I Believe In Endorphins

Seeing as I have a really flexible “job,” I can pretty much leave the office whenever I want to. When I saw Flywheel Upper East Side was offering a free class on Fridays at 12:30 pm, I told the office sayonara at noon and to text me if they wanted vitamin water zeros on my way back.

My personal fave...

During those 45 minutes spinning with strangers decked in lululemon (what is it about lulu and spinning people?), my lungs burned, I got my “I ❤ Sweat” shirt covered in sweat, and I actually had to push my self a little bit (ok, maybe, a lot…it was hard!). When the instructor would say little motivating things, such as, “I don’t care that you increased the resistance, I want you to push a little harder,” I knew these were my kind of people.

I heart sweat in grey and light pink...get yours at Iheartsweatapparel.com

When I walked outside afterwards, the sun was a little brighter, the day a little better, and I was actually hungry for my “Just Salad” custom salad that I eat every day (the real worst part of not running = decreased appetite.)

I’m sorry, but aqua jogging just doesn’t give me the same endorphin rush. Guess the humidity is an endorphin-kill.

Apparently, you can get a necklace that looks like the chemical structure of an endorphin (or structures, really, in repeat)....

Apparently, you can get a necklace that looks like the chemical structure of an endorphin (or structures, really, in repeat)....

I was somewhat worried spinning would bother my IT band. I’m happy to say it didn’t today. The only thing that bothered me was my SI joint/glute/piriformis that hurts if I sit for > 30 min, regardless.

I’d like to go back tomorrow, which would require dropping $30. I am a little afraid that I got lucky today and that two days in a row may re-flare something. Common sense tells me maybe to hold off on the spinning and stick to extremely safe, 80-year old approved activities.

I just feel like I need my 45 minute good sweat sesh (they do have an hr option, which I might take) rather than bikram yoga, flybarre, aqua jogging, core fusion, pilates, etc etc etc…

WEIGH IN: Anyone had ITBS or SI joint/glute issues and has been ok with spinning? Think two days in a row (which could go to 3, 4, 5 etc) is too much? Have you tried Flywheel or Soulcycle (if you’re an NYC-er)?

If you want to buy me classes at FlyWheel for Christmas, you are more than welcome.

Until next time…


22 thoughts on “I Believe In Endorphins

  1. I haven’t had issues with my IT in a long long time (knock on wood), but when it was bad I remember doing spinning and yoga to stay in shape. Riding on the bike was totally fine for me and I have to say spinning is the only other type of cardio that gives me anything close to the same satisfaction as running. I believe in endorphins, too 🙂 I would say try it – if it feels like its irritating you, just back off. Hope you feel better soon!!!

    • I’m not so good at the backing off thing because I don’t want to look like the wuss in the room, but I did back off the resistance today (went to SoulCycle) so as not to really bother anything.

      I prob can’t go again tomorrow, though, seeing as sitting was uncomfortable today and its $30/time…

  2. Spinning is hard on my butt, which is why I don’t use it as a x-training activity despite the fact that it doesn’t bother my IT band. I think its great though if it doesn’t hurt. For me, the Precor brand elliptical and the bike were key (means spin should be ok). The lifefitness elliptical was painful for some reason.

  3. I’ve done spinning classes in the past and really enjoyed them. I don’t recall the classes irritating my IT band. As long as it doesn’t bother you, I’d say keep doing it. It’s a great form of exercise, and the endorphin rush doesn’t hurt either! I also love that flavor of Vitamin Water. I was excited when I saw it on sale the other day at Kroger. Haha.

  4. I want that necklace! Where did you find it? I love wearing things that are secretly (or not so secretly) nerdy.

    About the whole spinning thing, you might want to ask your PT. My PT recommended water running because (he says) biking overdevelops your quads and causes muscle imbalances which can cause further injury. But I think it’s totally fine as long as you don’t overdo it.

    Personally, I didn’t get a big endorphin rush from spinning when I tried it (but I also didn’t go to Flywheel or Soulcycle). I did, however, get it from HOT YOGA, of all things. Talk about sweat. Have you tried it? It’s way diff than other types of yoga.

  5. I haven’t tried Flywheel or Soulcycle but when I did try spinning at college I didn’t like it at all and it hurt my knee. I never went back. Maybe these places are different though. Everyone seems to love it. If it didn’t bother you it is probably ok 🙂
    Great you found something to give you endorphins!!

  6. Spinning didn’t/doesn’t bother my IT band, and it bugged my butt less than other forms of biking (eg regular stationary bike). Biking on an actual bike did piss off my IT band last week, so I’m thinking it’s less about the activity and more about my randomly pissy body.

  7. The first time I went spinning, I hated. I didn’t try it again for another year, but once I used padded bike shorts and properly adjusted my seat, I loved it. I spun (cycled?) all throughout my infamous IT band injury of 2009 and it didn’t make it any worse, so I say go for it! Maybe try it 2 days in a row and then a day off…before going 3 days in a row.

  8. I’m usually ok with spinning during IT band flare-ups and problems. It bothered me a little bit this time around though, not sure why. But that’s excellent you can do it with no pain! Endorphins = good. There’s a soul cycle underneath my Bikram studio but I’ve never tried it – I would if I found a deal though! Usually I just do my own spinning in the spin studios at NYSC before the classes start because they’re usually too late for me to go.

  9. Hey! I had to comment when I saw that you have IT Band pain/SI joint/glute/piriformis issues! I started off with IT band pain but still ran the NYC marathon, and ever since then I’ve had this constant tightness/weird pain in my whole hip area, as well as the left side of my lower back. My physical therapist has been giving me some strengthening exercises to do but I still feel this pain especially after sitting for a while (or sleeping). Whenever I do piriformis stretches I can realllllly feel the tightness. What’s your situation/do you know what the real problem is?!

    Sorry I’m freaking out but I haven’t talked to anyone else who has the exact same problem as me, haha.

    • No problem! Foam rolling has helped me a good bit, as well as ART/Graston which I get from Dr. Levine (http://www.drstevendlevine.com/). Graston is more aggressive in my opinion, but it works really well, especially for IT bands. ART helps more with my piriformis and such. He also adjusts my SI joint, which helps tremendously — a lot of times, whatever ails me in my hip/back goes away with just that.

      Much of my problem (ok, pretty much all) comes from weak hip abductors (ie glute medius) and a weak core. In turn, I can’t keep my pelvis stable when running. You can see this best if you watch yourself run — my knees almost touch and you can see one hip dip with each step. My PT told me I have to be able not let my knees touch when I run to prevent re-flaring…

      Definitely get the trigger point foam roller and a tennis ball and just roll around on it, working knots out.

      Hope that helps!

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