Silicon Valley Checklist

1. Find Google and Facebook HQ. Ask the employees if they can explain technology to me and if they get bored of using their respective companies.

1b. Take pictures of android statues at Google HQ.

2. Figure out a way to get Soul Cycle and Just Salad out here. Maybe Zuckerberg would be into Soul Cycle.

3. Figure out what the Enchanted Broccoli Forest is.

4. Make friends.

5. Find a chiropractor.

6. Stop eating at Whole Foods every night. Must branch out.

7.  Find the ocean.

8. Figure out why there is no water in the lake at Stanford.

9. Find a chiropractor. Or massage therapist. Or acupuncturist. Or physical therapist. Or someone to make me not feel old. And someone who works on weekends.

10. Find naturey places to run. Do not take phone. Ok, maybe, for instagram opportunities and safety.

10b. Figure out if can get into Palo Alto Foothills Park even though “you must prove residence.” What is this…Gramercy Park?



9 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Checklist

  1. Re: Just Salad – you want Sprout, on University Ave. Coupa Cafe also has good salads, and a lot of other good stuff, too.

    Re: someone to make you not feel old – Sports Medicine Institute, right off of Cal Ave. Anna’s my massage therapist, but they’re all good. She occasionally does work weekends, I think, although I’ve only ever seen her during the week…

    Re: spinning classes – the Stanford gym has them. I think there’s a couple of other places in town, too.

    The Enchanted Broccoli Forest is a student house at Stanford 🙂

    They put water in the lake once a year to save the salamanders. I’m not joking.

    The ocean is to the west…go north on 280 and west on 92.

    You can get into Foothills if you go with someone who has a Palo Alto driver’s license. But if you just want somewhere to run there are loads of other good places. Rancho San Antonio is nice…Huddart Park and Windy Hill are nice…the Sawyer Camp Trail by Crystal Springs Reservoir is nice. That last one is flat, everywhere else here is hilly.

    How long are you here for? 🙂

    • This is why the internet is wonderful! I post this stuff and my questions get magically answered. I’m a little upset the enchanted broccoli forest isn’t something cooler. Like, an enchanted forest.

      I will check out those parks this weekend. Or maybe I won’t in case any stalker rapists are reading this.

      Here til July 29th!

      • My pleasure…I’ve been here, yikes, like 6 years now, I guess I ought to know some stuff about the place 🙂 Stalker rapists seem to be in the minority, especially if you go somewhere like Crystal Springs, you’re more likely to see young yuppie families with really expensive jogging strollers. Email me or something if you need more info or someone to show you around!

  2. I can’t magically answer any of these questions. But I think you should bring your phone running to document said nature and scare away the mountain lions.

  3. Unfortunately I can’t answer any of your questions or be of any help. I do hope that you take lots of pictures and that you can find a good massage therapist or chirpractor. Hope that you are having fun chica! 🙂

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