I took a Flybarre class today (hence, the name of this title). I got a deal for 5 classes on Gilt City last week. I was pretty stoked for it, considering I grew up in a leotard and anything with the word “barre” in it reminds me of my youth. Evidence of my leotard-clad childhood:

Age 3. I started asking to do gymnastics when I was 2! Started dance at 2 1/2 and gymnastics at 4. My sister might kill me for posting this pic.

Age 9 or 10 – gymnastics! My first love. Looks like my toes aren’t pointed quite enough and I need someone sitting on them more often…

I figured it would be fun, maybe a little challenging, but not too tough for this 2x marathoner and former collegiate athlete. Right? Wrong!

Looks innocuous enough, right? WRONG.

Flybarre kicked my butt.

Even though I can go run 13 miles just fine, I am lacking significantly in any sort of actual strength.

The class is a mix of pilates + dance moves + gymnastics conditioning. Some yoga-esque stuff thrown in there, too, for good measure. If plie-ing and a choreographed arm workout (which changes every month) isn’t your cup of tea, then might not like it. But, if you have gymnastics/dance entrenched in your DNA like I do, it will probably bring back some fond and not so fond memories. If you like a good strength workout with good music, its for you, too.

After about 2 min on one leg, mine was shaking. Awesome.

Even though Flybarre was hard, it was really fun and, thankfully for my muscles, over in 1 hr. I’ll definitely be going back (I do have 4 more classes left on my Gilt credit) — and apparently, I need it!


Until next time…


19 thoughts on “Super-Fly

  1. Years ago, I was in great running shape. I even lifted weights regularly. I started taking karate lessons. The first time I tried sparring, we did 2-minute rounds. I think we did something like five rounds with a short rest in between. After the second round, I was gasping for air and was having trouble holding my arms up.

    The other time I realized I wasn’t in the best of shape was when I took Rob’s “Train Like an Athlete” class at the Y. I could hardly walk afterwards, and we only did an abbreviated version of the class.

    Long distance running is a very specialized activity.

  2. I heard those classes are NO JOKE. I would die. I’m certain of that.

    I’ve taken yoga classes that look easy on paper (those “all levels” classes) and woke-up the next day post-marathon sore.

  3. It’s funny how sport-specific strength is! I remember going to a lifting class at the gym about a week or two after the marathon, wondering how it was possible that I could run a fast marathon but could barely life 5 lb. weights! Speed/endurance certainly does not equal strength!

    • So cruel isn’t it? You work hard at one thing (running) and you suck at the other (strength). Seriously, homegirl (instructor) was like “umm those 2 lbs weights are probably good, but you may want to get a set of 1lbs just in case.” I was thinking, “you are totally underestimating my athletic prowess.” Nope, she was right.

  4. This post definitely resonates with me.

    I started Crossfit ( last year because of running/knee issues, and I was incredibly shocked at how I could hardly do a single thing there (and how bodyweight exercises — using no external weights at all — could completely debilitate me for days). I got a lot stronger overall and was really grateful, though! Evidence: I dropped 8 minutes off of my half-marathon time without running A SINGLE STEP prior to the race, all because I was stronger overall. (I don’t recommend this, though. Running would have been helpful – ha!) 😉

    • OMG – I’ve always wanted to do CrossFit — its very similar to gymnastics conditioning, which, in my opinion, gets you in the best shape (I think gymnasts are lb for lb the strongest athletes out there). Where do you do Crossfit here? Is it expensive?

      Also, your 8 min PR motivates me to get myself back to Flybarre asap, pronto.

  5. that is awesome! I really want to try it and suspect it would kick my ass too. When I was in Cali earlier this summer my hotel had a pool and I set out to do some laps. Holy Lord, I could barely get to the other end of the pool. I felt like such a weakling.

    Love that pic of you 🙂

  6. i bought a pure barre coupon last spring and couldn’t use it because i was planning on post-half, and then i broke my foot during the half, so it didn’t work out.

    but i’m sure i’d be terrible too. for a runner, i have the absolute worst abs. boat pose in yoga KILLS me.

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