Soul-Cycling My Way Into Poverty

Alternative title to this post: “Why Babysitting Is Awesome”

Babysitting is awesome because not only does it foot the Soul Cycling bills, it is pretty much the biggest ego boost out there. It can be pretty fun, too. [The key is to like the children and them like you back.]

I babysat about 14 hours this weekend (4 separate times, if you’re curious).

I took a 2.5 year old on the subway. Do that sometime. We only went two stops, but it was the most exciting subway ride I have ever taken, culminating in “Bye, bye six train! See you later!”

Said child also new the colors of most of the NYC subway lines. He's basically a genius.

I learned that Old McDonald not only had a cow, duck, and horse, but also a T-Rex (with a “rawr rawr here and rawr rawr there!”).


 I learned that Santa truly is magical after the following conversation:

Me: “If I hear one more word out of you, I’m calling Santa Claus!”

M, age 3.85: “wahhh but you don’t have Santa’s phone number, wahhh”

Me: “Yes, I do. Everyone gets Santa’s phone number on their 20th birthday.”

T, age 6: “Yeah, M, all grown ups have Santa’s phone number.”

–> Silence from M the rest of the night.

I learned I must be a heck of a bedtime story reader after I got tackled by 4 kids under 4 feet tall at California Pizza Kitchen. K, age 6, told me she was “so jealous I babysit for T last night.” I guess I do a pretty good job at Seven Silly Eaters and Winnie The Witch.

Fancy Nancy is also pretty awesome.

Got a huge ego boost when I heard three kids waiting at their apartment door saying, “She’s almost here! She’s almost here!” Must be that Dunkin Donuts trip I took with them that won their hearts over.

Had my heart melt when a two and half year old dragged me immediately upon entering the apartment to go play Zingo. Which is an awesome game by the way. Up there with Candy Land.

I also had said two and a half year old hand me his booger. And, although sightly repulsed, I took it. I must love the kid. [I then threw it away and washed my hands.]

Babysitting also gives me a glimpse into what being a parent must be like. And, it must be exhausting! You are referee, trash disposal, hair stylist, waitress, question answerer, tear dryer, and everything in between. I know I want kids, but only when I know I’m ok with not sleeping a lot.

Final reason babysitting is awesome – one of my “moms” is a soul cycle addict, too. I call her my soul cycle enabler as I actually sat for her on Sunday so she could go sweat it out. We then talked about how awesome Soul Cycle is and she convinced me to go after more than generously paying me (which enabled me to go) . And, there I was 45 min later, working my butt off.

Boogers. Soul Cycle. Zingo. Seven Silly Eaters. Big Miracle (the whale movie).

That was my weekend.


I would post pictures of “my” adorable kids, but I don’t because I watch too much Nancy Grace…



13 thoughts on “Soul-Cycling My Way Into Poverty

  1. I know the initials of the kids you’re referring to, but they can’t possibly be that old now! Ahhh! I feel so old and I miss baby-sitting so much!!!

  2. What a great post Megs!

    I spent my superbowl sunday with my little bro at Legoland. I felt utterly disgusted by how commercial it all seemed. I hope he had a different experience (it was his request to go) but I don’t think it compares to any of what you shared about your weekend. Maybe at 10 years old he is in-between the kid fun and teenage angst, or maybe he’s too mellow/mature for his own good, or most likely I’m just not any fun 🙂

    I wonder if anyone writes “how to be a goofball around children, for dummies”…

  3. I have nine nieces and nephews who I ADORE babysitting. This weekend I told my 3 year old niece Lily that she was a pretty girl and she replied, “I am NOT a girl, I am a princess!”. Well then. I love kids because they say whatever is they are thinking and I love to babysit because I can indulge in cartoons and eat mac & cheese like it is a solid meal. Oh and those Fancy Nancy books….those are great reads!

  4. i used to babysit ALL the time in dc…was awesome for spending cash (and now that im here in nyc/a new spin addict, totally agree soul cycle would be a good place for spending said cash) but i havent found as many opportunities here 😦 recommendations welcome!!

  5. i love that you told M you get santa’s number on your 20th birthday! so cute!

    i didn’t do too much babysitting when i was younger. shocking, right? it’s like a right of passage or something.

  6. I was never much of a babysitter, although I was a camp counselor and taught swim lessons a lot, so that counts for something. And it’s funny how exciting something can be through a kid’s eyes…”OMG THE SUBWAY IS GOING OVER THE MANHATTAN BRIDGE. SO FUNN!!!11!!!1!”

  7. haha, I love the “she’s almost here, she’s almost here..” that is just so adorable. And hey, if it helps feed your soul cycle addiction, then even better! I’ve never really babysat, and kind of wish I would have. I like kids though! For the most part.. hehe 🙂

  8. Aw I love babysitting too, for many of the same reasons. Love having a glimpse into a cool world where everyone is so appreciative and the kids are all excited about a new person in the house. That’s spectacular that your babysitting mom gave you extra money for a soul cycle class, what an awesome lady.

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