>Tutto va bene! We’ve been in Sardinia now for about a week. Its beautiful here. Thankfully, its not humid (my hair doesn’t respond well to humidity!). Its very rocky and dry here, but lots of beautiful flowers whose names I do not know. Sorry, I’m not a botanist! The prettiest beach we’ve been to so far is La Cinta in San Teodoro, a town a few miles away from where we’re staying.

Its official. I’m coming back a heffer. Because, seriously, each meal is like several courses and, although its all pretty healthy, I mean, we eat A LOT. Each meal has like a carb, a meat, a vegetable, and a fruit. Most of the meat is some version of a pig. The concept of turkey and chicken isn’t big over here. But, we do have coffee after EVERY meal. So, I am DOWN. Oh! And there are these delicious little chocolate wafers called Pan di Stelle – I highly recommend them if you come to Italy.

The kids are good. They are very nice to me, but fight a lot with each other! They broke their GameBoy (literally in half) this morning fighting over it. Its was quite a tragedy! To ease the pain, I introduced them to Mary Kate and Ashley movies. It went over well. We watched “When In Rome” (MK and A as Charli and Leila go to Rome to be interns for a fashion designer…) and they LOVED it. Probably because it had some Italian in it. We also watched “Kicking and Screaming,” a soccer movie with Will Ferrell. They didn’t get all of the jokes (the english is a bit fast and a bit slang for them), but they loved it when the bad team recruited Italians. They’re repeating lines from that movie all the time now. Tomorrow, I think I might try out some Jon and Kate plus 8 on them……

Speaking of…..J and K divorce?!? Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett die?!? The editors at people and US Weekly are probably going nuts right now!!!

I think I am seriously the only person on this island who speaks English and so whenever I yell at the kids in English (“Stop that! Listen to me! If you can hear me, clap once! Stop screaming! No means no!) I get a lot of stares and, one time, some one goes “inglese perfecto!” I was like, no shit sherlock! My Italian is coming along – meaning I can say a few more words and a few more phrases. The kids teach me a lot! I swear, me being here is probably better for my Italian than their English.

Oh! The 5 year old (little boy) gave me a “massage” on the beach yesterday so I could “relax.” He used about a half a bottle of sunscreen on me and then used flip flops and a snorkel to beat/tap me with. It was so cute! He ever twirled my pony tail around and tried to wiggle my feet. It was so cute!

All for now. Gotta run! Ciao!

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