#totallytrials x 2 and Stanford = Mary Poppins of College Campuses

That’s right – Stanford’s campus is like the Mary Poppins of college campuses – it is practically perfect in every way. While I’ve only been here 3 days total, it has been 75 degrees and sunny with a hint of eucalyptus and honeysuckle in the air. I even saw a homeless guy helping a dude in a Lexus parallel park. Palm Drive looks like I’m driving up to a resort rather than a college campus.

The west coast has also really brought out the instagram artist in me.

I guess I’m too used to NYC where we pile our trash on the streets.

Don’t get my wrong. There is no place like NYC. But, it doesn’t smell quite as nice as Stanford.

The running here ain’t too shabby either.For my long run yesterday, I did campus loop to the dish loop and back. The dish loop is worth the climb up a giant hill for the views (basically, you run up a hill forever and then down a hill for a while). I swear I could see all the way to San Francisco and I’m sad to report my first thought was, “Oh no! I wish I had my phone! Perfect instagram artist opportunity!”

If I run here, I automatically get faster right?

There were warnings for mountain lions and coyotes with instructions of “if attacked – fight back!” So, I guess everywhere has its dangers.

Moving on to #totallytrials x 2, I had the good fortune of going to both the track and field trials as well as women’s gymnastics.

A whole blog could be devoted to how fantastic my time in Eugene with Oiselle was so maybe I’ll hold off on giving you all of the deets. It was fantastic hanging with such fit, fun, and fabulous girls. I want to move to Seattle just to be with “the birds” more often. I’d take the rain for their sunshine and bright spirits any day.

From the fashion show, I have my eye on basically the entire collection, particularly the new diamond Rogas and the yellow striped shirt with the pink birds on the back. And the party was probably the best Eugene has seen since…ever. MC and Booby Hammer have full permission to come perform at any party I throw, as long as they bring Alysia Montano. That girl can run. That girl can rap.

Me, Alysia, and my sweet farmer’s tan.

The gymnastics trials were awesome, too. It was a good competition with, it seems, the only falls coming from the WOGA girls, Nastia and Rebecca. Nastia got a standing ovation, which was moving. No one makes gymnastics look more beautiful than Nastia and the fact that she struggles with her bar routine now shows just how good she was in 2008.

Now, I’m freaking out a bit too much to keep writing – I feel like I need to read something related to OB/GYN or go to bed early so I can be bright and chipper tomorrow. Because 8:30 pm is a reasonable time to go to bed.

So, I’ll tell you more about the trials later, when my schedule permits. Sit tight. Don’t get too anxious – I know you’re dying to hear all about it.

And, if I don’t report back, send someone to make sure I haven’t been eaten by a mountain lion.


Until next time…


6 thoughts on “#totallytrials x 2 and Stanford = Mary Poppins of College Campuses

  1. You are quite the little jet setter! I am super jealous you got to watch the gymnastics trials, but even more jealous about the track and field trials. I wanted to go sooooooo bad! I have been seeing tons of pictures and it looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Glad that you got to go. 🙂

  2. I miss you already.

    Jeff had some adventures in Palo Alto as far as animals were concerned so yes, be cautious! He had one particularly scary run-in with a snake. I’m so reassuring!

  3. I love that you went to the dish – that’s something my hubby and I keep meaning to do but haven’t yet. Maybe this weekend! We’ve done the trails from Arastradero that give you views of the dish and though, how do we get there?? Can’t wait to read more #totallytrials recaps!

    Also Jen’s right – we see tons of snakes running on the trails in the Bay Area.

  4. Oh my WOW! Sounds like a dream trip!! All that Trials action and also Stanford. I love that part of California and that campus and town is so PERFECT. I was there several years ago on a business trip and it was during marathon training and I was in heaven running around there. I just remember thinking I wanted to move there. I wish it weren’t so FAR from where all my family is or we’d move there in a heartbeat! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  5. how do you “fight back” with a mountain lion???? be careful and take your phone next time because I want pictures to live vicarious. It’s so gorgeous out there. I’m going to miss Nastia – her gymnastics was in a class of it’s own. You’re so lucky you got to experience so much of the OTs! More pics plz.

  6. The track & field trials were great. I would have to say my favorite race was the men’s 1500 final. We also visited the Nike campus in Beaverton. That place is beautiful. It was tough to leave Oregon and come back to the heat of NYC.

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