Did I Mention I Babysit?

Day job = medical student

Sick on my surgery rotation (why I'm wrapped in blankets).

Night job = babysitter extraordinaire

I am the baby whisperer.

Anyways, last night, I got pretty choked up reading “Love You Forever” at bedtime. They need to sell Kleenex with that book.

For Christmas/Birthdays, I usually give books. Here are some of my favorites, in case you need to buy a gift for someone under 7 years old.


Nancy dressed up very fancy.

Not only is Nancy into sparkles, feathers, and poodles, she also teaches some excellent vocabulary words. For example, Nancy says, “I like to write my name with a pen with a plume – that’s a fancy way of saying feather.”


A favorite for two of "my" kids...

Can be a bit of a mouthful for the reader at times, but a cute story about some picky eaters (no, this book does not involve Picky Bars).


”]”]Teaches kids about colors and shapes, as well as making getting rid of their fears.


The time has come, the time is now, Marvin K Mooney will you please go now!

My childhood favorite + you can get really dramatic when reading this one.


A good gift to a big sister when a baby sister is born OR to give to a pair of sisters.

The sisters are different, but get along - I am sorry to ruin the surprise.

There are many others that I love – all of the Eric Carle books, Winnie The Witch, Amelia Bedelia, and, last but not least, the Berenstain Bears.

Winnie is pretty awesome.

A word about the Berenstain Bears — I loved those books as a kid and still do, but they make for some LONG bedtime stories (there is a lot of text! if they kid you are reading to can read, they will notice when you skip over or condense parts…)

Even I continue to learn from Mamma Bear. The other night I read this gem and though, "Yeah, Meggie, you should stop putting so many oreo crumbs on your 16 Handles creation."

For kids under 1, I recommend board books so the pages won’t be ripped in 0.5 seconds. The hippos books (eg: “Hippos Go Beserk”) are good board books.


Until next time…

15 thoughts on “Did I Mention I Babysit?

  1. I LOVED the Berenstain Bears books! Still have them at my parent’s house. I also love Goodnight Moon, the Spot books and Shel Silverstein. I forgot all about Amelia Bedelia until you mentioned it, loved those too. And Curious George, Courdoroy, Caps for Sale and ANYTHING Dr. Seuss!!!! I could go on forever 🙂 I love kids books. Still do!

  2. I have 3 kids under 7 years old and I don’t have of these books. I have to change that. We have tons of favorites buy right now their favorites are anything silly, potty, or stinky related….not even going to lie, lol.

  3. I loved the little engine that could, goodnight moon, the hungry caterpillar, the missing piece, millions of cats…and on and on. I used to love books. Now I waste way too much time on the Internet. Hah.

  4. I LOVE the Berenstein Bears! Such memories. my favorite book was Henry and Theresa’s Race (kind of the tortoise and the hare kind of thing) and this one about donald duck and pizza. hehe.

  5. My mom probably had 50 berenstein bears books…as a boy I liked (and still do) all the roald dahl books…dr seuss books are great because when you read them to children it is so easy to bring more energy to the reading through your own interpretation. Oh, and Love You Forever is awesome!

  6. My 5 year old is loving the Elephant and Piggie series right now by Mo Willems (of Knuffle Bunny fame) and we love The Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle – in addition to a few that you mentioned. Hey, I may have to hit you up for babysitting… 😉

  7. I read a funny article recently (on either HuffPo or maybe Gawker?) where a dad submitted an OpEd about how bad some children’s books are. He attributed this to the mass proliferation of children’s books just because people assume that “anyone” can write a children’s book. Which is ludicrous, of course, but I’m glad you put this list together. There IS a difference between well-written children’s literature and crappy children’s literature!

    • Oh my god. I forgot to say. I didn’t discover this til I was an “older” child … say, 14 or 15 years old when I was babysitting myself … but I absolutely LOVED the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series. It’s such a genius way for getting kids out of bad habits. Ha!

  8. My mom couldn’t read “Love You Forever” because it makes her cry. We owned like three copies but I didn’t read it until years later when I could read and was curious. I understand the tears!!!

  9. I’m a nanny too and I love reading to my sweet kiddos. Fancy Nancy is a favorite but most of my kids love “There Is a Monster at the End of This Book”. I was always read to as a kid by my dad so I think it sort of carried over to my “adulthood”. yay for babysitting.

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