to be on all day Saturday so last week I made it  my priority to get presentations and such for this week done. Why? Well, I wanted to go to Santa Cruz today to, first, cheer on RC and RCF at Wharf to Wharf and then follow it up with this run:

I mean, does it get any better? Beach to river to waterfall and back?!

Nature is beautiful.

Unfortunately, my body had other ideas as I woke up around 4 am with nausea, vomiting (x3), diarrhea (x2), and some subjective chills although I seriously doubt I have a fever.

Seems like I have viral gastroenteritis – AWESOME!

I was hoping after cleansing my stomach and bowels of seemingly everything I ate in the past few days that I would be good to go by 7 am. As much as I tried to muster up the energy and pretend I wasn’t nauseous, it was pretty apparent by the fact that I sat in the bathroom from 7-7:45 am that a day trip and long run might not be the best idea.

So, sure I’m bummed and even texted a real Doctor (Dr. Lesko in the house!) to confirm that I wasn’t “being a baby” and that “I should probably stay home and drink fluids.” Confirmed and reminder that “I have plenty of long runs in my future.”

Flat Stanley plays doctor…

So, here is my current dilemma. I am working 24 hours Thursday then am done! I have Friday off, but will probably want to sleep. I also have Saturday off. I am running the SF 5K on Sunday. I’m contemplating possibly sabotaging my 5K and doing this run/hike (12 miles) on Saturday. I’ll still try to race the 5K, it may just be on tired legs and it may not be a stellar time.

Hmm, what do the masses think? Rest and go for the 5K or hike and still run 5K, but probably not with fresh legs.



Until next time…




10 thoughts on “More Short Stories

  1. I had gastroenteritis three times this school year – fun! The first time I was at school and almost passed out in class – then it got it’s vengeance on me again a week later. Then I got it again in the spring! Seriously – not fun. I feel your pain. Also, had you gone to Wharf-to-Wharf you might have unknowingly bumped into my brother, as my sister-in-law was running it today too! Hope you feel better!

  2. There are lots of 5Ks…I’d take the hike while you are here! It looks fun and I’m glad you shared it. Now it’s in my to do list too. I love that you found your competitive fire and were in the front pack, that’s awesome! Hope you feel better soon. Last, I love flat Stanley. Hope to hear more on how he got named.

  3. What time do you finish on Thursday? Is it possible to sleep a few hours, hike on Friday and sleep more on Saturday? Wharf to Wharf was the first big race I had ever run. I had never been in a race with more than 150 runners. Good luck to your RC!

  4. Hike and run the 5K! How many opportunities are you going to have to hike there? Not many, right? Live it up. I bet you’ll still have a great 5K thanks to all that forced resting (sort of?). Hope you’re feeling better and on the mend now!

  5. Hope you’re feeling better! Mt. Washington in NH is my favorite hike ever, and there are tons of great hikes in VT as well. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do a road race up Mt. Washington and hike down. Seeing that it was an intense hike, I can’t imagine running up it.

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