Short Stories

During the week, I often have fodder for blog posts, but no time nor energy to write them. Thus, I’ve compiled a few non-GYN thinks I’ve thought about this week and am sharing them in short version. You can read one each night like a bedtime story or something.

If you’d like to hear about GYN thinks, then let me know. I can tell you all about pap smears, ovarian cysts, birth control…

Warning: most of these are stream of consciousness and not edited for repetitiveness, grammar, or spelling. Sorry.


The title of this comes from that song “Friends in Low Places.” I do not have friends in low places. I’m not even sure what Garth Brooks meant by “low places.” Did he mean depressed, down and out, recently fired from job, or the like?

I don’t know, but I like have friends in different places. I don’t necessarily mean location, but mean “not in medical school.”

Med school friends, if you’re reading this, I like you, too. A lot. It’s not you. It’s me.

I just like to have friends outside of the realm of what I do. It helps me forget that I’m in medical school. And, I like that escape.

So, it was nice to meet up with Kate, who commented on my blog giving me the ins and outs of Palo Alto. Nice to forget what happened during the day and talk about jaw surgery (she just had jaw surgery), the all too idyllic nature of the Bay Area, running, etc.

So, while I love the camaraderie I share with my med school friends (no one else quite “gets it” like those who go through it), I like my non-medicine friends, too.

What’s that thing you learn in kindergarten? Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold? Yes, I think that applies here. Or something like that.


If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ll know that I think probably too much about running, particularly the mental and emotional side of it. Ok, and the physical side. I also probably think too much about nail polish colors, but that is neither here nor there.

Anyways, on Tuesday, I was pretty excited to run. I was supposed to do a tempo for 30 min (plus warm up and cool down). If you know me, I usually spend a few days having a nervous breakdown over tempos.

But, no, I was pretty stoked for this one. I sometimes get a high off of being able to run after a long work day thinking something like, “HAH! 12 hour day! You didn’t get me! I still can run today! Booyah!”

I did my tempo around the fake lake here at Stanford. It is fake as it has no water in it.

I felt fantastic, but couldn’t quite give that “extra” push. Couldn’t get myself to give 100%. I was sort of stuck at giving 70%. But, it felt free, fast, and fun. It felt great, like just what I needed after a long day – a fantastic mind clearing run where I processed everything that went on that day.

My splits weren’t all that great, for me: 8:44, 8:36, 8:10, 8:02 for the last half mile or 3/4 of a mile or whatever it was.

Weirdly, I wasn’t bothered by it. I can best describe it as “unable to amount an emotional response.” It wasn’t my best effort, and usually that really bothers me. But, it was a really enjoyable run and all I felt like giving after  a long day on my feet.

I don’t know, it just felt like I had drained a good portion of my emotional energy into my day at work and while I had the physical energy to run, I didn’t quite have enough of some sort of energy to give a 100% effort.

Someone once told me analogy that you only have a certain pool of energy and there are many things in your life that pull from the pool of energy (homonyms, what what!). I guess reintegrating into life as a real (not researching) medical student is taking most of my emotional energy, leaving some physical energy for running, but not enough to make myself run so fast I feel like I may throw up or “amount an emotional response to complacency.”

Then, I got stressed out that I wasn’t upset over this run.

Ahh, running, you’re so weird.

PS – Running a race tomorrow. 10k. Kind of curious as to how it goes. Will I care or be complacent? Will I get upset if the latter? We’ll see when that gun goes off…


That is the question…


Here are some of my recent faves I’ve taken:

“Up Close and Personal” (I almost titled this “Up Close and Personal Jesus”)

Palm Drive

Good morning, Claw.

Good evening, Claw.



I’m not really sure what I can draw confidence from for tomorrow’s race. I keep telling myself I’m well rested from not running as much, have been able to run tired after work, that I’m strong, that I’m capable.

I know affirmations work, but they sometimes they still feel like lies. Like I’m faking myself into thinking I’m strong, fast, and capable when really I’m not.


Anyone else?


For Oiselle. I like this post so I thought I’d share the link. You can read if your heart so desires.

That is all for now.


Wow, what a psychiatric visit question – “how do you feel about that?” 😉

Until next time…

13 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. I have twitter as you know. I like it mostly. Can get overwhelming to keep up with everything. I use it to track news, famous athletes and the Oiselle stuff. With twitter and all social media you only see certain parts of people’s lives, usually the best, so it sets up a strange sense of reality. But overall like it.

  2. I have Twitter and use it to stay in touch w friends since I don’t use facebook. Also, it’s interesting to see the personal side of world class athletes and celebs. And other random but funny people like you since I can feel a better sense of camaraderie with the common struggles of us less than elite athletes… No offense meant 😉

  3. I got twitter a few years ago, used it for a while and then forgot about it. Now that I have a blog and read blogs I use twitter again. It’s pretty surreal for me – hardly anyone I know actually uses it so I only really follow famous people, or other bloggers (who pretty much all live in the US)

    I like keeping up to date with current events through it, and read about running/races in different places, but I don’t think it adds much quality to my life.

  4. Love this post! Sometimes I feel like it’s a blessing to just run without emotion. It doesn’t happen very often but when it does, it tends to feel a little lighter – physically and mentally. Hope you had a great race!

  5. I think that it is great that you have such a vast group of friends- it makes you well rounded. You can’t always hang out out with friends from school and/or work. I have my work friends, college friends, running friends, etc. 🙂

    I have twitter and instagram, but seriously it is almost social networking overload. I can’t keep up with everything! I love following your photos on instagram because they are always so good! Keep posting your pics. 🙂

  6. Many shared sentiments with your short stories 🙂

    I am anti-twitter. To me it seems like the antithesis of a blog post. Twitter vs blog feels like CNN vs Newsweek. I’d much rather have a 360 degree understanding of an event written by someone who has thought about it and done some research than read a 140 character string of text that looks like it was written by a 5 year old and barely tells me what happened.

    I love having a diverse group of friends. Sometimes I need a certain energy that I can only find from that one friend who has it. Other times I just want to be around someone who knows me well enough that I don’t have to explain myself in depth for him or her to know wtf I am talking about.

  7. I was nail polish shopping in Ulta today thinking “What would Meggie do?” when they didn’t have Essie Turquoise and Caicos. But I ended up finding a darker shade I liked better by another brand (China Glaze) and got a gold Essie color, “Shifting Power.”

    Ahhh why would you get rid of Twitter???

  8. I’d be interested to hear some GYN thinks! I know what you mean about having non-med school friends. I like my RD friends a lot and love that they “get it,” but it’s definitely refreshing to have friends outside of the field too. Something my “RC” told me today – you have to actually believe in your goals and your affirmations. And I think doing that is most of the battle, and makes saying them to yourself actually work. you know? I think you’re faster, stronger and awesomer than you seem to think right now! Hope the race went well!

  9. I have a twitter, but I am just not ‘that connected’ to keep up with it. My account sits pretty dormant….And how come every time I read a post of yours I have the urge to paint my nails?! Haha:-)

  10. I like Twitter a little too much, but I’m sorta new to Twitter too and only started using it in the fall. Some days I tweet too much, other days I don’t do much at all. You could always keep it just to have when you are bored!

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