Good Cookies

With part 1 of my day diemed, I had my bake sale left to carpe. I ran back to my friend Jackie’s (she lives close to the finish), showered, and we were back out the door in less than an hour. Don’t worry, I picked up some serious caffeine on the way to Washington Square Park.

Sometimes I drink two of these a day. And by sometimes I mean most of the time.

It was sunny when we were setting up, so I made the executive decision to set up outside and hope for no rain. Of course, our set up was a little delayed by a protest going from Union Square to Astor Place. This was not just any protest like the ones for Qui Gong (my spelling may be way off) or Syria or Israel or the usual protests — this one was a Slut Walk.

I'm not kidding - it was called a slut walk. I was pretty confused, but too frazzled to figure it out.

One good thing about this was that a lane in the street was blocked off for their walk from Union Square to Astor Place. Naturally, my friend Jon and I used this to push two tables on a cart down the streets of NYC (from 3rd and 14th to Washington Square Park) with Jon basically screaming, “Charity! Charity Work!” to anyone who stared at us.

I think the set up turned out cute..what do you think?

Thanks to Rachel for lending me this awesome table cloth.


Some of the goods...


Me with T, the future scientist/doctor/horse back rider, and M, the future "girl in fashion" - her words complete with pose


Wearing orange for Liam.

It did start raining around 2:45 pm, at which point we moved under the awning of a building directly across the street. It was easier than going to the rain location and re-setting everything up there. I have some very good cookie friends (Jackie, Jon, Caroline, Katie, Christy, Hayley) who stuck it out in the rain with me.

Long story short, the bake sale itself raised $932.74 for Cookies For Kids’ Cancer. Along with a few checks I am getting, I will be able to give Gretchen about $1000! I am so happy I was able to do this for Gretchen, Larry, Liam, Ella and the entire Cookies For Kids’ Cancer crew.

I was pretty beat. Thankfully, I was babysitting that night for T and M’s parents (or I guess actually babysitting for T and M, but they were asleep) who left me with a glass of wine. I am one lucky babysitter (fyi – I’ve been sitting for them since the mom was pregnant with M!).

I maintained a pretty good steam of energy through Sunday (tutored, babysat with T and M which isn’t really work, I mean we played ballet class – what’s not to love?). Can I say the same for Monday? Nope, I crashed, big time.

But I am deliriously happy with the small contribution I was able to make to Cookies? YES.

Prince Liam the Brave


Gretchen, Mom, and Dad - this bake sale was for you, too.

A BIG THANKS, again, to EVERYONE who helped me! Your kindness means so much to me.

Until next time….

19 thoughts on “Good Cookies

  1. You had so much energy on Saturday! I don’t know how you did it. So glad the bake sale was a success – the set up was so cute and everything looked delicious. I can vouch for the Levain cookies and Megan’s rice crispie treat being very tasty. Also, Liam is adorable.

    • I had a little help from my friend, caffeine. I was basically a zombie Sat night.

      Liam was quite adorable.

      Thank you for baking and stopping by! I want to try to make those pumpkin-chocolate things of deliciousness you made. Also, I want to learn how you healthify baked goods and make them taste good.

    • Thank you — I credit my ally in life, coffee, for helping me! Saturday was actually a really good exercise in focusing on the present and what I had to do at that moment to get what I wanted to done. Hoping that can continue into the marathon — focusing on all those hours of running and not getting distracted.

  2. Meggie! This is so great! CONGRATULATIONS on raising a shit ton of money for such an incredible cause. You are amazing. I’m so sad I couldn’t be there but everything looks so great (you included, naturally). The cookies with the ribbons and the stickers…I love it. I’m so glad everything went so well. You did a wonderful thing.

  3. how ADORABLE is that bake sale table?

    really wish i could have been there – i watched gretchen’s eulogy for liam awhile back when you linked to it and i still feel like i “knew” him. he seemed like a very special little guy.

    so happy that the sale was so successful!

    • Thank you! One of the “moms” who does a lot with cookies lent me that bake sale table cloth – how cute, right?

      I met Liam only a few times – at birthday parties of M, but I also still feel like I knew him. I think I would’ve really liked the kid – he seemed very inquisitive and thought a lot…a kindred spirit, if you will.

  4. Hi Meggie! I came across your blog through some blogs of my runner friends. Just wanted to say hi..I also work at Mt Sinai and am training for a marathon. If someone random introduces themselves, it might be me. 🙂

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