Focaccia con Mela (apple)

Garden (basil, lettuce here)


Town of Verrand near Courmayeur
[they had an awesome playground for the kids]

Monte Bianco is hiding behind the clouds…..but you get the picture
I seriously wore a North Face fleece for an entire week (in July!) because it was pretty chilly there, especially in the mornings!
For some reason, the mountains made me crave chocolate (maybe because we were near Switzerland) and I had, ummm, like my bodyweight in chocolate (dark is my favorite, but we mostly had milk and hazelnut)….each night. Ooops!
There were red clay courts there I was dying to play on, but never got to. Guess I’ll just have to get good enough to qualify for the French, ha!

One thought on “>Courmayeur

  1. >Courmayeur looks beautiful! I can see why you posted that you felt like singing Sound of Music songs when you were there. Did you sing out loud and twirl around like Maria? The hills are alive…

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