>There’s No Place Like Home…


After being in Italy for six weeks, I’m glad to be back home! Its pretty quiet around here as my brother is at a tennis tournament and my sister took him to it. I’m plenty busy, though, as I still have to unpack a lot of my stuff from school (didn’t have time before I left) and seriously need to get rid of some stuff in my closet as I fear my closet rod is going to break. I think I still have some stuff from high school in there…
Speaking of holding onto clothes, I found a picture of my dad and I when I was eight:

My dad still has this shirt. For the sake of my parents bank account, at least we have one cheapskate in the family.  My mom will probably yell at me for putting up this picture.

My new favorite show is “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Khloe is seriously genius – the episode where she was convinced she was adopted and Kris wasn’t her real mother (she made Kris take a DNA test) was hysterical. As was the episodes where Kris got a chicken so they could have fresh eggs (Bruce Jenner, her husband, was like, ummm I won the olympics eating store bought eggs!) and where the girls got Kris a monkey, Suzy, were epic.
On another note, I brought home some cheese and olive oil from Italy. And I must have had some serious dairy lackage the past few days as last night all I wanted was cheese and then, of course, ice cream. Six weeks in Italy eating their gelato still did not get rid of the addiction. Is there ice cream addicts anonymous?

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