Track Party

I’m pretty sure this is what Miley Cyrus was singing about when she rocked “Party in the USA” in ’09.

Be “1” with the track

Actually being one with the track…best way to absorb all the speed, so I hear.

Someone offered to take this picture of us on the cooldown. Must have felt sorry for us having a cool down photo shoot taking pictures of only one person…

BUT, take THAT, ridiculously photogenic runner dude.

Oh yeah, if you’re wondering why I’m wearing compression socks, it is because the pros do it and they run very fast. I figure it can’t hurt.

Looks who is wearing compression socks and look who is winning…

[photo credit]

If you’re wondering, my track party workout was the following: 1 mi at HM pace; 1200 at 10K pace; 800 at 10K pace; 400 at 5K pace.

I wrote the times this would correlate to on my hand in an effort to do the workout correctly/not forget them.

Or at least what I guesstimated my half marathon, 10k, and 5k paces would be.

Thanks to the lack of heat and humidity,the fact that the workout was shorter than usual (I guess), and that I took the weekend off (at a wedding!) it went really well. 7:38 for a mile, 5:36 for 1200, 3:38 for 800, 1:34 for 400.

At first, when I was a tad too fast (and I could tell, too, meaning I knew this was not the pace at which I could run a half marathon), I thought, “SELF, JUST FOLLOW DIRECTIONS FOR ONE TIME PLEASE!” But, then I just went with it. Soon, it will be hot and humid again and I’ll be slower than I want and, in turn, about to throw my Garmin or watch in the East River.

As many of you may know, I’ve taken it upon myself to start a 5K revolution, meaning a trend towards the weekend warrior set being obsessed with the 5K rather than the marathon and qualifying for Boston.

Impetus for 5K revolution – running a 5K in track town with a pretty awesome runner watching (she was 7th in the 5K last year at worlds, just slightly better than my AG group win in that race…)

I’ve recruited new members.

You can use the official hashtag and make my heart skip a beat — #5krevolution

Erika (the person who got me into this whole running thing) agrees that running for less than a half hour is better than running for hours.

We have an official hashtag (#5Krevolution) and nail polish (any sort of light blue which you can dub “belief blue;” I suggest Lapis of Luxury by Essie or Dreamer by Revlon). We even have an official 5K revolution gang sign.

We’re just lacking an official slogan and mascot. Suggestions are welcome.

But, some of you out there might love the marathon. Or maybe the 10K is your thing. Or maybe you love love love the half marathon or “half the distance, twice the fun” as Oiselle so aptly put it.

Right now, it’s speed that is motivating me and, hence, the 5K revolution. Maybe one day I’ll be jazzed on the marathon again.

But, I want to hear what motivates you. What would be your race revolution?

To entice you to share with the group, I have a little giveaway. One of you lucky revolutionists will receive Oiselle’s “Start to Finish” V-neck pink tee (size medium).

And, unless you pick some obscure race distance, this can be your revolution tee!

So, to win, you must tell me one or both of the following:


2. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE RACE AND WHY? [Because some of you might now have a favorite distance]

If you go follow Oiselle on twitter (@Oiselle, 1 entry) and/or instagram (@Oiselle, 1 entry) AND tell me in separate comments (sorry, but easiest to keep track of entries), you can get an extra entry.

[ie you can receive up to three entries — your comment answering the question, following Oiselle on twitter, following Oiselle on instagram; my heart will sing if you instagram or tweet a picture of the 5k revolution sign]

So, enter away running revolutionists! I can’t wait to hear from you.

Until next time…


59 thoughts on “Track Party

  1. I’m joining the #5krevolution on Friday – can’t wait to be part of the revolution. This is history in the making! I have really only raced half marathons and 5ks, not sure if I’m in love with either of them, but like them both for their unique differences.

    Don’t count me in the contest. I’m a teammate! πŸ™‚

  2. My fave distance is either the half-marathon or the 5K…I love the challenge of distance running, but sprinting shorter distances is just really, really fun. I wish NYRR/NYC in general had more 5K’s — so I guess I also have a good amount of love for the 4-mile distance too. Hmm, now I’m itching to find myself a track and go sprint.

  3. Nice running! My goal is to make it to that track at some point this summer. Also, that looks like a fun workout! (kind of..) I’d say my favorite distance is the half marathon right now, although I hope the marathon becomes my favorite soon. I’ve never run a 5K!!! gahh. And the NYC Marathon is my fav race, even though we all know how last year turned out…

  4. 1. Marathon, but I haven’t tried the half yet. I have a feeling I may like that distance. I think the marathon matches my personality and you meet a lot of cool people and see a lot of great places along the way!
    2. NJ marathon. I PR’d on the course, it’s flat, a great BQ’er, it’s by the beach and it’s mah home course!

  5. Maybe next time I’m in nyc I can join you guys for a track party!! Can I have more than one favorite race distance?? I like the 10K-10m-13.1m range. Long enough to satisfy my love for distance, but a much quicker recovery from a marathon. That being said, my favorite race is NYCM!! It was such a spectacular event, can’t wait to do it again!

  6. I forgot to Enter the contest!!!

    1. My favorite distance is the Half Marathon because you get to eat a lot after but you don’t have to run 26.2 miles…Best of both worlds (like Miley)

    2. Favorite Race: Fairfield Half Marathon in CT because its close to my hometown so my friends can come and cheer! Plus it ends at the beach!

    Also, I follow Oiselle on Instagram and Twitter!

  7. 1. My favorite distance is the Half Marathon! It’s long enough to be manageable and quicker to recover from. I”m still battling it out with my expired PR though!

  8. Ahhh! I’m in the middle of trying to decide if I should run a redemption marathon in September and possibly still make it to Boston or if I should focus on something else, like say the #5krevolution. You are making me think the revolution is the way to go….

    Also! I’ve meant to reply about this for days,Can I get the password for when you lock this blog up? I’ve been enjoying reading your blog!

  9. my favorite distance – definitely the half marathon! Two hours is about my maximum discomfort time, and you’re pretty much always guaranteed a medal =)

  10. I love the #5Krevolution! I am going to use that every time I run a 5k!

    My favorite race distance is the 5k. I ran it in college. I had to beg the coach to let me switch from the 1500m to the 5k. I didn’t have the speed for a 1500m. I love that you are done in less the 30 min and that it doesn’t take much time at all to recover from the race!

    Great blog! I am excited to start following it!

  11. I follow Oiselle on Twitter! I love the company! I love their clothes! I loved their totally trial competition even though I didn’t win.

  12. favorite distance at the moment is the half marathon, with 4m a close second. Can you believe I’ve never run a 5k??? Curse NYRR and their 4m routes.

    Favorite race? I’m a fan of Grete’s Gallop Half Marathon in early October, and I also love the Scotland Race, both of which are NYRR events. Still, I think my favorite race to be will be the NJ RTB Relay which looks So. Much. Fun.

  13. I haven’t done a track workout in ages! Thanks to my new job’s hours, I’ll actually be able to make my running club’s track and hill sessions this fall.

    Favorite distance: 10K
    Favorite race: Toss-up between the Houston Marathon and the Country Music Half

  14. i *love* the 5k/10k. once i can get healthy again (blast you achilles tendonitis/plantar fasciitis!!) i am all about #5Krevolution!

  15. Dude, this is totally the summer of the 5k revolution. I’m in DC for the summer, and racing anything longer than a 10k is not happeneing. so 5k it is!

    I’ve only actually run one 5k, so i guess i’ll say the half mary is my fave, but maybe i just need to do more 5k’s!

    and actually, the 5k was probably my favorite because i did it just for fun and KICKED ASS.

    woooo πŸ™‚

  16. I’m running a 5k on Saturday with Girls on the Run! There will be thousands of girls ready for the 5k revolution. My favorite distance at the moment is half marathon…mostly because I ran my first marathon 2 weeks ago. It was great, but marathons are HARD.

    • Also, my favorite race is Vermont City Marathon – my first marathon, and I’ve done the relay many times. Awesome course, SO many spectators, and beer + ice cream at the finish. Best race ever!

  17. i am really starting to think the 5k is my fav race distance! after training my face off and bonking at my last HM i am about ready to join the #5krevolution

  18. I love the half marathon distance! Long enough to be a huge accomplishment, not long enough to take over your life training for it. πŸ™‚

  19. Hooray! #5Krevolution! After a brief year at the marathon I stepped back down to the 5K and couldn’t be happier! 5K is my favorite race (especially on the track!:)

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  21. I don’t know if I have a favorite distance – 10 milers and half marathons are mostly what I’ve run. The Broad Street Run in Philly is my first and favorite race (so far).

  22. 1. My favorite distance is the half marathon. I feel like I can control the outcome more and it’s fun to train for because you still get to do some long runs without going crazy. It’s also more manageable and I somehow always get injured training for the full marathon distance.

    2. Despite answer #1, my favorite race is still the NYCM! Nothing beats the feeling of entering Manhattan on 1st ave. Magical. Will be running my third this November!

  23. My favorite distance is the half marathon – I like that it’s still a great accomplishment without the crazy training needed of the marathon.

    My favorite race so far was the Surfin Santa 10 mile race in Virginia Beach. There were so many great costumes and just a great overall vibe. A ton of fun!

  24. Love the idea of the 5K Revolution! I have a tough time finding 5Ks in NYC since I think NYRR is opposed to them. πŸ™‚ But I do agree that it’s important to try shorter races because it makes the longer ones even better. Personally I love the marathon because I can get in my zone and really enjoy it… my favorite race is probably Boston closely followed by the NYC Marathon. Although Run for the Pies in Jacksonville is super fun too! Oh and I do love the Brooklyn Half.

  25. love the half marathon. its short enough that you don’t have to put in too much training, but long enough to feel accomplished πŸ™‚

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  27. Found your blog via SarahOUaL (who I found via Skinny Runner who I found via HungryRunnerGirl..) πŸ™‚

    Favorite distance is probably HM. or maybe 15K, but I’ve only done one of those.. 5K are so painful! I need to learn to embrace the hurt..

    Favorite race is Ragnar. Relays are fun πŸ™‚

  28. My favorite race is the Eugene Marathon! It was my first half and will always hold a special place in my heart πŸ˜› Seriously though, finishing on Hayward Field and having the crowd cheer you in from the stands is AMAZING!

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