Lost, But Found

Took a wrong turn. Went up a mountain. Ended up here:

There are worse places to get lost.

Wrong turn was taken on La Honda road. Once you turn onto it, you are kind of committed to going up said mountain. Thankfully, I had no where to be anytime soon, but I did panic a little has I was low on gas (sorry, Dad. I know, poor planning).

I’m not a total unnature type — I used to go to camp every summer for a month and I’m originally from TN. But, I guess, after living in NYC for 8 years, I consider myself a New Yorker and nature deprived.

So, today was a nice change. I kind of like the running on a mountain trail thing. No need for iPods or Garmins.

It was probably evident that I was the token tourist by sounding like that dude from the double rainbow movie being like “oh, wow!!! trees! ferns! flowers! scenery! what does this mean?!?'”

Anyways, here are the pics I took. Ran on the appropriately named “Lost” trial at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve.

Not too shabby

Forest…for me

What is this? A trail? What is that?

I could get used to running here.

Mine! All mine!


Look, Mom! I made a friend!

Thought the color contrast was cool.


View to the West…

I’m gonna get lost more often…


Unrelated, but go wish @jessemthomas good luck – he races in Portland tomorrow.

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Lost, But Found

  1. Big Sur Marathon next year??? You full….me half?? We will finish about the same time. Then a few days in Napa???

  2. Trails & mountains – beautiful! I never get sick of the bikepath running next to the lake I live by. It has everything I want when running – beautiful views, parks with water, and plenty of runners/bikers/rollerbladers to watch.

  3. Cool! My favorite runs have all been in the mountains: in the Swiss Alps, in Font Romeu, in and around Banyuls (on the French coast, right down near the border with Spain. Go there. You won’t regret it).

  4. so pretty! Love it there and want to go back so badly! The coolest place I’ve run was either to and across the golden gate bridge or along the river liffey in dublin. both so awesome. keep up the adventurous runs!

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