Paradise Found

City running is for the birds. You may have to slow down and watch your step a bit more, but this “nature running” thing is pretty cool.

Today’s instagram deluge of photos is brought to you by the letter “H,” for Huddart Park, and the number 90, for the minutes I ran (and also walked another 30 min upon getting a bit turned around on a trail).

Paradise Found

Picture perfect weather, too.

Bridge to somewhere…

Break for the hip and back…

My Picky Bars wristband has become my own, personal Flat Stanley.

Up and up and up


Next time, I’m going to bring water, a map, and sustenance.

Step 2 in the nature running initiation process I believe is icing in a creek. So, finding a suitable creek is going on the Silicon Valley Check-list.

On a separate note, it seems I’m going to need to hire an in-house acupuncturist and chiropractor one day. A few weeks without a session and I’m completely out of whack again. Since last Monday, about 30 min into a run, I start getting hip pain (outer, near greater trochanter if I had to pick a landmark), lower pack pain (pulling feeling), and adductor pain. Nothing crazy, not to painful, but it won’t go away.

The kind people over at SMI were willing to work me in at the end of a day on a weekend for an adjustment. Hopefully, they can crack me into shape. I was told my glute medius, piriformis, and QL were “really tight” – different state, same problem.

I keep thinking maybe I should take a week off, but the running weather and scenery here is too good to pass up. So, I’ve taken some walk breaks and, hopefully, things will just resolve themselves.

Because, that’s how it works, right? Ignore and it will go away. I’m sure I’ll be eating my words in a few weeks, but hopefully not. I have trails and 5Ks to conquer!


PS – Today was the Boilermaker, my favorite race! I hope everyone got two popsicles at mile 5.

PPS – Go congratulate @jessemthomas on his 2nd place today. He passed a lot of people on the run, or something really cool like that.


9 thoughts on “Paradise Found

  1. I don’t think it is safe to explore new trails or areas alone…can’t you find a friend or two to go along? Do you know if that is a fairly crime free park?

  2. Great pictures of your fun and scenic run. I like to run on trails, but since I am not very coordinated I fall alot. Haha. I actually broke a garmin falling during a trail run. So not cool!
    I swear by my chiropractor. I think that they are amzazing and I always feel a million times better after having an appointment.

  3. loving these nature photos….I took like 200 nature photos in west virginia this past weekend. of course I got in lots of people photos too, but I’m getting a lot more into scenery than I used to be.

    The key to 5:30am runs = going to bed SUPER early and then realizing how much energy and time you have left for your day after you’re already done with exercise and such by 6:30am. It’s still fun for now, we’ll see how long this lasts…!

  4. hahaha I love your personal flat stanley in the form of a picky bar wristband. Perfect. Such pretty photos – so glad you’re able to enjoy that stuff out there!

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