Spin, Span, Spun

I had my most difficulty in being a complaint patient today. It was nice, sunny, and just a tad bit chilly — a perfect day for a winter run (although, as one of my babysitting kids reminded me last night, it’s still technically fall). It was so tempting.

I try really hard to be a “good patient” and follow orders, so, as a soon-to-be-doctor, I will know how hard it may be for some to follow my [future] recommendations. I actually had to repeat in my head, “I will be a compliant patient,” so as to prevent bad decision making on my walk to the gym.

Rx = Do not run, yet. Key word: yet. Rx 2 = FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

Since, I’ve been sticking to approved activities, I’ve tried out both shi-shi NYC spin studios over the weekend. Further, I’ve created a table comparing pros and cons of each so, should you want to try one, you will know what you’re getting yourself into.

Nothing better than a chart...

***Note: First time ever class at Soul Cycle is $20. Both places have community rides (ie free).

To be honest, I liked both. Thus, if you want to buy me classes at either, I will take them.

Flywheel is a better deal for your money – harder workout, you don’t have to pay for the shoes, free water, you can compete against other people since their bikes are computerized and calculate the power you generated over the 45 minutes (or something like that)…

SoulCycle is an experience – candles in the studio, quasi-dancing whilst biking (requires coordination and concentration, but is really fun), tons of energy, you’ll want to throw a dance party after, still a fantastic workout…

Kelly Ripa is a big Soul Cycler. Just an fyi, if you make your decisions based on celebrities.

I got a good sweat on at each, so I can’t complain. I’m dying to go back to each.

My butt says otherwise. Seriously, why are those seats so uncomfortable? I guess I will never understand everything. At least I figured out what twitter hashtags were for this week. I had no idea those things had an actual function.

Was it only me that didn't know that clicking on a hashtag brought up all the tweets with that hashtag (ie it's like a search function)?

Although I’m trying to be a complaint patient, it’s been 5 weeks since I’ve really run (7 if you count the two before the marathon) and this patient won’t be patient much longer. Seriously, I’m starting to lose my sanity. I really hope I can keep my pelvis in an even plane while running soon (the reason I can’t try running, yet, at least on the IT band front; the back/hip is most bothering me now).

Plus, my bank account won’t tolerate much more NYC shi-shi spinning.

TELL ME: Do you have issues being a compliant patient? Never finish you full antibiotic course (don’t do that!) Hate your doctor (I don’t hate mine, btw)? Gone against what your doctor said and been ok? Tell me all of your good or bad patient stories.

Also, I think I’ve developed S.A.N.R.D – Seasonal Affective Non-Running Disorder. I need one of those lamps that simulates sunlight.

Until next time…


30 thoughts on “Spin, Span, Spun

  1. both sound really awesome to me – the spin classes at my gym are just plain old spin classes and i love them so all this other stuff sounds extra-fancy and cool. so new york. :o)
    it is hard to be a compliant patient sometimes. in the beginning of your post you wrote “compain” and i wasn’t sure if it was a typo or a play on words? it made me giggle, either way though. i want to complain about having to be compliant as a patient sometimes too!
    i hope you are feeling better soon and that you can get back to running. i know how hard it is to be where you’re at – it is hard to be patient!
    ps – did you make changes to the look/format of your blog recently? i’ve mostly been reading the emails i get of your posts, so haven’t been to the actual site in a while. but it looks really good!!

  2. I am slowly becoming a better patient. As an athlete I was the exact person that I now complain about having to deal with. I listened, I believed what they said, but I refused to do it. Formal PT after a broken ankle? Nah I don’t need that. MRI with contrast on my shoulder? Well that would just interfere too much with my gymnastics season so why don’t you just give me a lidocaine injection and we’ll call it a day? (he did, good ol’ Dr. Fine). Now that I am on the other side of the fence (i.e. telling athletes they can and can’t do things) I am much more compliant myself. And I can empathize with them. And I know that they’re going to cheat 🙂

    Hang in there, I hope you’re running again oh so soon! Those spin classes sound fun though, was Kelly Ripa in your class?

  3. That’s an interesting comparison! And now I want to try Flywheel. If you buy a bunch of classes is it cheaper?

    I think I’m somewhat compliant. When it comes to my health in terms of my whole blood clot situation I’m 100% compliant – nothing to screw around with. When it comes to running I’m maybe 75% compliant since it’s not very black and white when it comes to injures and stuff. You know? I like all my doctors except my gyn, whom I hate but am too lazy to find another one.

    Keep being patient man, I know it’s hard but a few more weeks and I bet you’ll be back!

    • More classes you buy –> cheaper per class.

      That’s a good point – the more serious/grave the issue, the more compliant the patient probably is. And, if they’re hospitalized, they typically can’t be non-compliant (well, not always true!).

  4. Soul cycle sounds like a lot of fun! I love the idea of dancing while on the bike. My favorite part of spin class is listening to awesome high-tempo music and the instructor yelling motivational stuff. I wish I could go to spinning more often but it tends to bother my knees.
    I’m a bad patient, mostly because doctors tell me things like, “you need to rest, you need to sleep, you need to run less and stress out less” and whenever I’m sick/injured I just want to get better and feel good without having to change anything about my lifestyle. I want to know why there’s no magic cake I can eat that will just make everything better without me putting in any effort. That’s a medical philosophy I can get behind.
    That said, when I had tendonitis last year I didn’t run a step until my doctor said I could (even though I complained a LOT). I guess I’m all bark and no bite?

  5. I’m not the world’s most compliant patient – especially when it comes to being told I can’t do things (like run). Unless I’m really injured, sometimes I convince myself that I really know best, not my doctor. Yes, I know, this way of thinking is foolish. That being said, I’m glad to hear that you ARE being a compliant patient. I know it sucks now, but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. And it’s always better to take it easy than risk running on your injury and making it worse. Still hoping you’ll be back running soon.

  6. i never tried spinning but i’m not so sure i’d like it. but kelly ripa is jacked so maybe i should?

    i’m pretty compliant with doctor’s orders but, when it comes to running, no one knows your “running self” better than you. two rules i’ve always followed is to not run through pain and never see my primary doc about running issues (i hate the “well just don’t run” advice). both of which you have down pat!!!!

  7. I don’t know how to sit properly on a spin bike seat. I have a short torso and end up with all my weight in my arms. Maybe that is how to properly sit on a bike seat; clearly I have no idea.

    I’m pretty good at following doctors’ advice, but I’m also guilty of asking questions (or asking other doctors) until I get an answer closer to the one I’m looking for. When I hurt my achilles last year, I ran at exactly the six-week mark (when I’d been told to take six weeks off) and my doctor yelled at me at my six-week-and-two-day appointment for running before he’d told me I could. I (petulantly) said, no, you said six weeks, and it was six weeks, and if I hadn’t done it I wouldn’t have had anything useful to tell you! And I never went back to that doctor. I’m probably a jerk.

    • I have to say, the FlyWheel and SoulCycle people are pretty good at setting you up if you’ve never been there before.

      I always ask lots of questions (and write down my main issues/points before I go)! Its also important to remember that doctor’s orders, especially in sports medicine, are guidelines. (unless its a prescription medication where dosing schedule is key — then it is a strict order!)

  8. Thanks for posting this! I actually kept looking at SoulCycle and didn’t even realize FlyWheel existed. We have spin classes at my gym which are pretty good but I was thinking about trying something else out. And I don’t know if this makes me a good or bad patient, but I’m always convinced I’m not sick. I’m sure I’ve had a few colds here and there but other than that, I’m a pretty healthy person. Knock on wood…

  9. I want to go to flywheel!! Sounds like its hands down better than Soul …
    I am the worst patient, I never take the full antibiotics, I never rehab injuries as long as I should and I may or may not have been known to cut off casts. Not a good idea BTW!

  10. Ugh I’ve had the worst experiences with doctors. I had a doctor misread my test results once and call me to tell me I had cancer. Yup. Just called and said, I’m sorry to tell you but we think you have cancer. That was lovely. Turned out nothing was wrong with me and the doctor read my results wrong. I also had an eye doctor tell me that I had a serious eye infection and needed surgery or I would go blind…turns out, it was chronic dry eye and all I needed were drops. Yea so I tend to take doctors’ advice with a grain of salt because my doctors have always jumped to the worst possible conclusions when I’ve never actually had any serious health issues.

    On a better note, let’s go to a spin community ride! I’ve been wanting to try them out!

    • ummm…a doctor told you that you had cancer? that’s frightening! trust me, all doctors don’t, umm, deliver false bad news like that….and typically not false bad news! Glad you don’t have cancer though…I hope the got the right news to the right patient!

  11. I definitely have trouble being a compliant patient! You are doing such a great job. This injury has been so frustrating because I feel like you have no timeline. You are doing a great job of finding other ways to stay fit and I hope all of this cross training helps you out with running in the long run and tissue healing now.

    The spin classes sound awesome. I wish I lived in the NYC area to check them out.

    • It is so frustrating because there is no timeline and its a bit more than just ITBS. My PT is really nice though and asks for feedback from me and such, which makes me think she’s changing what she chooses for me to do based on what I tell her.

  12. Thanks for your comments/tweets/etc on my marathon stuff, you are the best!

    So the marathon was hard, those last 6 miles were not exactly like a walk in the park, but they were definitely tolerable in a way that I hadn’t expected.

    So funny that you mention spinning…I actually did a spin class yesterday to shake out my legs from the epic (hate that word, but it’s true) marathon on Saturday and it felt SO GOOD. I drank a ton of water and it really did help flush some of that lactic acid out and somehow I am not sore at all anymore.

  13. I am too much of a goody two shoes to not finish a course of antibiotics and I love my doctor. I definitely have gone against my doctor in taking it easy and staying home, but that’s because I have trouble sitting still.

  14. Love that you’re trying spinning. SoulCycle is my favorite of the two — I love the dancing and arm weights! 🙂 Hang in there, you’ll be running soon!

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