What’s Up Wednesday

First things first – the winner of the Oiselle “Start to Finish” is LAUREN of RunYogaRepEAT!

I put all of your names on an Excel spreadsheet and then used a random number generator. I really want someone to teach me how to really use Excel one day. I hear it does cool tricks. And, Lauren, I just sent you an email.

Also, currently having palpitations about how to get to the Oakland airport from Palo Alto – WHY IS THE BAY AREA SO BIG? What do people do without cabs and such everywhere? Any of you Bay Area-ers out there, I may need to ask you all some questions.

Anyways, let’s get started for the week.


Although I follow gymnastics every year, meaning not just an Olympic year, the Olympic year in gymnastics is pretty exciting and there is a lot more media coverage. This means I can spend a lot of spare time watching videos on Gymnastike and NBCOlympics.com.

With only 5 girls making the team this year, it’s going to be very tough. My prediction is: Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney. Alt: Elizabeth Price

Could also be on the All-Around podium at the Olympics…

And, let’s not forget the men! They are deep this quadrennium and got a bronze in Beijing. If you’ve never watched the footage of when both Justin Spring (triple back) and Jonathan Horton (triple twist double layout, I think) stick their dismounts COLD in team finals, you must immediately watch them (below).

Incredible. Sasha Artemev also had a clutch pommel horse routine in that final to seal the deal. Go youtube that, too.


Rocking party. Thanks for the invite.

Cosby had a subway themed cake and a concert with Laurie Berkner, whose songs, I fear, are far too catchy seeing as “Shake Your Body Down” and “We are the Dinosaurs” have been stuck in my head.


Post-run, pre-run, evening snack. I’m into those Edy’s All Fruit bars.

I admit it, sometimes I have two…


Love all of the flavors and love that it has less sodium.

Have always wanted to put nuun into seltzer, but afraid it might explode.


If you’ve followed the tempo saga, you’ll know that the word sends me into orbit. I think if someone offered me “tempo ice cream,” I’d refuse.

So, my friend Jon told me to rename it or think of it as something else. We came upon “T$,” so I can say to myself “just an easy T$” run.

And, you know what? It worked. I had a successful 4 mile T$ run during which I did NOT stop. If you’ve followed the saga, you’d know that a 4 mile tempo usually has about 3 stops for me.

A few things I did today to turn it around:

A. Started out slower – aimed for 8:15 pace rather than 8 min, but first mile had to be closer to 8:30; I always aim for 8 min, usually go under the first mile, the pace feels hard, I feel frustrated – I decided that I wanted to stop making the same mistake so I was going to try to run at a pace where I felt I could do one more mile

B. Changed the name

C. Changed the goal – a lot of times in my workouts, I’m trying to be awesome, to hit a grand slam. So, I told myself, “Meggie, today just be good, go get a base hit.” A lot of base hits will had up to something awesome, whereas one grand slam, but a majority of strike outs doesn’t.

Oh, my splits were 8:24, 8:18, 8:11, 8:12. I’d say a base hit. No grand slam for sure, but a base hit and NO STOPS.

I figured I needed to start somewhere with a continuous T$ run if I was ever going to reap the benefits of T$ work. Keep getting base hits for a while and maybe in a few months, I’ll hit a grand slam.


Until next time!


14 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. Hit me with your Bay Area questions anytime. The transit question you raise is, as you’ve guessed, a pain in the ass, but it’s doable (Caltrain -> BART -> AirBART is probably best). We do have cabs, though, too … just expensive ones that are never there when you need them.

    Don’t suppose you’ll be in the Bay Area in time to hit the gymnastics trials in San Jose??

  2. +100 to your U.S. team prediction. I’ll be so mad if it’s any other way. Nice work with the T$ – maybe all it needed was a name change! Love that little guy had a subway cake. So cute.

    Also, thank you for introducing me to the oooey gooey deliciousness of Insomnia Cookies – that cookie was insane. Glad we got to hang!

  3. I am SO pumped about the Olympics. I saw a Visa commercial showing a track runner last night (with soothing voiceover by Morgan Freeman) and I watched these videos this morning. I cannot even explain how excited I am. I just keep chanting “USA USA USA” whenever someone brings up the Olympics. That’s totally appropriate, right?

    And great job on the t$ run! They are always so challenging, mentally as well as physically. Way to get it done, proudly!!

  4. Hi Meggie — I was at brunch last week after the NYRR Mini 10k and found your blog!

    Also so pumped for the Olympics… I, also, think Wieber, Raisman (met her, very cute but stoic… did you read the recent AP article about her consistency?), Douglas and Maroney. But what about Sabrina Vega? Or some of the vets, like Alicia Sacramone (my favorite) or Nastia Liukin? I think one vet will at least be an alternate… I’d like to see it. Either way, I’m really looking forward to Trials at the end of the month!

  5. You are so lucky to be going to both the track and gymnastics trials!! Jealous. I want to hear EVERYTHING about both! I wish I were spending a month in California too…

    Good to catch up and I guess joining you on and T$ runs will have to wait until you get back!

  6. okay, i always have wished i could be a gymnast…too bad i can’t touch my toes and pretty sure the beam has death written all over it for me! 😉 that said YES!!! u eclipsed that three mile tempo barrier!!! reading that just made my night…keep it up girl…i knew u could do it!

  7. Ha ha, I love the T$ nickname. And I love that you used all that baseball jargon to think about your T$ runs! Baseball is my favorite sport other than running. I should definitely start referring to good runs as base hits and excellent runs as grand slams.

  8. I need to try the new nuun. I have the water flavor stuff in cucumber, and it just tastes a little weird. It sounds like we have the same struggles in tempo running. I used to run bad-ass all out and then die 1.5 miles in and do an awesome job of positive splitting. Last week I did what you did, and steady, and feeling like a clever runner. Ha!

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