Orange Is My New Lucky Color

Elle Woods was so wrong. Whoever said orange was the new pink was right. Not that I don’t love pink, too.

Orange was Prince Liam the Brave’s favorite color (remember – Liam is Gretchen’s son, the found of Cookies For Kids’ Cancer). When I picked up my bib Friday from NYRR for Saturday morning’s little half marathon, guess was color it was? ORANGE. Guess what color a lot of Oiselle’s stuff is? ORANGE.

Liam would've liked this. I thought my orange bib was a sign that Liam wanted me to have a good time.

Thursday night I did have my usual pre-race “I am putting so much pressure on myself and I don’t know why I do this to myself” moment. Friday I ran around like a crazy person. Saturday I felt surprisingly calm and ready to carpe diem. And I had quite a bit to carpe this diem.

Saint Megan said she’d run the race with me. Yes, Megan is, indeed, a saint as she ran the ENTIRE half with me, was the watchbearer (and if you’ve ready any of my posts you know about my relationship with watches and Garmins), and helped me plan the race as we ran it (I term this “intuitive running”) and PR by 2 min! (1:4856 –> 1:46:47 for any numbers people)

Better yet, Megan and I met up with Kelly at the start who was in the midst of a twenty mile run. So, we chatted away the first four miles, and we even ran into Betsy on Harlem Hill (mile 3-ish, I think). And, to top it all off, we saw Ali two times during the race complete with jazz hands and screams of “all my favorite people, you’re going to win!” If you see me during the marathon, please do jazz hands.

I was having such a good time running that, at first, it weirded me out and I was like “why am I having so much fun — races typically aren’t that fun until they’re over.” And, then I remembered this little guy in my awesome training journal:

In the journal, the stems say "I am" and another flower says "ful" -- "I am Joyful." Oh, and look - MORE ORANGE.

Lauren and Ro (the Believe I Am peeps) wrote something next to it about people doing best when they are enjoying themselves (they write it more eloquently than that) so I decided to stick with my “this race is my Saturday morning coffee talk session” race plan.

If you want to know the nitty gritty details, the first mile was 8:55, the second 8:45. Miles 3-5 were 8:15-8:20. Mile 6 was 7:53 — when Megan calculated that, I thought that was probably too fast so we intentionally slowed down a bit to make sure I felt strong at the end. Miles 7-9 were about 8 min. Mile 10 was like 8:05 or something, I’m not really sure…maybe it was 8:10 because of the hills. Anyways, 11 was 8:02 and the last two were both 7:43. I guess I can call this race/long run/gossip sesh “progressive.”

I felt really good throughout, even on all the big hills (and the “fake hill” leading up to the reservoir, which I despise). I felt really strong. I had a great time. I did not feel like I was going to throw up at any point.

I felt like this on Saturday - can you see the word? Sorry, Believe I Am people for stealing all of your images.

My finish time was 1:46:47, which is 8:10/mile. Now, I could let this freak me out, because 8:10ish is marathon pace — its technically 8:12 for a 3:35 marathon, but that sounds so odd being like “my marathon pace is 8:12…8:13 far too slow, 8:11 far too fast.” So, I round to whole numbers. I could freak out that thinking “I have to do that twice in like 5 weeks or something if I want to acheive my ‘A’ goal?”

As Saint Megan reminded me 1) I will have tapered for the marathon, 2) I will have another month of long runs and workouts in me, 3) it won’t be as humid, and 4) I won’t be having a gossip sesh for the first several miles. Megan is so wise. Snaps for Megan (name that movie)!

So, I think this race gets too confidence up arrows, maybe three. You decide.

I then ran to shower and head down to the ol’ bake sale, which I will save for tomorrow so as to save you all from reading a short novel.

Here’s a sneak peak:

Me with T and M -- some of my favorite girls in the under 7 set.

So, yep, orange is my new lucky color and I think I had a little angel named Liam watching over me all day Saturday. Unfortunately, I’m not in the orange corral for NYC (can I write them and request a switch? ha! I’m serious though), but I will be wearing something orange, that’s for sure.

TELL ME: What is your lucky color, number, stuffed animal, thing? Any superstitions? Things you must do for races, tests, etc?

I definitely have lucky foods, shorts (my Oiselle Lori shorts now), rubber bands, socks…some what out of control.

Until next time…


35 thoughts on “Orange Is My New Lucky Color

  1. I am so so glad that we were able to run together yesterday! 1) because you PR’d and finished feeling strong and 2) because I think we both had fun! I think it is spot on that people succeed best when they are feeling confident and enjoying themselves (true in running, true in life). Whenever you need a pacer or running buddy, I’ll be there. Next time I will try to work on my math skills (that was an 8:12 mile! oops, I mean 8:02…) and actually announce the correct splits πŸ™‚

    So glad the bake sale was a success! My Levain cookie was perfect post-bar fuel last night. Healthy living, yup.

    • This is my official application for your pacing duties in some marathon I’m running in like a month-ish. Your math skills are better than mine – usually I’m too lazy to even try to do the math. Plus, it took up at least a tenth of a mile so it distracted me for a bit.

      Thank you, again, for both baking and stopping by! It means so much to me.

      I ate probably 6 different baked goods that day. Definitely healthy living.

  2. Congrats on your PR! Races are always more fun when you know people there. And orange isn’t a bad color to have as lucky πŸ˜‰ My lucky color is purple – I have purple shoelaces that I refuse to run without. Can’t wait to hear about your bake sale!

  3. Congrats on the PR and the bake sale! So glad I was able to make it to the tail end. πŸ™‚ I am quite superstitious. My lucky number is 3, my lucky animal is the seal, my favorite color is blue…I am not sure that is the same as a lucky color…hmmm…

  4. Awesome!!! Congrats on your PR! I’d give that one three arrows for sure. And congrats on a successful bake sale too πŸ™‚

    Believe it or not, my “lucky race color” is orange too. I have this orange Salomon tank top that I swear by. But if I had orange armwarmers, that would be even cooler.

  5. Love the color orange! (my snowboarding jacket is orange paisley- could anything be more fabulous?) Love this post! Congrats on your AWESOME half! Oh and “snaps” would be from legally blond 2- a favorite of mine. lol Love Elle Woods!

  6. Congrats again! I wish I could have hung with you guys for longer (though maybe I would be even more injured then). guh. I’m glad you had a great race and think you can totally reach your goals in the marathon. Megan is very wise. And super at math! I would not have been able to calculate after mile 4 without a garmin.

    That Levain cookie was perfection. Glad you had a great turnout at the bake sale!

    • I know, right? I can’t do math either. And you are too sweet – I can’t wait for the party in the green corral pre-marathon.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH again for baking and coming to the event itself. I may or may not have set aside some of your pumpkin chocolate deliciousness for myself. I couldn’t even tell it was healthified.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS on the awesome race and on a successful bake sale. Sounds like you had a rock star weekend for sure.

    And come on, of course you can count on obnoxious screaming and jazz hands during the marathon. I’m training for it already. (The jazz hands. Not the race.)

    • Thank you! Umm, your appearance x 2 made the race 2x better — can I also request some spirit fingers in addition to the jazz hands? Also, I want some leg warmers to rock this year running. Maybe not in the marathon, but definitely for some bridle path action.

  8. Congratulations!!! Not only on the PR, but also for having such an excellent race! I’m glad you had a superstar pacer to keep you company the entire way, and it sounds like you finished still feeling really strong – which should be a huge confidence booster for the marathon! I agree with each one of Megan’s points about the marathon and will also say that the adrenaline of race day (along with this newfound power from your orange racing outfit) will help give you wings.

    Glad to hear the bake sale went well too!

    • Thanks, Lauren! Your point is also going down in my little black books “reasons why the marathon will go well!” It has been a good confidence boost — hope I can ride that til November!

      Also, can I just say how badass you avatar picture is. I want a picture of me where I’m running fast – or just a picture that makes me appear that way….

  9. Yayyy, congrats!

    Lucky number: 14, because I was born on Valentine’s Day.

    Lucky color: Hot pink. For last year’s marathon, I wore everything hot pink except for my black shorts, including hot pink nail polish. I’ll be rocking a black and hot pink color scheme again this year. Also, if I remember to choose accordingly, I’ll even wear hot pink underwear in races, haha.

    I also have to have coffee before a race (actually, before almost every run, but especially before a race.)

    • I like that you have a lucky number and lucky color. All of the sports I did growing up didn’t have numbers and I feel I really missed out on getting to pick a number and having it become a lucky number. Bust out the violins…

      Coffee is a needed for life I believe. I think they taught us that in med school – upon awakening the body needs coffee. Basic physiology.

  10. PR PR PR!!! I hope you got some well deserved sleep on Sunday! You still have some training time before NYC, then taper time……then race day! The taper + adrenaline of race day will definitely be beneficial come November…..and you’ll be ready to rock! Except maybe we’ll eat something other than cookie dough the night before. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Susan! I think I want to take Columbus Day weekend as an all sleeping weekend. Hibernation, if you will.

      And, yep, I won’t be running on cookie dough for the marathon – I guess that’s a good thing? I may make some cookie dough for after the marathon and request a friend to bring it to me immediately upon finishing.

    • You’re too kind – thank you!

      Sock thing – not strange at all. I did my last practice test before the boards in a Strawberry Shortcake shirt — my score was very good so, obviously, I wore the same shirt again — and scored the exact same. It was totally the shirt.

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  12. Bada$$ PR!!!! I’m super impressed. You’re gonna kill the NYC marathon! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and love it, but this awesome performance made me want to comment and give you props! Congrats!
    My lucky color is pink, but my favorite running top is red. I need to find a good pink one… My one pre-marathon ritual is to drink one of those canned Starbucks espresso Doubleshots! I think of it as jet fuel. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Katie! You’re too kind! Glad you read and *hopefully* enjoy. I’ll have to check out your blog.

      Oh man – I’ll have to try a doubleshot. I used to drink a sugar free red bull before races, but now I just drink a little bit of regular coffee. I thought of red bull as like my jet fuel, too! Gives you wings, right?

    • Thanks, Page! I am pretty excited to run in front of all of my fans – I mean all those people are coming out to watch me right ;)? Maybe I should run next to Apolo Anton Ohno – he’ll get lots of cheers!

      Hope you enjoyed NYC!

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