Get Picky With It

People, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Picky Bars before, right? You must have. Anyways, would you look at what’s in the NY Times today…

PICKY BARS !!!(in an article on the fabulous Lauren Fleshman, who has pink hair streaks – I am super jelz to the max, btw.)

I suggest you go buy some, immediately.

Isn’t that cool? Also, does this make me a trendsetter? I’m going to go with yes.

This either makes me really lame or really cool.

You know what’s kind of lame. Lauren couldn’t wear her picky bar tats in the marathon. I mean, its her own company and her own skin. Yet, the regulating people who are losers, obviously, said that was against the rules. Super unfair in my book.

However, since Lauren can’t wear them, I would like for this to serve as my official application to the Picky Pack that I want to be the wearer of a Picky Bar tattoo one day. It may not sell you any more bars because no one will care if I’m wearing it, but no one would tell me I couldn’t, either.

This outfit is missing two things: 1) sparkly headband and 2) Picky Bar tattoo

AND GUESS WHAT — PBs (my abbreviation for them) has launched the Picky Club! Unfortunately, someone beat me to the punch on being the inaugural member, but NO ONE CAN TAKE AWAY MY #1 FANDOM.

I have the shirt and everything. I’m just not wearing it here.

You, too, can get the shirt and random things from them included with your 18 bars per month. It’s like that Harry and David Fruit of the Month club, but better.

I die for Picky Bars like Rachel Zoe dies for Chanel.

So, I want you all to go buy some bars – blow up all the Picky People’s emails with orders. Have I ever steered any of you wrong?

If you buy some or try some. I want to know what you think – I think they taste like a pb and j, but in a sort of cookie dough texture.

This is what one looks like.

What’s not to like about that?


Or do I need to force feed you one first?

Until next time…



13 thoughts on “Get Picky With It

  1. I bought my first batch of Picky Bars a week ago and I love them! I consider myself somewhat of a “bar” conoisseur thanks to my college years and current job path, which both favored bar eating in order to not go for 8 hours without food. And every bar had something wrong with it…gave me GI troubles (Kashi), too protein-y tasting (zone and about 50 others), tasted like healthy flavored cardboard (cough *cliff* cough) etc. And I actually am not really a fan of the larabar, which I thought would be similar to Picky Bars. PBs are WAYYYYYYYYY better! I think what makes PBs so good is that its actually all real food ingredients with a liittle crunchy/texture change. And the packaging is AWESOME…resealable? GENIUS! I’m still trying to figure out what my favorite flavor is, (leaning towards the mega-nuts) but I think they should make a fall flavor that includes pumpkin…

    And please, don’t give up on the marathon! I know you can reach the 3:35 goal, don’t let an injury talk you out of it. It sucks that you didn’t get to celebrate all your hard work training with a rockin’ marathon time but you persevered through two different pains – your leg and knowing that you probably weren’t going to meet your goal – to finish that race and THAT is awesome. Now when you train and actually are healthy on marathon day it will be easy (? ok maybe not easy, but easier than sunday).

    • What initially drew me to Picky Bars was that I knew what was in them! I love that I can recognize the ingredients. And they’re very portable and, with the resealable bag, I can eat some now and some later if I want/only have time for a few bites or something.

      Thank you so much for your kind words re: my marathon. I’m hoping I’ll get my redemption someday.

  2. Don’t know if I’ve ever even heard of PBs, but they do look like they’re right up my alley. I’ll have to try one. It appears that they are not in any stores near me in Richmond VA…so I will have to do the online order thing.

    And PS Deena Kastor’s legs are straight up miniature!!

    • Yep, check out PBs site — they are expanding their stores, but aren’t everywhere, yet. Of course, I know this, because I am not only #1 fan, but also #1 stalker. I’ve been ordering mine online for a year and it takes about 4-5 days to get from Oregon to NYC.

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