>Come Si Fa….

>…the title is the new Italian book I’m obsessed with. Its supposed to tell you how to do everything in life and, I mean, it does tell you everything!!! From how to tie a tie to how to do a keg stand to what wines go best with what foods. It has a whole section of fashion and one on love….which was hysterical. I can’t tell what age group the book is targeted at as it has some adult themes I guess you would say. But, it was a gift to the little girl here so she showed it to me today.

Got to go on a run today. 45 minutes so I’m guessing a little over 4 miles probably. I have no clue how far I went because I basically just ran around the town I’m in and tried not to get lost (success!!!). But, dear lord, this dog like jumped out at me and barked at me really meanly and I jumped like 3 feet in the air. It was a frightening little dog. Not too many stares as most people were in church (being the good Catholics that they are).

We went to this bridge today  that Da Vinci built. He built the canal it runs over so they could carry bricks and sand and stone to Milan to build the duomo (big church) and castle. I’ll try and post a pic of the bridge. Its not ornate like the Ponte Neuf or anything, but its cool that Da Vinci designed and built it. After we went there, we got gelato and seriously, what do they do to this stuff?!? I got strawberry (fragola) and fiord di latte (kind of like vanilla). I could like of strawberry gelato for the rest of my life.

If I didn’t mention this earlier, the grandmother and grandfather live next door and have a whole garden (lettuce, cabbage, tomato, grapes, basil, pear tree, apple tree, etc) and hens and rabbits that they kill and eat. Seriously. I’m so enamored with them raising animals. I wanna see a hen lay an egg as well.

I’m pretty sure the kids don’t understand half of what I say and me vice versa as they talk to me a lot in Italian! So, both parties are learning.

We eat a lot of vegetables here. And fruit. Both from the garden. And carbs. I’m into it. Bread at every meal, I’m down. We had tagliata (thinly slice steak with argula and parmesan) and some spaghetti dish with a light tomato sauce and seafood (no clue exactly what it was, but I ate it). And it was good. 

Ciao for now! Sardinia tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “>Come Si Fa….

  1. >You reminded me of the day my dad killed one of my pet rabbits and served it for dinner. I'm glad I didn't see it. I probably would have been traumatized. It was bad enough being forced to eat it.

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